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5 Habits That Kill Your Productivity


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Setting a good intention is essential to massive productivity but if your innocent little habits are tearing your intentions inch by inch, then you need a new plan of attack.

Let’s focus on what’s within your power, mainly the innocent little habits that sneak up on you and move you further and further away from your true productivity.

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5 Habits That Kill Your Productivity

  1. 1. The mind tricks that say “You are tired, you are not ready, this is too hard, this is silly, why am I doing this, let’s do something else, I’m bored, I’m frustrated.” Listen to them come and let them go. Do not act on them. They are perfectly disguised lies!
  2. 2. Yes of course you can drink and eat and be productive, but beware of when your emotions want to interrupt the flow of productivity. Make sure there is also a physical need to address.
  3. 3. The desire to constantly be in conversation with the world around us – physical or online. Ignore it until the work is done.
  4. 4. I’m thinking, we tell ourselves, but a lot of the staring is just that – staring. We zone out sure, but is it directly useful to the productivity or just a little habit? Beware!
  5. 5. Do you need all those apps and gadgets and tools? Simplify, and simplify some more. Go down to the essentials if you want to maximize your throughput.
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