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  1. 1. Live Demonstration & Question/AnswersThe Professional Educational Consultant’s Choice
  2. 2. Presented by…. Our Team….. Cyndy McDonald Experienced IEC professionals In Offices in Boulder, Co.; Visalia, Ca. and growing Professional expertise in financial aid and college consulting Welcoming new Director of Customer Success- Kim Wagner- expanding training and support
  3. 3. the Professional’s Choice 2012 Opens Boulder 2005-12 support & Over 640 IEC’s development 2005 from 400 office Founded by organizations, Cyndy 8000 Active McDonald Students • Over 30,000 Students • Nearly 100% increase in international representation • Non-profit and school users
  4. 4. Techno Savvy Rating How do you rate yourself?1= I still love pen and paper2 = I am a neophyte I can answer email, barely3= I am comfortable with technology4= I enjoy technology- I am a blackberry/iphone addict5 =I LOVE technology- I do the twitter dance daily!
  5. 5. Techno Savvy Survey results1. Love pen and paper 0%2. Neophyte, answer email barely 6%3. Comfortable with technology 70%4. Enjoy technology- iphone addict 21%5. LOVE technology-do the twitter dance! 3% HECA, 2010
  6. 6. Think about the virtual world you live in… Your students definitely live in a virtual world.How will you connect with them?
  7. 7. How many online tools do you use on educational and/or college financial planning ?Search websites MyCCA.netPersonality/CareerAssessments can help youEmail/text consolidateOther management multiple toolstools into ONECollege Affordability
  8. 8. Guided path to college
  9. 9. From a new user….“I expected the system to help me run my business, but I did notexpect it to help my marketing efforts. At my consult last w eek Io p e n e d Am y Aw e s o m e t o s h o w [ a f a m i l y] h o w I w o u l d u s e t h es ys t e m t o w o r k w i t h t h e i r d a u g h t e r.When the dad saw the CSQ and I explained how we would use thedata to find schools with a high likelihood for merit aid, hecommitted on the spot.They signed the contract and hand-delivered it back to me the nextday because they were so excited!Thanks for your encouragement. I am very pleased w ith mypurchase.
  10. 10. PowerfulMarketing Tool:CompetitiveStudentQuotient (CSQ):College LookWhat are myadmissionChances?
  11. 11. Student portal –using virtual tools in college planning •E a s i l y t r a c k assignments •S t u d e n t s s e e assignment until it is completed, or over 30 days past due. •F u t u r e a n d upcoming appointments are on home page •U p c o m i n g t e s t s are displayed •U p c o m i n g milestones
  12. 12. Why makes unique? Premier online counseling system • We are used by more professional college advisors than any other online management software. • We set the standard and the stage for online counseling solutions. Consider us the “ipod” of online systems. Customer Support - - Expanded Online Knowledge base with growing number of on demand tutorials and articles. Ongoing research and data updates • Application deadline data research each summerl Learn more about our unique qualities at
  13. 13. As an online tool, helps you take control…•I t h e l p s y o u :•B e c u r r e n t / c u t t i n g e d g e•M a r k e t y o u r p r a c t i c e•S t a y o r g a n i z e d•B e p r o f e s s i o n a l•P u t y o u r s t u d e n t s o n t r a c k f o radmissions success•C o n n e c t w i t h b u s y s t u d e n t s &parents•E x p a n d y o u r s e r v i c e sIt is a user friendly online tool for usersat all levels of online experience
  14. 14. Let’s log•Counselor portal•Student portal
  15. 15. What’s New & Included in MyCCA plans As of 2/1/2013 Premier Plan Professional PlanCollege affordability shaper ✔Find My Spark ™ Survey ✔Targeted College Search ✔50% more document sharing ✔ ✔spaceMore college profile data fields ✔ ✔More tagged lists available ✔ ✔All tagged lists are free! ✔ ✔
  16. 16. New value in 2013Users are asking for a more New rates Feb. 1comprehensive tool with all inclusive pricing. We Professional: listened. $43/ month or $475 annual Jan ‘13: Premier:  College affordability shaper $54/ month or $599 annual added to Premier Plan  50% more document space Per student fees: $25 • More tagged lists will be added to $25 for 1-100 students $19 for 101-500 students • Tagged lists will become FREE! $11 for 501 plus
  17. 17. Next Steps? Sign up with a New account before 2/1/2013 to an annual plan to lock in low pricing: $425 for an annual subscription You will receive 1 extra month free for a total of 13 months Equivalent to ~$33/month
  18. 18. Plans also includeSpecial promotion • Receive 3 tagged lists when you sign up for the Professional Plan • Receive Sample Student Amy Awesome • Receive 1 Trial College Essay Organizer and 1 free Academic Scholarship Report
  19. 19. Getting Started… Setting up is easy as 1 -2-3! Online wizard guides you through the process
  20. 20. Another way to learn more: Start a GUEST accountExplore the features and tools of for yourself A G U E S T a c c o u n t i s g o o d f o r 3 0 d a y s : w w w. m y c c a . n e t .
  21. 21. Upcoming Webinars  1/15/13 - The Multiple Intelligence Advantage™  with Susan WoodThanks for joining us today! • See how you can boost your student’sFeel free to set up a learning aptitudes! free guest account! or request a personalized  Watch for our upcoming “College demonstration Financial Planning Series”Join us for other • Basics of Financial Aid webinars- on topics of interest • Scholarships to you • College Funding Always check: for the latest
  22. 22. The value of time….A Simple ROI Calculation: What if your time is worth at least $100/hr? (We know its worth more!) And you spend at least 5 hrs/week on email alone (Forget all the other highly valuable services you provide!) That’s 2.5 days/month or $2000 If simply cuts your email time down to 2 hr/week (Forget all the other time saving features you use!) That’s 1.5 day/month of time savings, or $1200 inIt’sone month! important to value your time and value the tools you use to save time and help you be the professional you are.
  23. 23. The value of Changes to subscription costs and student fees are coming in 2013Why? Prices have not increased since inception 4 years ago Data added to = 80 fields and more are coming! Research team mobilized in summer to research EA & ED dates/other data not available anywhere other than CSQ First Look added to cutting edge admissions data Work on new view/look of student portal- preview in Premier Plan surveys coming in January. Investing in the business to make even better
  24. 24. Just like the Common App- Change takes time 2013-2014- give us a year: • Including Fiske Guide, ASRs, and essay tool • On-demand training and knowledge base • to a one view format • Adding login capability for parents/non-custodial parents and others • Improved landing page for student s • New Landing page for advisors • And More! • First release in spring 2013; next in winter 2013 Including suggestions from subscribers is key to’s next steps.