Counseling Students Who Think They Can: Throw, Catch or Hit Resources Packet


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A variety of resources to help education professionals assist student athletes in finding the best fit college.

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Counseling Students Who Think They Can: Throw, Catch or Hit Resources Packet

  1. 1. !!559.636.3605!!!!!!!!!!915!W.!Center!!!!!!!!Visalia,!CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! College&Athletic&Do’s&&&Don’ts& ! Freshman! and! Sophomore! Year! From! September! 1st!of!your! Junior!Year! Do’s& Keep!your!grades!up!and!take!as!many!AP!or! Honors!classes!as!you!can.! ! Learn!to!manage!your!own!time,!your!schedule.! ! Develop!your!college!sport!playing!skills.! ! Take!the!core!curriculum!classes!required!to!meet! NCAA!and!college!eligibility!requirements.! ! Play!enough!tournaments!to!get!a!sectional!or! national!ranking.!! ! Play!desired!high!school!sport.!! ! Keep!a!record!of!your!wins!and!losses.!! ! Do!say!“hello”!to!college!coaches!when!you!see! them!but!no!more!than!that.!! Don’ts& Do!not!contact!coaches!by!phone!or!letter,!yet.!They! cannot!answer!your!questions!about!their!program! until!your!junior!year.! ! Do!not!make!personal!contact!with!college!coaches! other!than!to!say!“hello”.!They!cannot!talk!to!you!about! their!programs!at!this!time.! ! Do!not!agree!orally!or!in!writing!to!be!represented!by! any!individual,!agent,!or!management!even!if!the! contract!would!begin!after!you!complete!college.!! ! Coaches!cannot!initiate!contact!with!you!about!their! program.!If!they!call!or!write!you,!tell!them!you!will!be! glad!to!speak!with!them!on!or!after!July!1st!after!you! complete!your!junior!year.!! ! Do!not!accept!prize!money!(exception:!!you!can!accept! money!to!cover!your!costs!for!participating!in!that! tournament).! Keep!your!grades!up!! Do!not!call!and!ask!coaches!to!return!your!phone!calls.! ! The!NCAA!does!not!allow!coaches!to!return!your!phone! Complete!any!college!sport!questionnaires.!! calls!until!after!you!complete!your!junior!year.!Write! ! them!a!letter!instead!and!ask!your!questions.! Select!the!college!programs!which!fit!your!academic! ! and!sport!criteria.! Do!not!wait!for!coaches!to!contact!you.!They!may!not! ! have!enough!time!to!search!you!out.! Send!for!catalogs!and!applications.! ! ! Do!not!ask!coaches!questions!about!their!program! Send!introductory!letters!to!coaches.!Send!update! when!you!see!them!offUcampus.!They!cannot!discuss! letters!during!the!year!to!notify!them!of!your! this!with!you!in!person.! progress.! ! ! Do!not!accept!recruiting!phone!calls!from!coaches!until! Play!desired!high!school!sport.! you!have!completed!your!junior!year.! ! ! Achieve!any!sort!of!sectional!or!national!ranking.! Do!not!accept!prize!money!(other!than!for!expenses)! ! and!do!not!agree!to!be!represented!by!an!individual!or! Update!your!sport!record.! agent.!! ! ! Take!the!SAT!or!ACT.! Do!not!send!form!letters.! ! ! Know!the!college!sport!rules!and!regulations.!Send! Do!not!practice!with!a!college!team!during!an! for!the!college!guides!from!the!NCAA,!NAIA,!and! organized!practice!session.! NJCAA.! ! Say!“hello”!to!coaches!but!no!more.!
  2. 2. College&Athletics&Do’s&and&Don’ts&Continued& & Do’s& Don’ts& On!or!after! July!1st,!after! you!finish! your!Junior! year! Keep!your!grades!up!! ! Take!the!SAT!or!ACT!again!to!improve!your!scores.! ! Talk!with!the!coaches!on!and!off!campus!about!their! program.!Let!them!get!to!know!you.!You!can!phone! them!now!and!they!can!return!your!calls.!However,! it!may!be!easier!to!get!questions!answered!if!you! write!a!letter.! ! Visit!colleges!of!your!choice!while!they!are!in! session.!You!can!visit!as!many!colleges!as!you!like!at! your!own!expense.! ! Make!an!appointment!for!an!interview!with!the! coach.!It!is!best!not!to!come!unannounced.! ! Accept!official!visits!to!colleges!if!they!are!offered!to! you!provided!you!are!interested!in!attending!the! college.!Find!out!what!costs!of!the!visit!will!be! covered!by!the!school.! ! Send!thank!you!notes!to!coaches!and!players!who! assist!you!during!the!visit.! ! Be!honest!with!the!coach.!If!you!are!not!interested! in!their!program,!let!them!know!as!soon!as!possible.!! ! Check!on!your!admissions!status.!Your!coach!may! not!have!time!to!keep!up!to!date!on!in.! ! Play!national!tournaments!where!college!coaches! can!observe!you.!Let!your!coaches!know!the! tournaments!you!will!be!playing!throughout!the! year.! Be!patient.!Wait!to!see!which!schools!send!you!a! National!Letter!of!Intent.!Schools!start!sending!them! in!midUApril,!and!they!continue!sending!them! during!the!rest!of!the!year.! ! Ask!your!personal!coach!and!parents!to!assist!you!in! evaluating!the!strengths!and!weaknesses!of!your! schools!of!choice.!! ! If!you!are!offered!a!scholarship,!ask!coaches!what! specific!expenses!your!scholarship!offers.!! ! Do!make!the!decision!yourself!and!sit!with!that! decision!for!a!few!weeks!without!talking!with! anyone!about!it,!to!see!how!you!feel.!If!you!believe! you!have!made!the!right!decision!for!you,!inform!the! coaches!and!others.! ! Sign!one!Letter!of!Intent.!Once!you!sign,!you!are! committed!to!going!there.!! Do!not!send!form!letters!to!coaches.! ! Do!not!make!demands!on!coaches.!They!are!busy! enough!already.!If!you!are!having!trouble!getting! through!to!them!on!the!phone,!write!a!letter.!! ! Do!not!try!to!impress!the!coaches!or!tell!everybody! what!a!great!player!you!are.!Let!your!results!and! behavior!speak!for!themselves.! ! Do!not!let!your!parents!ask!all!the!questions!and! answer!them!for!you.!The!coaches!are!looking!at! choosing!you,!not!your!parents.! ! Do!not!exhibit!poor!performance!during!tournaments.! Just!when!you!least!expect!it,!a!coach!may!be!scouting! you.! ! Do!not!try!out!for!a!team!at!any!NCAA!campus!school.! ! Do!not!automatically!expect!to!receive!a!scholarship!no! matter!how!good!you!are.! Decision! Time:!!MidU April!to!the! end!of!your! Senior!year! Do!not!sign!an!institutional!Letter!of!Intent!or!any! financial!aid!package!before!the!National!Letter!of! Intent!signing!date.! ! Do!not!decide!to!go!to!a!particular!school!to!satisfy!your! parents!or!anyone!else!unless!you!really!want!to!go! there.!It!will!be!your!home!for!the!next!four!years!so! you!need!to!be!happy!there.!!
