Your all time dog blankets


Published on It’s time to heed up for winter and prepare those thick, comfortable and warmth giving blankets. Have these Dog Blankets in the cold chilly nights, Many Dogs Blanket Throw, Marsh Friends Throw and more. These Blankets that has only luxurious warmth can bring. Made from a variety of 100% cotton threads, each blanket makes a great companion. Check us for more!

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Your all time dog blankets

  1. 1. our All Time Dog Blankets
  2. 2. Suddenly, you are not impressedwith your blankets anymore and you’re looking for some extraordinary features and designs. Then! You are close of having them..
  3. 3. Experience these thick, fleece Dog blankets designed withwarmth, comfort and practicality in mind. With a choice of colors, sizes and artistic designs.. Something extraordinary check this out..
  4. 4. This "Made in USA" 60" x 80"blanket is jacquard woven and made out of cotton & virgin acrylic.
  5. 5. It is colorfast and will remainsoft, warm and durable for many years to come. Machine Wash -Tumble Dry. Fiber Content: 60% cotton, 35% virgin acrylic & 7% polyester
  6. 6. 68" x 51". This beautiful throw has plaid top and bottom withhunting dogs and bird scene incenter. Made in the USA. 100% cotton.
  7. 7. 68" x 48" What a mess! Five puppies all facing the same direction on a garden bench.This Five puppies tapestry throw makes a great gift for the dog lover in every family.
  8. 8. Machine wash delicate, cool cycle. Tumble dry low heat.100% Acrylic. Fringe on all four sides. Made in USA.
  9. 9. The pastoral farm setting of thisgorgeous 54” x 70” blanket only hints at the calm comfort its luxurious warmth can bring. Made from a variety of 100% cotton threads, each blanket makes a great companion
  10. 10. piece to the matching Gold Retrievers Family Tapestry wallhanging (sold separately.) Follow easy care instructions when cleaning, including gentle cold water wash and tumble dry on low heat.
  11. 11. A perfect accessory for dog lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, or for any tailgating party orcamping trip, this gorgeous 52" x 68"
  12. 12. tapestry throw blanket has fring on all 4 sides. bottom. Made from 100% cotton. Machinewash cool water, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low heat.
  13. 13. What can you ask for? They are versatile Dog Blankets that offers high-class features thatwill gratify everyone.. Visit us for more!