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  1. 1. Finding BusinessInformationGetting startedBefore you start searching for information for your assignments and projects you are advised to look at NorthumbriaSkills Plus on the Library webpages. Here you will find a series of tutorials and helpguides to help you to understandhow to plan your search, carry out an effective search, evaluate the information you have found, reference yoursources and also help you with Study and IT skills.You will need your computer username and password to access most of our electronic databases via NORA, forfurther password information see If you have any difficulty accessing any of ourresources please email or ask for assistance in the Library.You can also access electronic information sources off campus by using the desktopANYWHERE CatalogueThe Library Catalogue lists the Library’s books, ebooks, journals, DVDs and theses.It is the best place to start when searching for books from your reading lists or for books to read around your subject.Final year undergraduates and postgraduate students can obtain material from other libraries by using interlibrary loanforms by using the electronic form available via MyNorthumbria. Further information on can search the British Library Catalogue and other university library catalogues by looking under ‘BrowseResources by Subject’ on NORA.For help with using the Library Catalogue at is the Library’s gateway to quality information for your studies. NORA Power Search allows you to quicklysearch for subject information from a huge range of information sources. Individual databases can also be accessedand searched.If you have difficulty finding the information you need please email or ask for assistanceat the Library.NORA is available at: can find help with how to use NORA effectively at following resources are a selection only. Fuller lists are available on NORA under “Browse Resources bySubject”. The subjects on NORA most relevant to NBS are Business & Management, Accountancy & Finance,Company Information, Economics, Marketing and Tourism. Further information on all resources can be found in theinformation icons on NORA. For password information for the following databases see the passwords link via theLibrary home page. If you have any difficulty accessing any of the resources contact Power SearchAs part of your research you will need to read articles from academic and professional journals. After you havesearched NORA Power Search you can tick the options under ‘Refine your search’ to refine your results to ‘Items withfull text online’. If you wish you can also restrict your results to ‘Limit articles from scholarly publications including peerreviewed’ to ensure academic quality resources. There are several key databases which you may choose to search inaddition to NORA Power Search. Some will provide full text - others will provide abstracts (description of the article)and references where you can locate the articles in other databases or through interlibrary loans (if you are a final yearor post graduate student).September 2012 This leaflet is available in other formats on request.
  2. 2. EBSCO Business Source PremierProvides full text for over 2,300 journals (1,100 Peer reviewed) covering business, management, economics,accounting, marketing, knowledge management, law, and psychology. Full text Economist Intelligence Unit CountryReports, Datamonitor Market Reports and Company analysis are also included. There is a direct link to the searchfacility for the Company, Market and Country reports in the “Company Information” section of NORA.EMERALDContains more than 150 high quality management journals, all published in the UK. These are an excellentresource for all Business students and contain both research papers and case studies.Newspaper articlesNewspaper articles are also useful for up to date information about various Business areas. The followingdatabases contain full text newspaper articles. For a full list of news related databases, please see the “NewsServices and Newspapers” subject list in NORA. You can search for news via NORA Power Search. Type in yoursearch and select “Newspaper Article” from the Content Type menu.NEXIS UKContains news articles for world-wide companies, industries and products. Covers major worldwide newspapersincluding the Financial Times, trade press and business journals.FT.COMWebsite of the Financial Times Newspaper and also provides access to business news. Stock and financial data isavailable in the Market area of the website. The Financial Times print newspaper is also available, search thejournal catalogue via the Library Catalogue. You can also use Nexis UK to search for FT articles.There is a helpsheet which gives further information about newspapers and news services including Nexis on Skills Plus Look in the “I need help with” section and select“searching for information”.Company informationThe following resources are useful for the financial analysis of a company: its products, its competitors andinformation regarding its directors. For the full list of company related resources, please see the companyinformation subject list on NORA. There is also a Company Information Guide on Skills Plus. Look in the “I needhelp with” section and select “searching for information”.FAMEFinancial Analysis Made Easy contains annual returns for all UK registered companies and up to 10 years ofreports for the top 100,000. Peer groups of companies can be compared using graphs and tables.OSIRISSimilar to FAME but provides financial information on around 55,000 listed and major unlisted/delistedcompanies worldwide. The information includes: standardised and "as reported" financials, SEC filings, detailedearnings estimates including recommendations, ownership, stock data, news and ratings.NEXIS UKSelect the “Companies” tab and choose your source. You will see that you can select to find out a whole range ofinformation about companies including financial analysis, annual reports, director details. You can then enter yoursearch terms or type in a company name.Market research reportsThe following databases are useful even if you are not studying marketing as they contain useful data aboutcompanies, industries and countries. The full list of marketing related resources is available on NORA.MINTELOne of the most detailed market research resources available, providing in-depth analysis of UK products andmarkets. Key companies in each market are analysed and compared.September 2012 This leaflet is available in other formats on request.
