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Ava Executive


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Ava Executive

  1. 1. AVA NETWORK| AVACAST.TV Asian Viet American TV WHO WE ARE AVA NETWORK| AVACAST.TV is one of the first full-blown Vietnamese life-casting that is rich with tools, networks, and people looking to share their life on camera with a few friends or the rest of the world. AVACAST.TV is the celebration of online video and the ability to share ideas, realties, and creativity, not only for the web, but also on iPods, phones, multimedia players and cell phones. AVACAST.TV will be everywhere and it is a phenomenon that will translate and transform everyday Vietnamese people into producers and set forth the next generation of TV reality-star leaders. WHAT WE BELIEVE Promoted the values of a free and open society, global cooperation, economic justice, and the preservation of the natural environment and diverse cultures, it does this through a national television network, internet, mobile, and through partnerships with public service organizations worldwide. AVALIVE programs engage, educate and activate citizen to become involved. These programs provide a unique perspective on news, current events and diverse cultures, and they present issues not often covered in the U.S. media. AVA connects Asian Vietnamese American viewers with people at the heart of breaking events, organizations in the forefront of social change and the cultures of an increasingly Vietnamese, Asian, American global community. WHAT WE DO We specializes in providing Internet TV Station, Specialty Print Publication, Social Networking, Internet broadcast programming to the Asian American communities throughout the U.S, Canada, and Asia Countries. We provide a platform for translation transfer dialogue that promotes a healthy, comical, and challenging opinions, misconceptions, thoughts, commentary, and viewpoints. INDUSTRY Internet TV Station TV Station is a media scheduling application designed to let you create and broadcast your own internet TV Station. TV Station allows any network affiliate user to setup and run their own instant online television broadcast network, including multiple channels, for video and or audio. Users can setup a custom play list of prerecorded video content, or live broadcasts to viewers 24/7 hours a day. Newest features include a more compact viewer friendly interface for instant website embedding, a more user friendly admin interface with easier play list building controls. Broadcasters have full control of content, commercials, and banner ads of the TV Station application. Specialty Print Publication The specialty print publications market is currently very strong, as there are hundreds of magazines devoted to a narrow subject or targeted at a specific demographic. As
  2. 2. reality-based programming and talk shows have become among the most popular formats in television history, there will undoubtedly be a following of people who would be willing to subscribe to learn more about their favorite television programs and be updated on upcoming shows. Social Networking Social network is one of the biggest ways to communicate on the Internet for marketing your business, keep in touch with others, and share videos or just to be social. We connect with Tweeter, MySpace, Facebook, and many more social network sites. We pay you to be social and are free to join. With social networks growing by the thousands everyday why not get paid for something you already are doing on the internet. Internet broadcast programming We provide global, comprehensive, content management and distribution services to the rapidly expanding broadcasting industry. AVA Network through its proprietary "AVA Network Global Network" integrating of satellite and terrestrial fiber optic transmission capacity and the public internet is able to offer high-quality and flexible global distribution services for content providers.
  3. 3. THE VIETNAMESE MARKET · Vietnamese is one of the wealthiest and most dynamic Asian communities in the world and represent significant economic important in local and global marketplaces. · Median household income: $54,871 · 1.2 million Vietnamese are living in the top 10 metros of the U.S · At least 1.73 million Vietnamese command an estimated spending power of $10 to $12 billion dollars within the United States alone. · Santa Clara County’s Vietnamese population has a buying power of $1.4 billion. Population Lifestyle Regions with Significant Language Preference Population · Vietnam: · Real · Orange County, CA · Vietnamese is 88,576,758 Estate · San Jose, CA the preferred language in · Oversea: · Local · San Diego, CA 92% of Vietnamese 3,700,000 News · Houston, TX homes · United State · News · Seattle, WA · 63% of Vietnamese: 1,730,000 · Vietnamese prefer media Technology broadcast in their native · Politics language · Kids · Books · Sports
  4. 4. · Lotto · Travel