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M-Y Books Ltd

187 Ware Rd Hertford • Herts, Sg13 7EQ • Tel 0044 [ 0 ] 1992 586279 •

Marketing and ...
Promotion UK regional or mainland UK
Book Sales representation – this service puts your title in the hands of an
Representation at The International Book Trade fairs of both Frankfurt and London
for foreign rights publication and trans...
Generic (reminding you of a genre or another book you liked, not generic as in
M-Y Books will interpret and design...
M Y Marketing And Publishing Options
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M Y Marketing And Publishing Options


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Details about M-Y books marketing and publishing services for Authors and small publishers.

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M Y Marketing And Publishing Options

  1. 1. M-Y Books Ltd 187 Ware Rd Hertford • Herts, Sg13 7EQ • Tel 0044 [ 0 ] 1992 586279 • Marketing and Publication Services Please mix and match any individual service we offer to choose the service you wish to try or to create your own custom list of services then email for further details. M-Y Books offer monthly payment plans to suit every budget . For a package discount qoute Code E1100dw2 Promotion UK regional or mainland UK Market research – We determine who is the potential readership for your book with exhaustive research consulting retailers and the public or where applicable potential professional users. From £ 150 Book Press release and information research, composition and distribution to print and electronic media [TV, Radio, Book review and retail websites] detailing specifically subject, area of interest and demographic. From £200 Promotion to head buyers of all major retail book chains for example Waterstones, W H Smiths. From £200 Promotion to head buyers of all major retail book wholesalers for example Gardners, Bertram’s. From £150 Promotion to head journalists and book reviewers regional or national magazines and newspapers. From£150 Review book distribution to targeted researched media contacts both print and online specific to the genre and subject matter of your book from £200 Review book distribution to targeted Libraries and head buyers of Regional Library groups. From £150 Follow up communication and support including media and buyer liason, for a period of three months – Six months commencement ideally to be 2 months prior to publication. From £400 All of the above prices plus Vat • reg office Hertford Herts
  2. 2. Promotion UK regional or mainland UK Book Sales representation – this service puts your title in the hands of an experienced book sales professional who will visit bookshops on your behalf by prior appointment showing your books to the key personnel responsible for buying decisions within their branch or area of interest reflecting changing retail trends we cover not just bookshops but any retail environment that sells books. From £250 Book 2 Book Market Research - web based marketing survey through the Book2Book trade publishing news letter with a promotional campaign that offers books for review – to industry professionals worldwide who in turn will offer back feedback and advice. We will Monitor and collate this information which can then be used in making your book right for the retail book industry. From £600 plus books. Google and ‘Adwords’ campaign running throughout the UK, clicking through to an M-Y Books hosted webpage, or direct to the authors website, facilitating purchase via paypal/credit card. Creation of authors web pages within the M-Y Books website to facilitate book sales and offer media background information is a most cost effective solution. From £500 Coverage on author focussed websites i.e. Love Reading, Bookshelf and Shelfari. From £200 Guaranteed reviews and ratings on Amazon .com and .uk and other major book review websites from £250 Authors page on M-Y Books high-ranking site including buy links, downloadable sample pages and reviews as well as authors biography information and back ground. From £300 Web ranking and links Promotion to ensure the book and author web space is highly ranked on the main search engines. From £200 You Tube promotion – now the most popular website in the world m-y books would create a short film featuring either an interview or documentary about or animation of your book linked to your webpage. From £400 E-book production and distribution – for use as a promotional and revenue generating device the eBook is proving itself in almost every market as a potent way to catch the attention of people browsing for new titles while online with up to 70 % of e book downloads being translated into print purchases. It also acts a sure and welcome second source of revenue complimenting the printed version. M-y books offers a complete E book production, formatting and distribution through all the major Uk and US based companies for sale on Amazon, WH Smith and available through mobile phone and library networks on both sides of the Atlantic.From £ 450 [If you are publishing through M-Y books then E book Production is included free of charge with the print publishing package].
