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Mobile Resource Management & Fleet Tracking Platform | myGeoTracking


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myGeoTracking offers a unique location & messaging platform for mobile resource management and fleet tracking. A complete SaaS based solution for location & messaging based businesses.

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Mobile Resource Management & Fleet Tracking Platform | myGeoTracking

  1. 1. hailendra  Jain   Wednesday,  July  24,  13   Loca%on  &  Messaging   Pla0orm  for  Mobile   Resource  Management,   Fleet  Tracking  &  Mobile   Campaigns     Locate.Message.Manage      Shailendra  Jain   Wednesday,  July  24,  13   Copyright  2011-­‐2013  Abaqus,  Inc.    All  Rights  Reserved.   ConfidenJal.  
  2. 2. Introduc%on   7/24/13   Copyright  ©  2012-­‐2013,,  All  rights  reserved   •  provides  a  SaaS  plaNorm  for   locaJon  &  messaging  based  Business   SoluJons  (HQ:    PA,  California)   •    LocaJon  &   Messaging  SaaS  PlaNorm   –  bizTeam:  Mobile  Resource  Management  w  USG   compliance   –  bizMachine:    TelemaJcs  /  M2M  Device  Tracking   –  bizMessage:    Geo-­‐Targeted,  Mobile  MarkeJng  &   Enterprise  Messaging   –  Custom  SoluJons  with  Enterprise  Backoffice   IntegraJon   •  Customers   –  Joint  sales  partnership  with  Telcos  and  Others   –  Direct  Sales  to  Enterprise  and  SME  with  Field   Personnel  in  ResidenJal  &  Office  Maintenance   services,  Food  &  Local  Package  Delivery  Services,   Home  Care,  Security  services   –  Retailers  for  LocaJon-­‐based  MarkeJng   Hosted  SaaS   Applica%ons   •  MRM   •  MAM   •  USPS   •  Campaigns   •  APIs  &  Widgets  for   custom  apps   Phones   and   Sensors   Support       LBS  &   Messaging   Pla0orm™   Delivery  PlaNorms   Abaqus  Geo  PlaNorm   White  Label   GPS  Device  IntegraJon   Tracks   Indexing  and  Search   Geo  Coding   Users   Content   Manageme nt   Social   Networking   Content   Publishing   Geo   AnalyJcs   Abaqus   Branded   myGeo Diary   Widget s   myGeo Diary   Widget s   CommenJng  and  RaJng   Deskto p  Apps   Hosted   Web   Page   System  Management  and  Security   ReporJng   User   Manageme nt   Content   External  Content  IntegraJon   W eb   Fac ebo ok   Flic kr   You Tub e   De vic es   iPh one   RI M   Sy mbi an   Wi n   CE   An dro id   Aut ono mo us   Dev ice   GP RS   Dev ice   Fil es   Au dio   Pho tos   Vid eo  
  3. 3. myGeoTracking  LBS  Pla0orm   –  On-­‐demand,  network-­‐assisted  LocaJon   –  Fine-­‐grained  Privacy  Control   –  Geo-­‐Tagged  Enterprise  Messaging  &  IVR   Controls   –  Wizard  to  setup  Trips  &  Adhoc  Drivers   –  Geozone  enabled  Rules  Engine   –  AnalyJcs  &  Reports   –  Rich  Web  Services  API  to  integrate  with   Enterprise  systems   –  Works  on  *any  device*  on  most  major   Carriers   –  USPS  cerJfied   7/24/13   Copyright  ©  2012-­‐2013,,  All  rights  reserved   3   *Not  compaJble  with  pre-­‐paid  phone  services   *No  ApplicaJon,  No  Data  Plan,  Any  Phone   *AT&T,  Sprint,  Verizon,  T-­‐Mobile,  Virgin,  Boost  and  other  Carriers   LocaJon  &  Messaging  SaaS  plaNorm  with  features:    
