Top 5 Emerging Careers in Finance


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The recession has affected almost every industry, including the financial industry. It’s a smart move to get in a career that has some longevity in our changing future. Here are five careers in finance that have a bright outlook.

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Top 5 Emerging Careers in Finance

  1. 1. Risk is a significant word in the financial world. The importance of risk management was highlighted more than ever after the 2008 market crash. Banks and other large financial corporations are taking on risk management analysts to adhere to regulations, adapt to changing market conditions and effectively use complex entity structures to protect their investments. Median Salary: $80,000
  2. 2. The demand for financial operations analysts is so high that it usually only take a bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience in the financial sector to land a quality position. Median Salary: $71,750
  3. 3. Retail banking is one position in the financial industry that is most synonymous with customer interaction and service. A retail banker will typically work for banks, although there are opportunities to work for online banks and supermarkets in certain locations. Median Salary: $35,000
  4. 4. While corporate finance has been around for a long time, there are many emerging opportunities for those who know what to look for. There are always market trends that shift the demand for financial management and corporate finance expertise. Median Salary: $70,000
  5. 5. A financial accountant is akin to an interpreter in the financial world. Your job is to analyze all the different aspects of a business, evaluate important financial aspects and metrics, and then summarize and report the results to the higher ups, like shareholders and executives. Median Salary: $69,000
  6. 6. The AMCAT is India’s first employability assessment test that help fresh graduates to get their first job quickly and efficiently.