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Mai portfolio

  1. 1. M InteriorDesignPortfolio Mai Xiong Interior Design University of Minnesota 2008-2012
  2. 2. Design Manifesto Designers make complex information simple. Wherever designs are taken, they can be communicated and understood. As interior designers, we have the responsibility to improve the quality of life for every being and everything through the designed environment and sustainability practices. Design thrives on previous experiences and knowledge. Through learning and sharing of knowledge do we become successful designers and design for the better. InteriorDesignPortfolio
  3. 3. Table of Contents 1. Senior Thesis .................................................2 2. Commercial Design .............................................4 3. Residential Design .............................................8 4. Collaboration ....................................................10 5. Construction Documents ..................................12 6. Design ...........................................................16 7. Resume ...........................................................19
  4. 4. Swede Hollow Health & Wellness Center Design Concept The design of the Swede Hollow health and wellness center is to cre- ate an “iridescent trans- parency” that: Creates possibilities, facilitates growth, and is an engaging space that is a supportive means to patient- centered health care. Incorporates elements of the butterfly, a symbol of transi- tion, celebration, lightness, and soul. Through the different layers of opacity and transparency, honesty and trust can be re- vealed. Provides holistic care in a safe, secure, and supportive environment, which will pre- serve dignity, self-esteem, and empower individuals. designconstructiondocumentscollaborationhospitalityresidentialcommercial First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
  5. 5. Mai Xiong 651.757.5765 l Curvilinear lines, shapes and furniture incorporates the butterfly. l Cool hues and natural materials cre- ate a relaxing environment. l Flexible furniture allows for access- ability. l Waiting area features history of Swede Hollow Area. Reception Area Perspective Second Floor Waiting Area Perspective Exam Room Perspective
  6. 6. Coffee Cup Shop Design Concept The design of the Cof- fee Cup Shop is to cre- ate a warm and welcoming environment for customers and visitors. The design in- corporates several seating options located on both floors. To take advantafe of the river view, the de- sign incorporates seating areas that extend out for customers to have a closer view. The design also in- corporates community integration through a small open gallery that will fea- ture local artists and small events. The custom door design will incorporate the Coffee Cup Shop logo as well as be designed with a geometric intent to unify the space of the coffee shop. designconstructiondocumentscollaborationhospitalityresidentialcommercial First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
  7. 7. Mai Xiong 651.757.5765 l Modern atmosphere created through simple geometric designs. l Warm hues and natural materials cre- ate a relaxing environment. l Stainless steel appliances are inte- grated for health and safety. l Design features a gallery space for local artist to display artwork. First Floor Seating Area Gallery and Stair Perspective Barista Perspective
  8. 8. Design Concept Stepping Stone Through the steps in which interior design has or has not taken on its way to becoming a recognized profession, ASID remains an inte- gral part in which ASID navigates the stepping stones that caters to students, profession- als, and clients alike. The ASID Headquarters will be designed to invoke a fresh and inspiring en- vironment that reflects the intent of the orga- nization and the impor- tance of the Interior De- sign Industry. ASID Corporate Headquarters designconstructiondocumentscollaborationhospitalityresidentialcommercial Office Floor Plan Reflected Ceiling Plan
  9. 9. l Design incorporates subtle hues of ASID logo with pops of orange for inter- est. l Open office allows for collaboration, communication, and eliminates hierarchi- cal separation. l Individual pods (office area) becomes stepping stones of ASID. Board Room Perspective Collaboration Area Perspective Office Area Perspective Mai Xiong 651.757.5765
  10. 10. Culturally Sensitive Housing Design Concept Intersections The crossroads at which cultures clash and new traditions blend with the old. Points of inter- sections reflects cultural differences merging, creating, and forming a new part that defines a home as well as an indi- vidual. Each culture bor- rows and reinterprets pieces of identity from one another, and still retains its own culture. designconstructiondocumentscollaborationhospitalityresidentialcommercial First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
  11. 11. l Enclosed kitchen retains gender separation and cooking smells. l Warm, natural hues are used to re- tain the Somali cultural identity. l Stainless steel appliances are inte- grated to retain the mainstream identity. l Living room as central core, the in- tersection of culture and traditions. Kitchen Perspective Breakfast Nook Perspective Living Room Perspective Mai Xiong 651.757.5765
  12. 12. Luminaire Design Design Concept Fusion The design of the luminaire is inspired by the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. The de- sign reflects the sleek and eye catching design of the McLar- en. LED rope lights are used to create a soft and sparkling effect as well as saves energy usage. The design incorpo- rates a curvilinear outer shell composed of metallic fabric to reflect the sheen of the McLar- en. The bottom of the luminaire incorporates a metal plate with various sized circles to unify the design as a whole. In hopes that the luminaires will be used commercially, it is designed to be used specifically in a food fusion restaurant. Designers: Mai XIong Karena Boenigk Serenity Bernston Karen Garrido designconstructiondocumentscollaborationshospitalityresidentialcommercial
  13. 13. l Sleek and slender design integrated with curved lines. l LED rope lights use less energy con- suption. l Frosted acrylic glass hides direct view of LED lights and acts as a diffuser as wells as softens the lighting. Light Fixture Perspective Mercedes Benz McLaren Food Fusion Light Concept Perspective Mai Xiong 651.757.5765
  14. 14. Construction Details designconstructiondocumentscollaborationhospitalityresidentialcommercial
  15. 15. Coffee Cup Shop Mai Xiong 651.757.5765
  16. 16. Construction Details designconstructiondocumentscollaborationhospitalityresidentialcommercial
  17. 17. ASID Mai Xiong 651.757.5765
  18. 18. Art and Design Design Concept Art and Design go hand in hand for me as a design student. I strive to make designs simplis- tic. My passion for the arts is centered in the area of design- ing accessories such as pillow cases, vases, and prints that can be hung as wall art. I am constantly looking to creating new designs and welcome con- structive feedback to improve my work. designconstructiondocumentscollaborationhospitalityresidentialcommercial
  19. 19. Mai Xiong 651.757.5765
  20. 20. THANK YOU!complexity.simplicity.holistic. “Creativity is a renewable resource.” ~ Biz Stone, Founder of Tweeter
  21. 21. SKILLS - Proficient in hand drafting & ren- dering, and space planning - Relief and Screen Printing - Fluent in English - Fluent in Hmong SOFTWARE CAD - AutoCAD 2012 - Revit 2012 DESIGN - Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Adobe Indesign CS5 - Adobe Illustrator CS5 3-D MODELING - Google Sketchup 8 OTHERS - Microsoft Word 2010 - Microsoft Excel 2010 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - ProShow Producer 5 Resume OBJECTIVE To contribute to the continued growth and success of an organiza- tion, while working in an environment that will challenge me further in collaborating and communicating with others, expanding in areas of critical thinking, innovation, and design knowledge. EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA l GRADUATED MAY 2012 l GPA: 3.25 - Bachelors of Science - Bachelors of Arts Interior Design Major Art Major HONORS & AWARDS - Nominated for the President’s Student Leadership and Service Award, Spring 2012 - Outstanding Academic Achievement, Multicultural Excellence Program, 2010-2012 - Multicultural Excellence Program Scholarship recipient - Salovich Scholarship recipient - Odegard Scholarship in Design recipient LEADERSHIP - Interior Design Student Representative on the Design Student and Alumni Board - Student President of the College of Design Student Board EXPERIENCE VOLUNTEER FACILITATOR l TWIN CITIES HABITAT FOR HUMANITY l SEPTEMBER 2012 – CURRENT - Engage and facilitate “Build. Think. Act” educational activities on site with volunteers. - Support site supervisors, volunteers, and homeowners in the painting and rehabilitation of existing homes of qualified low- income homeowners. - Assist and prepare work sites for volunteers activities. - Supervise and manage groups of 15-20 volunteers and homeowners on site. - Communicate with homeowners through translating and demonstrating painting instructions. EXPERIENCE CONTINUED GALLERY GREETER l GOLDSTEIN MUSEUM OF DESIGN l JUNE 2010 – MAY 2012 - Performed clerical duties and communicated with students, guests and visitors. - Collaborated with Interior Design Department to promote museums resources and collections to students. INTERN l S&T OFFICE INTERIORS GROUP l SEPTEMBER 2011 – JANUARY 2012 - Assisted Resource Librarian with filing, organization, and maintenance of resource library. - Assisted and collaborated with designers and sales repre sentatives in generating floor plans in AutoCAD and Project Matrix for clients while keeping budgets in mind. - Communicated with sales representatives in ordering samples and learning about new products. INTERN l KATHERINE E. NASH GALLERY l SUMMER 2011 - Handled incoming and outgoing artworks. - Assisted curators with installation of artworks from layout to lighting. VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SCHOLARS PROGRAM l SEPTEMBER 2006 – MAY 2012 - Completed 400 hours of community service and service learning courses involving community projects, including the redesign of Boom Island State Park, Edison High School library, and the IIDA People Serving People Project in the spring of 2011. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS - NEWH member since 2010 MaiXiong1642EustisSt.#17,Lauderdale,MN55108