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Common Cybersecurity Mistakes


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Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Continue To Make

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Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

  1. 1. C O M M O N CYBERSECURITY M I S T A K E S B U S I N E S S E S C O N T I N U E T O M A K E MISTAKE FIX food ENGAGING TRAINING A well-executed security training program can reduce the risk of a data breach. Incentivize your training. Build it into the culture. Make it real. Do it often.� UNTRAINED EMPLOYEES 61% of data breaches are�caused by negligent employees. Behaviors include interacting with unsolicited emails, visiting dangerous websites, and having poor password habits. 58 PERCENT OF CYBERCRIME VICTIMS ARE SMBS. The biggest factor to the success or failure of a cyber-criminal� is the security practices that businesses cultivate. Here we dive into the 4 most common mistakes that leave SMBs vulnerable. employees STRONG�BYOD POLICY When allowing employees to use their own devices, put policies into place regarding encryption, remotely wiping lost devices, password requirements, etc. USING�PERSONAL DEVICES 85% of organizations allow employees to use a personal device for work, yet over�60% still don't have a BYOD policy in place. byod PARTNERING WITH AN MSP Engage with a team of experts who are available round-the-clock to monitor your network for threats�and keep your data safe. SINGLE IN-HOUSE IT PERSON Relying on a single IT person to manage your security is also creating a single point of failure.� IT person DISASTER RECOVER PLAN Minimize the impact of a�data breach, ransomware, and unexpected downtime with a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. RISKING DATA LOSS� 75% of small businesses do NOT have a disaster plan in place and risk downtime, compliance penalties, and reputational damage. BDR Phishing scam emails are sent every�day 75 million Of companies do not encrypt their employees' mobile devices 76% The average cost of downtime across industries per minute $5,600 Sources: MXOtech;�Acronis; Poneman Institute 312.554.5699 | With over a decade of experience across industries and 5-Star Google reviews, MXOtech is a trusted MSP in Chicago. We can help you train your staff in cybersecurity, secure your mobile devices, proactively monitor your systems, and plan for disaster recovery.� � 2019 MXOtech