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Why GuidedPath is your Best Friend: A Demonstration of GuidedPath with Cyndy McDonald


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Looking to save time in your office on college planning? Looking to stay cutting edge? Looking to have a Common App integration with your college planning platform? Look no further than GuidedPath to find solutions for your school, your office and your parents and students.

In this webinar we will highlight how using GuidedPath can save you time and resources and help streamline your college planning process. GuidedPath is the only system that integrates college planning, college affordability and advisors tools, all at a very affordable price. Join advisor and mentor, Cyndy McDonald and her team as we lead you through the key features of GuidedPath.

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Why GuidedPath is your Best Friend: A Demonstration of GuidedPath with Cyndy McDonald

  1. 1. Why GuidedPath is Your Best Friend
  2. 2. Presented by….  30 years of professional experience in public schools & private practice.  14 years experience in AVID- an outreach program for under- represented students  UCLA Instructor for College Counseling Certificate Program  Founder/President GuidedPath Cyndy McDonald
  3. 3. • College search & • • • • • • • College search & comparisons • Personality/Career Assessments • TEXT/email • Organization management tools • College Affordability • Essay questions & support • Test Prep How many online tools do you use for college planning ? GuidedPath has it all in GuidedPath has it all in ONE place
  4. 4. We know you are busy. You need a tool to help manage the many moving parts of your w ork w ith students. •Be current/cutting edge •Manage your work •Stay organized •Be professional •Put your students on track for success •Connect with busy students & parents GuidedPath is designed to meet your needs It is a user friendly online tool for users at all levels of online experience
  5. 5. Management made easy Counselor dashboard puts information at your fingertips
  6. 6. Statistics at your fingertips •Use to create school profile •Use to create school board/other reports •Use to drive decisions in your office
  7. 7. Application Statistics
  8. 8. Application Types •Application Deadlines- class overview •Colleges- tracking interest
  9. 9. College Statistics •Top 3 Popular Colleges •Top 3 Colleges Accepted •Top 3 School Applied •Top 3 Schools Enrolled
  10. 10. Versatile- Multiple Languages
  11. 11. GuidedPath Process
  12. 12. Focus on College Process Exploration •Surveys •Test scores & test prep •Prioritize Search & Compare •GuidedSearch using results from surveys •Review College Profiles •Use FISKE Guide •Use college videos Build College List •Balance with CSQ’s (Competitive Student Quotient Gauges) •Include SOCIAL experience from profiles •Determine BEST fit schools for academic, social, financial & emotional health Create a Plan •Decide on Application TYPE •Organize milestones •Start on college essays •Identify KEY milestones •Communicate with push notifications & TEXTS Execute a Plan •Manage college application process •Set appointments •Set assignments •View progress •Add in Decisions •Use Calendar Top 5 Tips for Creating Dynamic College Lists
  13. 13. 1. Exploration  Surveys • Learning Styles • Find My Spark • College Affordability • College Match • Custom Surveys • And many more • COMING! YouScience Students LOVE doing self surveys. Connect with them using an ONLINE survey
  14. 14. 1. Testing made easy  Test Schedule • ACT/SAT and International ACT/SAT dates already loaded • Create personalized testing schedule for each student • Includes links to multiple test types: TOEFL, IELTS, International ACT/SAT, etc. • Automated reminders (both text and emails) go to both student and parents • Reduce calls/contacts to your office  Test Scores • Students can add ANY test score: PSAT, TOEFL, ACT, SAT, etc. • All scores in one place, makes applications easier and more accurate • Super scores are automatically calculated • Alert for missing scores • Parents can view test scores Comprehensive Score approach reduces parent calls/contacts to your office.
  15. 15. 1. Testing made easy  Test Scores Analysis • Students enter all test scores • Parents can view test scores • NEW ACT/SAT concordance tables included • ACT/SAT score comparison chart included
  16. 16. My Chances  Using score ranges with NEW SAT test data  Stoplight graphic visually helps students/parents see MY CHANCES  Score distributions included  Common Data Set GPA comparison included  Student/parents can see comparison using students scores/GPA COMING - Scattergrams for schools
  17. 17. 2. Search & Compare  Perform GuidedSearch using results from the surveys  Review college profiles  Use FISKE college guide  Use College Videos
  18. 18. 3. Build College List  Balance with My Chances  Include Social Experience from profiles  Determine BEST fit schools for academic, social, financial & emotional health
  19. 19. 4. Create a Plan Decide on application TYPE • Early Action, Early Decision, REASC, etc. • GuidedPath ONLY one with dates researched by our own team • Organize milestones • Start on college essays • Identify KEY milestones • Communicate with push notifications & TEXTS • Request recommendations/ Transcripts with Parchment HEART Of GuidedPath
  20. 20. 5. Execute A Plan Execute A Plan -Manage college application process -Set appointments -Set assignments -View progress - Add decisions - Use calendar
  21. 21. OTHER FEATURES  Custom Menus: Add other frequently used resources/tools  Built to support large school districts/organizations with multiple advisors  SUPPORT: Chat feature, strong and responsive support team. 24 hour or less turn around COMING: Integration with Common App
  22. 22.  Empowers students to participate in the process  Authenticates the process by inviting students to be actively involved  Make the process more fluid because it can change with the flick of a mouse WHY GUIDEDPATH IS YOUR BEST FRIEND Utilize technology as their 5th Sense!
  23. 23. GuidedPath is Affordable
  24. 24. Need more information?  Schedule a personalized demonstration with GuidedPath  Try GuidedPath FREE TRIAL for 30 days  Contact support@guidedpath  Use coupon code for $15/month discount: PROFESSIONAL