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Surveys resource list

  1. 1. Independent Educational Consultants Association, National Conference, Indianapolis, May, 2014 USING SURVEYS IN COLLEGE CONSULTING Steve Antonoff and Cyndy McDonald COLLEGE-GOING SELF-INSIGHT Instrument Link Description #1 Authentic Happiness Provides a number of resources used to analyze qualities such as engagement to life satisfaction. Tools are useful for determining strength of certain character traits and measuring positive and negative influences. These free resources come with the set-up of an account. #2 Birkman Method Identifies a person’s passions, motivation and interests. $475. #3 California https://secure.californiacolleges.e du/Career_Planning/Learn_About _Yourself/Learn_About_Yourself.a spx Free surveys including Interest Profiler, Career Cluster Survey, Basic Skills Survey, Transferable Skills Checklist, Work Values Sorter, and The Career Key. #4 College Match Self- Survey survey.asp Features 80 items designed to assess self-awareness and as a precursor to selecting good match colleges. #5 Education /students/self- assessments/index.shtml These surveys, Study Habits and Character Strength, get students to think about their study habits and character strengths. #6 Find My Spark Just as students have a personality, colleges have a ‘style.’ Find My Spark identifies a student’s personality and the appropriate college style for them. It is available only through #7 greenville.ed u Tools lstyles/ A number of surveys intended to determine "a child’s learning style." #8 Jung Typology gi-win/jtypes2.asp A free test based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typology, along with strengths of preference and description of personality type.
  2. 2. #9 Knowdell Card Sorts There are three card decks available: Career Values, Motivated Skills, and Occupational Interests. Accompanied by a printed PDF supplement, consultants can discuss patterns with students. #10 LASSI quiz sessments/LASSI/index.html The Learning and Study Strategies Insight (LASSI) test evaluates skill, will, and self-regulation in strategic learning. $21 per test. #11 Paragon Learning Style Inventory shindl/plsi/ Provides an indication of learning style and cognitive preference. Uses the four Jungian dimensions (introversion/ extroversion, intuition/sensation, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving) that are also used by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The instrument can be self-scored and works with ages 9- adult. Several pricing options. #12 Personal Style Indicator -resources/online-personal-style- indicator-psi.html $45 per unit. #13 Personality Mosaic /students/explore-majors- careers/getting-to-know- yourself/assessment/personality- mosaic/ A simple survey, using the Holland code, gives students insights into their potential for careers based on personality preferences and interests. #14 Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) x.php 38 question test that determines if a student belongs more strongly to any number of 9 personality types such as helper, artist, skeptic, and leader. #15 Search Institute 40 Assets The search institute identifies qualities and assets as the building blocks of healthy development. The main categories are Support, Empowerment, Boundaries and Expectations, Constructive Use of Time, Commitment to Learning, Positive Values, Social Competencies and Positive Identity. #16 True Colors ments/online/ Each of us has a combination of ‘True Colors’ (orange, green, blue and gold) that make up our personality spectrum, usually with one of the styles being the most dominant. $34.50 per test. CAREER SELF-INSIGHT
  3. 3. #17 ACT Profile Personalized insights to inform individuals as they navigate through life’s key decision points. Now in Beta. #18 CA Career Zone assessments essments Provides 4 assessments: a quick assessment to measure careers to match personality, an interests profiler that relates interests to work, a skills profiler that shows careers that pertain to skillset, and a work importance quiz that measures the relative importance of different factors and qualities of work. #19 Do What You Are products/program/do-what-you- are/ Do What You Are introduces Personality Type and demonstrates which of the 16 types best describes a student. $19.95 per test. #20 Focus 2 Assessment dex.cfm Combines self-assessment, career and major exploration, decision making and action planning to determine what majors should be selected for a career path. #21 Highlands Company The Highlands Ability Battery is used for personal assessment and career investigation. Offered online and through ‘affiliates’ internationally. #22 iSeek Career Cluster Survey terSurvey Matches student’s activities and interests, personal qualities and school subject interests with career clusters and options. #23 iStart Strong roducts.aspx?pc=166 The iStartStrong Report presents results as General Themes (based on GOTs) such as ‘Social’ ‘Artistic’ or ‘Enterprising.’ $9.95 per test. #24 A Jackson Vocational Interest Inventory A 40 minute survey and a Career Exploration Guide. Scales include occupational, academic satisfaction, and similarity to college students. $19.95 per test. #24 B Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation des/index.html Established company providing in-person assessment at testing centers. $675. #25 Latitude started/ Latitude is a new tool that uses a proprietary process to match careers with a student’s aptitudes and interests. $250 for one, and $199 for each additional. #26 ONET Online / Students self report abilities, interests, knowledge, skills, work activities, work context and work values and are provided with a list of careers and information pertinent to their selected category.
  4. 4. #27 Strength Finder 2 40/About-StrengthsFinder- 20.aspx The online resource, along with a book, helps the user to identify top five strengths in relation to themes (examples are self assurance and responsibility) and gives tips on how to best utilize them. A Strength-Based Action Plan is provided for setting specific goals for building and applying your strengths in the next week, month, and year. #28 Whodouwan t2b Pathfinders quiz quiz A fun, easy to use scenario that suggests a general career cluster. OTHER IEC TOOLS #29 College Choice 101 Cards services/college-101-cards/ College choice cards allow a student to visualize the characteristics of schools they find desirable and organize their choices with these cards. Students put qualities of schools into the “Really Want,” ”Don’t Care,” or “No Way” categories. $30 per set. #30 Qualities Worksheet, College Match p Intended to help students discover those qualities or characteristics that make a particular college a good fit or match. Students are guided through a series of questions that will enable them to answer the question: What am I looking for in a college? Available at RELATED INFORMATION #31 BigFuture majors and careers tool https://bigfuture.collegeboard.or g/majors-careers Browse majors and careers or search using careers. #32 Carleton College visualization tool visualize/ Lets the user visualize what people who majored in each specific major went on to work in which fields. This is a great visualization tool.