  3. 3. KEYNOTEA series of primarily UK market research reports covering consumer, industrial and business. Access to financialinformation for over 1.5 million active companies including the ability to search for information on directors andshareholders.EUROMONITOR GLOBAL MARKET INFORMATION DATABASE (GMID)Provides access to reports and statistics on industries, consumers, companies and countries worldwide on thiscomprehensive database.WARC (World Advertising Research Centre)Full text articles and abstracts from advertising journals around the world, as well as brand information, casestudies, news and best practice guides.Web resourcesAs well as the databases which the Library subscribes to, NORA also contains some selected high quality webresources in the NORA subjects (look under Browse Resources by Subject).You may also find other useful web resources yourself by searching the internet but remember it is essential thatyou evaluate these sources before using them for an assignment. See Skills Plus for help with evaluatinginformation sources.Indexes to journal articles & conference proceedingsIf you are writing a dissertation or thesis, you may wish to use extra databases to locate a broader range ofinformation. You won’t get full text from these databases. However, you can check the Library Catalogue to seewhether the Journal title is available elsewhere or apply for an interlibrary loan (if you are a final year or postgraduate student).ISI WEB OF KNOWLEDGEThis database is very useful for research, as it indexes articles from conference proceedings and from over 8,500journal titles in all subjects, predominantly social sciences and management.ZETOCZETOC indexes the contents of 20,000 international journal titles and 16,000 conference proceedings in allsubjects.Dissertations and thesisDissertations/ProjectsExemplar Dissertations and Projects are available in the relevant NBS eLearning Portal (Blackboard) modules.Index to ThesesA database to search for PhD, MPhil and some MA and MSc theses published in UK.ETHOS (Electronic Theses Online System)A digital collection of UK Doctoral Theses.Both these databases and more are available in the ‘Thesis & Dissertations’ subject collection on NORA.Keeping up to dateFor methods of keeping up to date with new journal articles, new internet resources, forthcoming conferences, etc.see the Research skills area in the “I need help with” menu option on Skills 2012 This leaflet is available in other formats on request.
  4. 4. Using other University LibrariesThe SCONUL Access Scheme enables full time undergraduate students to visit other Libraries for referencepurposes. Postgraduate, part time students, distance learners, students on placement and staff may be entitled toborrow a selected number of books from participating libraries.Please see the “Resources and Services” section of the Library website for further details.How to referenceAs you locate sources of information, it is very important to record the correct details of which books, articles andweb sites you have used. Information about Referencing and Plagiarism is available on Skills Plus in the “I wouldlike help with a specific topic” area.To help you record and organise your references, a bibliographic software package, Endnote, is available oncampus via the student desktop and off campus via desktopANYWHERE. Tutorials to help you get started withEndnote are available via Skills Plus in the Referencing and Plagiarism section.Skills PlusNorthumbria Skills Plus is a collection of training materials and helpguides that you can use to help you develop yourlibrary, IT and study skills. You can choose the format or style of the help that you want. Help is included on how tofind information for your assignments, how to write assignments, how to reference and 2012 This leaflet is available in other formats on request.