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Running Lead and scaling fast @ Taiwan founders drinks e27 (apr 11th)


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Running Lead and scaling fast @ Taiwan founders drinks e27 (apr 11th)

  1. 1. Startups on AWS:Running Lean & Scaling Fast Martin Yan AWS Greater China
  2. 2. Which company……grew to 14 million users in just over a year…reached 150 million photos & terabytes of data…signed up 10 million users in 12 hours after launching an Android app …with only 3 engineers?
  3. 3. HOW?
  4. 4. =“Cloud is like a fertilizer that creates Startups” Eric Ries, author of NY Times bestseller “The Lean Startup”
  5. 5. These Asia startups … are getting the same… as these companies: DURABILITY SECURITY SCALABILITY AFFORDABILITY RELIABILITY
  6. 6. These Asia startups benefit from AWS… just like these companies: E-COMMERCE CONSUMER APPS GAMING MEDIA ENTERPRISE / SaaS
  7. 7. And all these startups……”are standing on the shoulders of giants”
  8. 8. On a global footprint Region US-WEST (Oregon) EU-WEST (Ireland) GOV CLOUD ASIA PAC (Tokyo) US-EAST (Virginia)US-WEST (N. California) ASIA PAC (Singapore) SOUTH AMERICA (Sao Paulo) ASIA PAC (Sydney)
  9. 9. On a global footprint Availability Zone (AZ)
  10. 10. On a global footprint Edge Locations London(2) Seattle South Bend New York (2) Amsterdam Newark Dublin Stockholm Palo Alto TokyoSan Jose Frankfurt(2) Paris(2) Ashburn(2) Milan Osaka Los Angeles (2) Jacksonville Dallas(2) Hong Kong St.Louis Miami Singapore(2) Sydney Sao Paulo
  11. 11. idea demo scale profitability01 02 03 04 How do I How do I How do I run develop fast deal with lean and and get to unpredictable continue to grow market faster? demand & scale my revenue? up easily?
  12. 12. Experiment More & Develop FasterLaunch your infrastructure in a few clicks so you can ReduceTime to MarketPay only what for you use, with no commitment and lock in, so youcan Experiment More at Lower CostsLeverage SDK’s, libraries, deployment tools and more to achieveShorter Development Cycles
  13. 13. Code, Libs, SDK’s,
  14. 14. Full Elasticity for Maximum ScalabilityScale to 1000s of servers in minutesFully automate the process of scaling up & downAdd billions of objects with Amazon S3Globally distribute petabytes of dataSelect any level of desired throughput
  15. 15. 2GB free millions of users
  16. 16. Go global in minutes to reach a global audience Fast & Easy customer acquisition leveraging AWS content distribution Application
  17. 17. "With our social game growing from 1 million to 3million in 3 months, we can spin out more than 300servers quickly, only managed by ONE engineer.” Yitao Guan, CTO
  18. 18. You begin your Startup in a garage…
  19. 19. …and build a fantastic app
  20. 20. people love it!
  21. 21. and everyone wants to use it… Now what?!
  22. 22. Reduce Costs & Grow revenue Consider reserved capacity purchase options : Reserved Instance (EC2/RDS/Elasticache), Spot instance, Cloudfront Reserved Capacity Leveraging our large scale, we have reduced our prices 30+ times in the last years, leading to Low Costs AWS removes undifferentiated heavy lifting – allowing you to focus70:30 on your business and Generate Revenue
  23. 23. Economies of ScaleLower variable expense than companies can achieve themselves Reduced More Prices Customers Lower More AWS Costs Usage Economie More Infra- s of Scale structure
  24. 24. Cost Optimization using different purchase models Free Tier On-Demand Reserved Spot DedicatedGet Started on AWS Pay for compute Make a low, one-time Bid for unused capacity, Launch instances withinwith free usage & no capacity by the hour payment and receive a charged at a Spot Price Amazon VPC that runcommitment with no long-term significant discount on which fluctuates based on hardware dedicated commitments the hourly charge on supply and demand to a single customerFor POCs and For spiky workloads, For committed For time-insensitive or For highly sensitive orgetting started or to define needs utilization transient workloads compliance related workloads
  25. 25. 18m users 410TB data 12 staff
  26. 26. • Most traffic happens in the$52 / hr day afternoons and evenings, so they reduce the number of instances at night by 40%. • At peak traffic $52 an hour is spent on EC2 and at night, $15 / hr day during off peak, the spend is as little as $15 an hour. The difference is an amazing 71%
  27. 27. To close off…… Not undifferentiated heavy IT lifting We take care of… …so you don’t have to… Data centers Buy and install new hardware Power Set up and configure newFocus on YOUR Cooling softwarebusiness and idea Cabling Build new data centers Networking Racks Servers Storage Labour
  28. 28. PROMPT> ec2-run-instances ami-b232d0db -k gsg-keypair --client-token 550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000
  29. 29. Thank you!
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Martin Yan AWS Greater China