  3. 3. Representation at The International Book Trade fairs of both Frankfurt and London for foreign rights publication and translation [in 2008 M-Y books gained foreign publication rights for its authors in Mainland China, India, Northern Africa as well as Ghana] These deals have meant revenue in the form of advances from the participating publishers with royalties of 6- 10 5 paid direct top the authors .There are no further production or print cost. Participation from £ 200 Celebrity endorsement – M-Y books can arrange sports, political or general celebrity endorsement for your book Price on application. Arrangement fee from £ 200 Book Publishing Printing distribution and Sales Pre publication M-Y Books will undertake a professional readers report highlighting any stylistic or technical issues governing editing, copy-editing, and any grammatical errors, dialogue and structure. The text will be edited using the track change facility in ms-office word and highlighted text will be returned for your approval. From £300 Proof Reading – A complete proof read will then be made making the text and layout pre publication ready. £350 Book Cover The purpose of a book cover (and I think it works for lots of products) Is the purpose of the cover to sell books, to accurately describe what's in the book, or to tee up the reader so the book has maximum impact? The third. It's the third because if the book has maximum impact, then word of mouth is created, and word of mouth is what sells your product, not the cover. Tactically, the cover sells the back cover, the back cover sells the flap and by then you've sold the book. If those steps end up selling a book that the purchaser doesn't like, game over. So you have to be consistent all the way through and end up creating a conversation after the purchase. Books are better at creating conversations than most products (when was the last time you talked about a pool cue), but there's lots of opportunity here, no matter what you make. S Some ways that a book cover can accomplish its mission: I Iconic (because iconic items tend to signal 'important') Noticeable across the room (you see that lots of other people own it, thus making it l likely that you'll want to know why) Sophisticated (because this helps reinforce that the ideas inside are worthy of your t time) O Original (why bother reading a book you already know) C Clever Funny
  4. 4. Generic (reminding you of a genre or another book you liked, not generic as in boring) M-Y Books will interpret and design a commercial and genre specific book cover. We engage a number of designers and normally work from an initial offer of three proof designs. The cover design should be market sensitive whilst offering a striking image that works at thumbnail size on the Internet. From £450 Usa of original illustrations by prior arrangement. Typesetting the style of typesetting, fonts, margins and headings will then need to be chosen. Sample pages from a variety of sources will be made available to aid the final decision on style. Design concepts relating to the printing of the book, for example the weight and type of paper, back cover copy or text , pricing, author biography from £300 Book data and registration Essential to successful publication is the quality of the attendant descriptions, key words and other information such as BICC categorisation. M-Y books prides itself on an in depth understanding of this complex part of publication. We use professional copywriters to get the best impression of your book out there from the moment someone reads about it. From£250 Printing In the UK and USA - M-Y Books offers its authors arguably the best system available as printing within each country book orders can be fulfilled quickly and economically. We will ensure your books are available through every book retailer online or shop both in the Uk and the Usa including Waterstones, Barnes and Noble and many more .We promise fast turnaround on orders and 6 monthly royalty payments. Books are printed and sales orders fulfilled directly. Set up fees and proof copies for review from £500. Hardback or Paperback M-Y Books offers it authors a selection of hardback or Paperback print sizes including full colour inners and paper colours and types if you wish to specify a particular style size or create an unusual book with textured printing or a special finish we will be able to connect together some of the best book designers in the business alongside printers who will be able to realise your book project economically. Price on application. Books Included – M-Y books makes available an unlimited amount of books for its authors at trade price plus delivery. Sales invoicing of all book sales will be made on behalf of the author to the trade by m-y books and the monies collected and accounted [see below] Revenue from Sales M-Y Books pays a 50% royalty on all income received regardless of format, we account every six months on the month end of June and January each year revenue received from each sale will vary depending on the retailer but in all cases M-Y books ensures the maximum income possible. Publishing Agrement M-Y Books works within the framework of a signed publishing contract with each of its Authors, which is mutually agreed before commencement duration of 1 year with option to re new. Design and Print of promotional material including posters, fliers are included Free of Charge if you choose to publish with us. Prices Based upon a text only paperback book of 200 pages in a 5.5 x 8.5 book size.