Take a Tour of MyCCA.net Premier Plan


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Take a Tour of MyCCA.net Premier Plan. You can watch a recording of the webcast here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVE7DX-gIb0&feature=youtu.be

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Take a Tour of MyCCA.net Premier Plan

  1. 1. Tour of MyCCA.net Premier Plan and More! Cyndy McDonald President MyCCA.net Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 1
  2. 2. Guided path to college Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 2
  3. 3. Premier plan detailsSign up by 2/1/13 to take advantage of early-bird pricing!• Find My Spark College survey (Available Now!) • Recommend colleges based on Claire Law personality survey* *Author, Find the Perfect College for You.• Targeted search feature (Available Now!) • Search using criteria to find best fit schools for students. • Link results to College Report. • The most requested tool by college advisors.• College Affordability Shaper (Available Jan „13) • Address the #1 question families have today – Affordability! • Start with an exclusive affordability survey, add in financial data and an Academic Scholarship Report Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 3
  4. 4. How do I get it?• Current users can upgrade in less than 1 minute… • Go to “My Account -> “MyCCA Services” -> “Choose a service plan” • How-to video available in the knowledge base• New users can sign up directly for Premier Plan• Pricing: • $39 for our monthly plan, OR… • $425 annually ($35 a month) ~1 month free Lock in the current subscription rate when you sign-up or upgrade to an annual Premier Plan! Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 4
  5. 5. Upgrading is easy as 1-2-3 Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 5
  6. 6. Change your service plan Annual plan- - •credit for un-used year •annual restarts on day of upgrade Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 6
  7. 7. Start Immediately Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 7
  8. 8. Find My Spark Survey Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 8
  9. 9. Find My Spark Survey Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 9
  10. 10. Targeted Search Search defaults to student test scores and College Style Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 10
  11. 11. College Affordability Shaper Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 11
  12. 12. Find My Spark Survey Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 12
  13. 13. Let’s go live!• www.Mycc.net Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 13
  14. 14. Momentum and Progress Future Plans for MyCCA.net Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 14
  15. 15. Where have we been? 2012 Opens Boulder 2005-12 support & Over 640 IEC’s development 2005 from 400 office Founded by organizations, Cyndy 8000 Active McDonald Students • 28,000 Students to date • Nearly 100% increase in international representation • Non-profit and school users Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 15
  16. 16. Where are we going? (Jan ’13) Premier Plan Professional Plan • Find My Spark Survey • Link to Fiske Interactive • Targeted Search • CSQ First Look • Marketing tools • Knowledge base • New Fields Affordability Module (Jun „13) NEW! MyCCA.net“College Affordability Shaper” Core student features plus… • Unified Advisor/Student views • Usability enhancements • Fiske guide included • Essay & Scholarship reports • Full targeted search • Discussion wall- Facebook Style! Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 16
  17. 17. CSQ First Look To:From: • 2 month old senior data• 2 year old senior data • Admission rates of actual• Admission rates for enrolled applicants students • Data from a trusted, global• Data from many disparate source sources • Providing cutting edge• Limited ability to turn data knowledge to your into value for families families• Providing one-off and • Differentiating your pricey reporting practice with a solution! Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 17
  18. 18. CSQ First Look Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 18
  19. 19. The value of time….A Simple ROI Calculation:• What if your time is worth at least $100/hr? (We know its worth more!)• And you spend at least 5 hrs/week on email alone (Forget all the other highly valuable services you provide!)• That’s 2.5 days/month or $2000• If MyCCA.net simply cuts your email time down to 2 hr/week (Forget all the other time saving features you use!)• That’s 1.5 day/month of time savings, or $1200 in one month!It’s important to value your time and value the tools you use to save time and help you be the professional you are. Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 19
  20. 20. The value of MyCCA.net Changes to subscription costs and student fees are coming in 2013Why?• Prices have not increased since inception 4 years ago• Data added to MyCCA.net = 80 fields and more are coming!• Research team mobilized in summer to research EA & ED dates/other data not available anywhere other than MyCCA.net.• CSQ First Look added to MyCCA.net- cutting edge admissions data• Work on new view/look of student portal- preview in Premier Plan surveys coming in January.• Investing in the business to make MyCCA.net even better Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 20
  21. 21. New value in 2013 Users are asking for a more Proposed New rates Feb. 1 comprehensive tool with all inclusive pricing. We listened. Professional: $43/ month or $475 annual • Jan „13: • College affordability shaper added Premier: to Premier Plan $54/ month or $599 annual • 50% more document space • Document sharing will become FREE! Per student fees: $25 • More tagged lists will be added to $25 for 1-100 students MyCCA.net $19 for 101-500 students • Tagged lists will become FREE! $11 for 501 plusRemember your monthly ROI? $1200 savings in one month. Multiplied ROI for the year: $15,000 SAVED 21 Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net
  22. 22. Just like the Common App- Change takes time• 2013-2014- give us a year: • Including Fiske Guide, ASRs, and essay tool • On-demand training and knowledge base • MyCCA.net to a one view format • Adding login capability for parents/non-custodial parents and others • Improved landing page for student s • New Landing page for advisors • And More! • First release in spring 2013; next in winter 2013 Including suggestions from subscribers is key to MyCCA.net’s next steps. Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 22
  23. 23. Our affiliates-a growing number• Source Books: Fiske Interactive Guide• - Lyron Bennett- Links to College Countdown- Jan. 2013• Integrated into MyCCA.net in May 2013• Claire Law- Finding the Perfect College for You• - Gail Grand- The College Advisor Newsletter• Educational Consultant Platform- Website with MyCCA.net links Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 23
  24. 24. Get involved with MyCCA.net• Get involved with the MyCCA community • Sign up to be on our mailing list: https://mycca.net/mail • Attend one of the many ongoing webinars on a variety of topics https://mycca.net/seminars-events • Ask about our beta program for the MyCCA.net June Release • MyCCA is setting up an Advisory Board for direct user feedback Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 24
  25. 25. Your feedback…• What’s working?• What’s not?• What features would you like to see? Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 25
  26. 26. Than You For Your Referrals! Copyright 2007-2012 MyCCA.net 26