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Cat blankets by my animalblankets


Published on These Cat Blankets are not only exclusive to those Cat Lovers out there, they are for everyone who seeks comfort and warmth. Try these extravagant cat blankets such as Cherub (Angel)Cats Tapestry Throw, Cat Basket Jacquard Blanket, Cheating Card Cat's Tapestry Throw and more! They are Cat blankets made from high quality materials and passed stringent quality standards. Check us for more!

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Cat blankets by my animalblankets

  1. 1. Cat Lovers will surely lovethe collection of Cat Blankets by MyAnimalBlankets!
  2. 2. Cuddle and wrap yourselfwith the comfortable and warm embrace of cat blankets like…
  3. 3. Cherub (Angel)Cats Tapestry Throw
  4. 4. The cat lovers dream throw.This feline based rendition of a classic work of art will make any cat lover smile.
  5. 5. This is 100% cotton. Made in America.
  6. 6. Cat Basket Jacquard Blanket
  7. 7. his great new design ofjacquard woven blankets ismade from 50% Acrylic and 50% Recycled Polyester.
  8. 8. They have superior loft andwarmth. Made in Mexico. 60" x 80" in size.
  9. 9. Cheating Card Cats Tapestry Throw
  10. 10. Melinda Copper loves tocreate fun images of felines in human situations.
  11. 11. In this piece, a game ofpoker is going on between four furry felows.
  12. 12. One just happens to becheating with cards behind his back.
  13. 13. A fun gift for cat lovers everywhere.
  14. 14. Cat blankets made from highquality materials and passed stringent quality standards will guarantee maximum comfort and warmth.
  15. 15. More than that, it will make a great family heirloom.
  16. 16. Shop for Cat Blankets andother animal blankets only