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HDFC Life Work Vault


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Published in: Business, Technology
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HDFC Life Work Vault

  1. 1. The HDFC Life Work Vault BLACK BEAN E N G A G E M E N T
  2. 2. The Brief To develop and run a campaign for the HDFC Life online marketing for non-term insurance products. The idea is to entice people to find out more and educate them about our offerings in the process. Also to build a solid database with crucial information such as preferences, habits etc. This can be used further for email marketing.
  3. 3. Scope of Work • • • • • Campaign Management Email Marketing Online Reputation Management Google Ads Facebook Ads
  4. 4. Approach • • • We spoke to a digital audience who were in search of information By providing meaningful content, we developed a communication channel with our potential customers The Salary Tax Planning module will retain authenticity by maintaining a formal language but connects with the audience with its engaging presentation
  5. 5. E-Learning Module
  6. 6. Promo Video
  7. 7. Downloadable E-Book
  8. 8. Ads Google Ads
  9. 9. Ads Display Ads
  10. 10. Ads Facebook Ads
  11. 11. Thanks for your time! If you think anyone of this is interesting Or most of it is just plain confusing Or generally would like to meet us Then do drop us a line! +91 97640 01729 +91 99232 1122 follow us @myblkbean BLACK BEAN E N G A G E M E N T