  4. 4. bizTeam:    for  Mobile  Workforce   Management   •  Dispatcher  can  locate  &  message   employees     –  on  demand  &  on  auto-­‐track  schedules   –  organize  phones  in  locatable  work   groups  with  unique  business  rules   –  Supports  Geofencing  and  Geocorridors   •  Employees  can  use  “Smart  Text”  to   send  real-­‐Jme  job  status  tagged  with   locaJon   •  Provides     –  Mobile  Time  Clocking   –  Contract  compliance   –  Bejer  team  management   –  Worker  accountability   7/24/13   Copyright  ©  2013,,  All  rights  reserved   4  
  5. 5. bizTeam:  for  Fleet  Management   •  Use  a  drivers’  phones  for  load  locaJon  and   status   –  Eliminates  cost  of  installed  GPS  devices   –  Dynamically  assign  drivers  to  trips  from  a   “pool”  of  drivers   –  Setup  rules  &  geofence  for  alerts   •  Wizard  to  create  “Master  Trip”  template   for  daily  scheduled  trips   •  Provision  Contract  Drivers  on-­‐demand   •  Create  and  automaJcally  iniJate  driver  +   load  track  schedule     –  CerJfied  for  use  to  meet  USPS  contract  reporJng   obligaJons     7/24/13   Copyright  ©  2013,,  All  rights  reserved   5  
  6. 6. bizMachine:    Mobile  Asset   Management   •  bizMachine  provides  Asset   management  for  ANY  SIM-­‐enabled   device   –  Cell-­‐LocaJon  &  Status  for  non-­‐GPS   devices  like  wireless  barcode  scanners,   hotspots  and  datasJcks   –  Precise  LocaJon  and  status  for  GPS-­‐ enabled  Devices   –  Geo-­‐fencing  and  Alerts   –  Rules  for  event  triggers   –  Supports  tradiJonal  GPS/telemaJcs   Devices  (OBD,  J1939)  for  vehicles  and   trailers   7/24/13   Copyright  ©  2013,,  All  rights  reserved   6  
  7. 7. Customer Examples •  Who:  CA-­‐based  Fire  alarm/sprinkler  company   with  22  mobile  employees   •  SoluJon:  myGeoTracking  for  feature  phones  and   OBD  devices  for  vehicles   •  Benefit:  30%  increase  in  number  of  jobs   completed  on  a  monthly  basis   7/24/13 Copyright © 2013,, All rights reserved 7 •  Who:  CT-­‐based  Custom  steel  firngs   manufacturer/distributor  with  small  team   •  SoluJon:  myGeoTracking  for  feature  phones     •  Benefits:  Increased  customer  responsiveness  and   improved  delivery  Jmes     •  Who:  FL-­‐based  logisJcs  and  delivery  company  with   faciliJes  in  mulJple  states     •  SoluJon:  myGeoTracking  for  SIM-­‐enabled  devices   •  Benefit:  Reduced  device  loss,  bejer  device/ inventory  control   •  Who:  GA-­‐based  logisJcs  and  delivery  company   with  USPS  contracts     •  SoluJon:  myGeoTracking  for  feature  phones  used   by  pool  of  250  contract  and  employee  Drivers   •  Benefit:  Met  contract  locaJon  requirements  and   maintained  USPS  business   •  Who:  CA-­‐based    provider  of  expedited  ground   freight  services  and  related  logisJcs  services   •  SoluJon:  myGeoTracking  for  x28  Employees   phones  for  work  related  tracking  &  messaging   •  Benefits:  replacement  of    PTT,  Increased  in-­‐ service  Jmes   •  Who:  MN-­‐based  electrical  contractor  with  State-­‐ wide  operaJons   •  SoluJon:  myGeoTracking  for  feature  phones     •  Benefit:  Increased  customer  responsiveness  and   employee  accountability  
  8. 8.         Thank  You     Abaqus  Inc.   +1-­‐801-­‐231-­‐9076   Copyright 2011-2012 Abaqus, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential.