Plant survey & Intelligent 3D Modeling


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A presentation by Michael Xinogalos, Surveying Engineer NTUA 1988, Technical Director of ASTROLABE ENGINEERING at 5th International Terrestrial Laser Scanning Users Meeting - Prague 2010 ( -

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Plant survey & Intelligent 3D Modeling

  1. 1. 5th International Terrestrial Laser Scanning User MeetingPlant Survey and Intelligent 3D Modeling usingLaser Scanner Technologyand Reverse Engineering SoftwarePilot Application in Hellenic Petroleum refinery(Aspropyrgos, Athens, Greece)Michael Xinogalos, Surveying Eng. NTUA(LaserAction / Astrolabe Engineering)Evangelos Megalios, Chemical Eng. AUTH, M.Sc.(Hydrus Engineering) Prague, 8-9 June 2010
  2. 2. About us LaserAction is an international Group of collaborating companies and specialists with advanced experience in laser scanning technology, applications and tools. Our mission is to provide high quality services related to laser scanning technology worldwide: - Full elaboration of laser scanning projects for any field of application - Laser scanning and related surveying services - Processing of laser scanning datasets - Support and consulting services for companies involved in laser scanning activities - Training on laser scanning technology and relevant hardware and software tools - Other relevant engineering / consulting services Hydrus Engineering specializes in industrial and marine design, modeling and management using state of the art / industry leading technology in 3D modeling field (AVEVA PLANT/PDMS software solutions):2
  3. 3. Purpose As built status documentation for most industrial facilities all over the world is: - Incomplete - Inaccurate - Obsolete - In 2D drawings’ format - Often in old hardcopy documents Everyday tasks affected (representing significant cost): - Operational and safety procedures - Maintenance - Expansion design and construction - Management Need for efficient industrial as-built documentation methodology: - Complete - Geometrically accurate - Up-to-date - 3-Dimensional - Based on industry standard software solutions - Results easy to incorporate in everyday facility’s operations - Offering maximum expandability3
  4. 4. Proposed solution - Data capture using Laser Scanning Technology - Intelligent 3D Modeling using AVEVA PLANT solutions4
  5. 5. Proposed solution5
  6. 6. Hellenic Petroleum – VGO Storage AreaHEL.PE.- Holds leading position in Greek Energy sector- 3 major refineries in Greece, 1 in FYROM- Covers 76% of Greece’s total refining capacityPilot Project Laser Scanning Other data collection Database generation 3D Modeling Data Management 6
  7. 7. Laser Scanning 4 Storage Tank 19 Pumps ~300 Pipes 32 Laser Scanning Position – Total ~300 millions points7
  8. 8. From 3D Laser Scanning to 3D Modeling Data 3D Point Cloud Intelligent 3D Model 3D Point Cloud Vacuum Gas Oil Storage Area* *HELPE Refinery8
  9. 9. Modeling Methodology Workflow: 1. Other Data Collection a. Photographs of area to be modeled b. Existing drawings (Plot Plans, GAs, PID’s, Piping Layouts, ...) c. Equipment specifications, piping specifications, instrumentation, materials, insulation specifications, structures’ specifications...) d. Refinery drawing abbreviation system 2. Software Database Creation a. Equipment b. Material c. Piping classification d. Column and Beam Specification 3. 3D Model creation9
  10. 10. Piping Data - Attributes Insulation – Protection Steam TracingDimension – Liquid – Area Heat Conservation 10mm Or Personal ProtectionNominal Diameter: 2 inchesProcess Line: OArea: 880121Liquid: Heavy Naphtha 2’’ – O – 880121 – Ax (ST) Connection Type BW ASTM 234 Gr WPBPiping Network Type Pipe Classification Ax ASME B16.9Material: ASTM A106 Gr.BFabrication: SMLS.PE. ASME 36.10 Flanges Welding Neck 150RF STD ASTM A105 ASME 16.5 Gasket Valves – Instrumentation Orifice FLG 300RF WN 150RF 1.6mm thickness ASTM A105 ASME 16.5 Flexible Graphite Sheet Gate 150RF A216WCB API600 ASME B16.21 Check 150RF A216WCB Swing Blind 150RF STD Type BC BS1868 ASTM A105 ASME 16.5 10
  11. 11. Equipment Data - Attributes Dimensions Storage Area Nozzle Type - Dimension Material Vessels Design & Operation Temp – Press Description Custom Attributes Dimensions Nozzle Type - Dimension Pumps Discharge Pressure Material Power Material Beams Joint Type Columns Specification11
  12. 12. Modeling Customization HVAC Cables Cables Trays Temp., Press and flow, Indicators, and process control instruments Auxiliary Lines Fire Fighting System Foam System Stairs, ladders, walkways, platforms Main Equipment Main Piping Network Equipment Foundation Main building facilities12
  13. 13. 3D Model Vacuum Gas Oil Storage Area13
  14. 14. 3D Model Vacuum Gas Oil Storage Area Photo 3D Model14
  15. 15. Piping Attributes15
  16. 16. Pipes Isometrics16
  17. 17. Drawings17
  18. 18. PIDs18
  19. 19. History and data Consistency CheckerGray – no changes Gray – no errorYellow – spec change Yellow – warningRed – shape change Red – error 19
  20. 20. Data Management System – AVEVA NET Operation Data Specification Documents •Instrumentation data •Reports• Vendor Docs •Maintenance Schedules• Manuals •Photos• Specifications •Control Panels• Spares Docs Safety And Quality Drawings• Staff Training •PIDs• ISO Docs •3-D Model• Legislation •Isometrics •2D-Drawings •Equipments Drawings 20
  21. 21. Data Management System – AVEVA NET AVEVA NET Database21
  22. 22. Data Management System – AVEVA NET AVEVA NET Database22
  23. 23. Data Management System – AVEVA NETDrawing Vendor Doc 3D Model, Photos, Point Cloud ERP Systems (SAP) Data Forms Production Data 23
  24. 24. Data Management System – AVEVA NET24