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2014 University of California
Application Tips
Getting Started: Set up and Pas...
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What are the UC Application parts?
The UC application has a bar at the top tha...
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Getting Started: University of California Application Tips


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This is #1 in a series of #5 documents sharing tips for working on the University of California Application. Each Wed. over the next 5 weeks we will publish another set of tips.

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Getting Started: University of California Application Tips

  1. 1. Cyndy McDonald © 2014 1 2014 University of California Application Tips Getting Started: Set up and Password Tips Set up Tips User name is based on your email. Use the email address you use for all your college applications Password Tips The University of California, along with many other programs, passwords require over 8 characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters. Create a password using a system that only you know. Use this system for all your passwords. Note: The Common Application has the same password requirements as the University of California. In Preparation Before starting an application, you need to collect documents. Getting organized and information in one place will help you fly through the application. Before you start you need: 1. Gather Your Documents: You will need the following item to start your UC application:  Resume with all honors, awards, activities, work from 9-12 th grade. You will use this to fill in the Activities & Awards section of the application.  Transcript with all classes taken 9-12, write down 7-8 th grade courses as well. This information is required for your Academic History section. Don’t try to remember your classes and your grades off the top of your head!  School a-g list (if you attend a California school) Find your schools a-g list at: flow;jsessionid=F422E8BD9E627946067D16731829807D?execution=e1s1 For an explanation of what the University of California certification course lists are, and why they are important, click here. [] 2. Talk to Your Parents: They have information you will need. You will learn more about your parents than you knew before!  Parent & Family information: Your parents’ education, estimated income, occupation, number of years in their occupation, and size of your family.  Your personal information: Your citizenship status, social securing number (if you have one)  Credit card or method of payment: The UC application costs $70 for each campus you apply to. 3. California Dreamin?: Are you an out of state student dreaming of California beaches and University of California campuses? See this document to assist you:
  2. 2. Cyndy McDonald © 2014 2 What are the UC Application parts? The UC application has a bar at the top that displays the application parts, and where you are in that application. This is very handy to know how well you are progressing on your application.  Start  Campuses & Majors  Scholarships  About You  Academic History  Activities & Awards  Test Scores  Personal Statement  Submit What is NOT needed? Some of the items you include in other applications are NOT needed for the UC application. The University of California application does not include the following: 4. Recommendations: They do not ask for them and don’t know what to do with them if you send them. 5. Transcript with application: Because you self-report your whole transcript, you don’t need to send a transcript until after you have graduated from high school. 6. Resume upload: Because you self-enter your activities, awards and more, there is no place to upload or attach a separate resume (see Part 1: Tips for Academic History & Activities Section) Additional Documents to Send Plan now to have the following documents sent to the colleges you applied to: 1. Official standardized test scores 2. Official AP or other testing scores What Dates am I working with? Use these dates to plan your application schedule: 1. August 1: You can start on your application 2. November 1-30: You MUST submit your application(s) within these dates. Don’ worry If you have a special circumstance with your residency status, let your counselor know. The University of California has special resources set aside especially for students with residency matters. 1. Systemwide resources for undocumented students at the UC. See 2. AB 540 Tuition waiver. See and-cost/ab540/index.html 3. Other admissions questions? See