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Solomo slides


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國外 SoLoMo 介紹傑作 (存查用)

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Solomo slides

  1. 1. How SoLoMo is Connecting Consumers and Brands to (almost) Everything Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr and GigaOm Pro May 21, 2012 Slides @phil_hendrix2
  2. 2. Is Your Brand Connecting?3
  3. 3. First, a few cases… Which site… …reached 10m U.S. monthly unique visitors faster than any independent site in history? … is generating more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined?4
  4. 4. SM SoLoMo and PEER Personalizing Engaging Enabling Rewarding Source: Dr. Phil Hendrix, How SoLoMo is Empowering Consumers, Transforming Shopping and Disrupting Advertising and Retailing5
  5. 5. PEER for Brands and Retailers Source: Dr. Phil Hendrix, How SoLoMo is Empowering Consumers, Transforming Shopping and Disrupting Advertising and Retailing6
  6. 6. Consider the Differences… vs.7
  7. 7. Which one… Is with you when you (fill in the blank)? Do you use to “share the moment?” Knows where you are? Recognizes what’s around you?8
  8. 8. SoLoMo is Empowering Consumers, Transforming Shopping and Disrupting Advertising and Retailing9
  9. 9. SoLoMo Defined SoLoMo (n) Situated experiences, enabled by mobile, shared with others10
  10. 10. From 6 of Separation Always Connected11
  11. 11. Six Elements of Mobile Devices Broadband Apps Internet Sensors Cloud12
  12. 12. Six Elements of Mobile Devices Broadband 53% US subscribers own smartphone1 Apps 1.2B Apps downloaded 12/25-12/312 Internet Sensors 90% Keep smartphone w/in arms length3 Cloud Sources: 1 Pew Research; 2 Flurry; 3Edison/Arbitron13
  13. 13. Six Elements of Location Position Place Context Vicinity Things Proximity14
  14. 14. Six Elements of Location Position Place 74% US smartphone owners use their phone to get real-time location info1 Context 60% Search on their smartphone daily2 Vicinity Things 20x Mobile users 20x more likely to click Proximity on a map than desktop users3 Sources: 1 Pew Research May 2012; 2 Google; 3Razorfish15
  15. 15. Six Elements of Social Close Networks Friends Content Platforms Sentiment Sharing16
  16. 16. Six Elements of Social Close Friends 1 in 7 Facebook accounts for Networks 1 in 7 mins. spent online1 Content $1B Facebook has agreed to Platforms pay for Instagram2 Sentiment 2.5x LTV of a visitor referred from Sharing Facebook vs. Google3 Sources: 1 Comscore; 2 Flurry; 3Ben Elowitz (Wetpaint)17
  17. 17. Mobile Tsunami18
  18. 18. The Cloud – Elastic, Real-time, Massive Scale Location Big Data + Social Algorithms History Search Augmented Reality Messages, • Auto-complete Ads, and Offers • Google Instant • Proximity Search • Image Search • Personalized SERs19
  19. 19. Mobile Sensors – Digital and Physical Intersect20
  20. 20. Location - fundamentally, Lat/Long…. Examples: 28.420000, -81.581200 and 28.39267, -81.57084721
  21. 21. … but much richer than mere coordinates Lat/Long 28.420000, -81.58120022
  22. 22. The Elements of SoLoMo Mobile Location Social X X23
  23. 23. Consumers’ Digital Signals Digital Channels Digital Signals • Websites • Search Internet Traces produced • Microsites • Ads Social • Publish • Discuss as consumers • Share • Review interact with Digital • Apps • 2D codes Mobile Channels • Location • NFC Interactive • Social TV • OOH Source: Dr. Phil Hendrix, Tuning into Consumers’ Digital Signals24
  24. 24. Consumers’ Digital Signals Why are Digital Signals so Important? In real"time, on a massive scale, at no cost, Digital Signals reveal: Consumers’ • Attitudes • Motivations • Experiences • Plans/Intentions • Interests • Values • Questions • Responses • Opinions • Activities • Connections • (Dis)satisfaction Location Context Connections Source: Dr. Phil Hendrix, Tuning into Consumers’ Digital Signals25
  25. 25. Examples of SoLoMo Innovation Good Push “Social signals are by far the strongest way to determine what content the mobile audience will engage with at any point in time.” Tobias Peggs, OneRiot (acquired by WalmartLabs July 2011)26
  26. 26. 10 Trends Shaping the Future of SoLoMo Hyper-local Audiences Micro-location Micro Networks SoLoMo Mashups SoLoMo Filters SoLoMo Curation Persistent Location Ambient Analytics SoLoMo-driven PEER SoLoMo Yield Management27
  27. 27. For more perspectives on SoLoMo: Social + Location + Mobile: SoLoMo Analytics and the Transformation of Shopping† The Local Consumer – an In-depth Mosaic† The Promise of Hyperlocal: Opportunities for Publishers and Developers Tuning into Consumers’ Digital Signals How SoLoMo is Empowering Consumers, Transforming Shopping, and Disrupting Advertising and Retailing Location – the Epicenter of Mobile Innovation † Forthcoming28
  28. 28. Thank you! Dr. Phil Hendrix Founder and Director, immr Analyst, GigaOm Pro Research Director, Wireless Innovation Council @phil_hendrix www.immr.org29
  29. 29. Additional Slides30
  30. 30. Mobile Devices – Truly Radical Innovation 53% Percent US subscribers own smartphone 80% Recent purchasers age 18-34 buy smarthphones > 90% Keep their smartphone w/in arms length all/most of the time31
  31. 31. Mobile Broadband – Wherever You Go32
  32. 32. Mobile – The Internet in your Pocket “Before the iPhone, cyberspace was something you went to your desk to visit... now cyberspace is something you carry in your pocket.” Paul Saffo33
  33. 33. Mobile Apps – The Avalanche 1.2b # of apps downloaded Dec. 25-31, 201134