Our Oscar predictions based on fan pages engagement level


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Oscar prediction: The king's speech is the big winner.. on facebook. has the most engaged fan page. see our report

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Our Oscar predictions based on fan pages engagement level

  1. 1. FanGager’s Oscars Data Fan data on nominee fan page engagement leading up to the Oscars
  2. 2. What is FanGager’s Engagement Meter  <ul><ul><li>FanGager’s Engagement Meter is based on a ratio of Actively Engaged Fans vs. Total Fans. Active Fans are defined as those that interact with the brand’s page using “posts”, “comments” and “likes” versus Total Fans, which are based on the gross number of unique community members who follow a brand’s Facebook fan page. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Trend example, The King’s Speech’s engagement level is marked at a high of 9.0%. This is comparably higher than box office darling, Inception , who has over 5 million fans, but less than .3% active fans. <All data covers the period from January 23, 2011 through February 23, 2011.> </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The next two interesting data analyses will occur during the Oscars and post awards - how will the value of the pages change after the awards? Should brand managers continue to engage fans to help increase DVD sales and brand awareness? </li></ul></ul>
  3. 3. Best Picture Nominees Winter’s Bone Total Fans: 22,247 Active: 1,877 Inception Total Fans: 5,593,965 Active: 18,778 The Fighter Total Fans: 77,218 Active: 2,724 The Kid’s Are All Right Total Fans: 42,064 Active: 1,113 True Grit Total Fans: 37,482 Active: 999
  4. 4. Best Picture Nominees Black Swan Total Fans: 155,993 Active: 4,147 King’s Speech Total Fans: 48,775 Active: 4,383 Social Network Total Fans: 693,794 Active: 6,437 Toy Story 3 Total Fans: 289,537 Active: 331 127 Hours Total Fans: 136,752 Active: 180 Best Engagement Winner - King’s Speech
  5. 5. Lead Actor Colin Firth - King’s Speech Total Fans: 122,647 Active: 1,069 Javier Bardem - Biutiful Total Fans: 135,841 Active: 224 Jeff Bridges - True Grit Total Fans: 50,488 Active: 166 Jessie Eisenberg - Social Network Total: 49,564 Active: 33 James Franco - 127 Hours Total Fans: 134,113 Active: 10,519 Best Engagement Winner - James Franco, Nominee and Oscars Host
  6. 6. Lead Actress Annette Bening - The Kids Are Alright Total Fans: 1,403 Active: 22 Nicole Kidman - Rabbit Hole Total Fans: 114,578 Active: 2,191 Jennifer Lawrence - Winter’s Bone Total Fans: 3,328 Active: 74 Natalie Portman - Black Swan Total Fans: 364,619 Active: 1,668 Michelle Williams - Blue Valentine Total Fans: 933 Active: 86 Best Engagement Winner - Michelle Williams, Nominee
  7. 7. Check out your brand's engagement level - for free