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Critical Listening - クリティカルリスニング


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Standard Listening Speech - Level 8
Critical Listening


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Critical Listening - クリティカルリスニング

  1. 1. Listening: Level 8
  2. 2. Critical Listening
  3. 3. Critical Listening What is the purpose? Is it a fact or an opinion? Evaluate and judge for yourself
  4. 4. What is the Purpose? Let’s listen! To inform? To entertain? To persuade?
  5. 5. Fact or Opinion? Let’s listen again! Fact? Opinion?
  6. 6. Fact or Opinion? "Nine out of ten dentists prefer PureWhite toothpaste. Smart dentists are right. Your teeth will be white... with PureWhite toothpaste."
  7. 7. Fact or Opinion? Which do you prefer? OR
  8. 8. Evaluate and Judge for Yourself 1. Try to understand the purpose 2. Distinguish between fact and opinion 3. Evaluate and judge for yourself
  9. 9. Evaluate and Judge for Yourself • Important points • Sequence • Summarize • Can you retell the story in your own words?
  10. 10. Evaluate and Judge for Yourself What are you listening to? – Debate/discussion – Argument – Speech – Lecture – News report Argument versus Fact What do YOU think?
  11. 11. Evaluate and Judge for Yourself • In English - make the point first • Next comes 'evidence' to prove the point • Summarize the point again at the end • Write a short speech to practice
  12. 12. Evaluate and Judge for Yourself • Conclusions? • Do you agree/disagree? • Evidence • Be critical
  13. 13. Evaluate and Judge for Yourself Let’s listen! What is the situation? What information is important? How would you solve it?
  14. 14. Evaluate and Judge for Yourself Tim's car broke down last Tuesday and now he has no choice but to buy a new one. He is at a car dealership, deciding what to do. Tim doesn't have much in his savings and doesn't know a lot about cars, but he's determined to find a reliable car to get him to his new job. A salesperson has just informed Tim of all the advantages of the car he is looking at and has offered a discounted price. Tim likes how the car looks and thinks the sales woman is very nice, but is this enough for him to trust her? Should he buy the car and hope for the best, or ask for an expert opinion? His new job starts in four days, so he doesn't have much time to waste. What would you tell Tim to do?
  15. 15. Conclusion Use the skills you learned • Go outside • Listen • Think • Evaluate!
  16. 16. Critical Listening
  17. 17. Listening: Level 8