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Class Introduction 2B 1


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Class Introduction 2B 1

  1. 1. 2B Members @CUC
  2. 2. Hi, I’m ZCY . I’m going to talk about what I do for fun. I love taking photos very much. So I learn to take photos with a famous cameraman. I bought a good camera for taking photos. In this summer holiday, I took some pictures with one. I hope that my camera skill become better and better in future. THANK YOU.
  3. 3. Hi, I'm Oda. I'm going to talk about shopping. I like to go shopping to buy clothes and shoes. I often buy at fashion buildings like LUMINE and Shibuya109 and Marui. There are many shops in those fashion buildings, so it is easy for me to buy clothes and shoes. Since I haven't gone shopping recently, I'm going to go to buy winter clothes and boots.
  4. 4. Hi, I'm Oyu. I'm going to talk about shopping. I study bookkeeping every day. Of course I like it, but I sometimes go shopping on my way home. Many shops I like are between my home and CUC. For example, Lalaport and PARCO. I like going shopping to take my mind off study .
  5. 5. Hi, I'm Charot. I'm going to talk about cooking.I cook a family meal on holiday. I'm working part-time at family restaurant. I'm good at cooking pasta.
  6. 6. Hi, I'm Mieee. I'm going to talk to about my favorite clothes shops. My favorite clothes shops are 「 Heather 」 , 「 RETRO GIRL 」 and 「 ARROW 」 .Their designs are very good! But their clothes are expensive.
  7. 7. Hi, I'm Taka. I'm going to about tennis. First I belonged to tennis club in high school and junior high school. Now I belong to tennis group activities. Second I was Impressed by a manga, Prince of Tennis (Tennis no Oujisama). Third, an important reason to play tennis is diet! Thanks.
  8. 8. Hi, I'm Kazukichi Lv.101. I’m going to talk about watching YouTube. I often watch it on my smartphone. You can watch many kind of movies on YouTubeI like animation and Tokusatu like a 〇〇 renja. I like MariaHorikku and Kakurenja. Do you know Kakurenja?
  9. 9. Hi, I'm Yasho. I will talk about my bicycle!I changed bicycle parts last week. I changed saddle, grips, and light. I love it.
  10. 10. Hi, I'm Peaman. I'm going to talk to about playing the guitar. I have played the guitar since I was in my 3rd year at junior high school. I bought a guitar for 30000 yen. I play the guitar every day. Playing the guitar is very fun!
  11. 11. Hi, I'm Lamp. I'm going to talk about listening to music. My favorite thing to do islistening to music. I like metal music. It makes me exited.
  12. 12. Hi, I'm Chocoball Kato. I'm going to talk about darts. Recently I'm playing darts. I bought my darts. I’m getting higher scores recently. Thanks bye bye.
  13. 13. Hi, I'm Kousuke. I'm going to talk about soft tennis. I have played tennis for 6years. My favorite racket is Nanoforce 750v. In high school, I played tennis every day.
  14. 14. Hi, I'm Takeyama. I'm going to talk about tropical fish. I have tropical fish in my parents house. They are very beautiful.
  15. 15. Hi, I'm Pon. I'm going talk about my work. I like my part-time job. When I’m working I have a definite aim. I cannot live without the job.
  16. 16. Hi, I'm Tk. I'm going to talk about listening to music.I love music.My favorite music is J-pop.I spend spare time for listening to music.
  17. 17. Hi, I'm Ya-a. My hobby is listening to music. When I go to school, I often listen to music. My favorite musician is Green Day. Their singing voice makes me happy. I want everyone to listen to it. See you!
  18. 18. Nice to Meet You