  3. 3. Second'choice: Third'choice: What is your reason for playing a sport? ACADEMIC STATISTICS Weighted GPA: Unweighted GPA: Class Rank: out of a class of Possible Major: TESTING Composite ACT: SAT (1800 scale): SAT (2400 scale): Best ACT English: Best ACT Math: Best SAT Critical Reading: Best SAT Mathematics: ATHLETICS At what level do you want to compete: Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 NAIA My first choice is to play for a school at level. My second choice is to play for a school at level. Motivation: Circle the answers that apply to you: I am hoping athletics will boost my chances of getting admitted to the college of my choice: YES NO I want to move on in the pros: YES NO I just want to compete in my sport: YES NO I want an athletic scholarship, because it will help me get a better financial aid package even though my family will show need YES NO I want an athletic scholarship, because my family will not get financial aid, I only qualify for merit based aid. YES NO
  4. 4. " College Athletics Resources Counseling Students Who Think They Can: Throw, Catch or Hit ATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS national Collegiate NCAA Athletic Association NAIA NJCAA National Junior College Athletic Association NCAA Eligibility Center Recruiting, statistics, rules National Association of Intercolegiate Atheltics Sport specific rankings, scores " " Small schools, mostl CAA.jsp Athletics for Junior & Community Colleges " " " " " " " Must register to be eligible to compete " NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association /NCAA/About+the+NCAA/Who+We+Are+lan ding+page SEARCH <sport> ocllege rankings " " List of Sports ©"CMA"2013" " "" " " " " ""
  5. 5. Questions to Ask College Coaches ACADEMICS • What is the graduation rate for student-athletes at your school? What is the graduation rate for your program? • What type of academic services are available for the general student body and what services are available for student-athletes? (e.g., tutoring, writing labs…) • Approximately how many days of class does your team miss during the year due to practice and competition schedules? How is the missed class time handled? • What happens if class time conflicts with practice time? • Is it difficult to change majors once you declare your major? • What type of career counseling services are available for the studentathlete? ATHLETICS • How many seniors are you graduating this year and in what position? • Do you allow freshmen to start (provided they have the ability)? • Is there a junior varsity program? • Have you made it to post-season play, and if so how have you done? • What is your general coaching philosophy? • How do academics fit into your coaching philosophy? • At this point, where do you see me fitting into your program? • How many other prospects are you recruiting in my position, event, etc? Where do I fall in that group of prospects?
  6. 6. • Does your team practice year round? What is expected during the offseason? • What type of strength and conditioning programs are conducted and are they done year round? GENERAL INFORMATION • Are your student-athletes required to live on campus? If so, do they live with fellow student-athletes or with someone from the general student population? • What type of medical coverage is available for student-athletes? • Do you provide all necessary uniforms and equipment, or are the studentathletes responsible to pay for or provide uniforms and equipment? • As a coach, are you looking to move upward in the coaching ranks in the near future or do you see yourself continuing your career at this institution? • Does the athletic department or college offer counseling services for drug and alcohol use, nutrition, etc.? FINANCIAL AID • Do you offer athletic grants-in-aid? If yes, do you offer full grants-in-aid (tuition, room, board, books and fees) or do you offer partial grants-in-aid? • How many athletic grants do you have available for the upcoming year (or how much grant money do you have available for the upcoming year)? • I know that athletic grants-in-aid are not guaranteed for a four year period and that they are renewed on a yearly basis. If I receive a grant-in-aid, will it most likely be renewed each year provided I remain a part of the team? What is your policy on renewing aid? What is the institution’s policy on renewing aid? • If I receive an athletic grant-in-aid and I am injured in the first practice or game, what happens to that grant for the remainder of that year and for the following years? • If you do not offer athletic grants-in-aid, what type of financial aid is available to student-athletes? Is it only need based aid, or are there merit scholarships available?