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Archives At Risk


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by Sue malden, Executive Coordinator, International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA) @ WEMF III, Kuala Lumpur, 10-11 dec07

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Archives At Risk

  1. 1. Archives at Risk Take part in the project: Supply sample content from your archive! Main steps 1. Go the the FIAT/IFTA« Archives at Risk» home page: you will find the « Content risk/iar supply requirements.html supply requirements» 2. Download the «Tool box» The « Tool box» includes: • You may wish to print the « User guide» to Partner details form • help you completing the partner and Cataloguing form • cataloguing forms User guide • Some examples • Standard permission letter to use the content 3. Describe shortly who you are Using the Partner details form 4. Select 5 to 10 video clips from your archive 5. Provide adequate metadata to identify each Using the cataloguing form clip 6. Copy the clips onto a Digibeta videocassette or a DVD 7. Print the « permission letter» and sign it 8. Send the archive material, the forms and the Archives@risk project / Room 3160 permission letter to ORF Dokumentation und Archive / ORF WOrzburggasse 30 A-1136 Vienna / Austria
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