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a localized feeds aggregator

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. A localized feeds aggregator
  2. 2. Scenario • Open Data: a lot of dataset available now • Smart Cities Framework: many local governments supply services for their open data • Commercial Service Providers: Waze (viability), (Real Estate), Newspapers rss (news), Facebook/Twitter posts • Usability: many dedicated apps How to aggregate all dataset? How to improve the readability?
  3. 3. Aggregators on the shelf • I can know if children school is closed • News about newspapers, viability, my favorite movies • Facebook and Twitter posts • LinkedIn updates, mails incomes • Rss aggregators Ex. FLIPBOARD
  4. 4. What i can't read • What happened nearby children school? • Is it a dangerous district/street? • Feeds from my neighborhood • Facebook/Twitter posts close to my favorite places? • Alerts from local government about viability, strikes and so on about my needs We are more involved on what happens close to us
  5. 5. Aggregate by localization • Transform dataset in geo dataset (localized dataset) • Show feeds on a map (city, district, street, POI maps) • Streets, monuments or POI should have something like a Facebook page or Twitter account • Citizens could be post feeds where they occurred • Users could subscribe to receive feeds from street/district/poi they are interested in
  6. 6. User profile (just an example) • Where i live • Where i work • Where i bring my children to school • What about my district or holiday area • Post something to my neighborhood
  7. 7. Datasource and app • Datasource: • Facebook, Twitter, theater, cinema • RSS newspaper • Local government web site • Wikipedia (DBpedia proj) • Application • Twitter or Facebook style • Website: map with filters
  8. 8. Readability • City map • District/street/poi map • Gallery • Table
  9. 9. Web Site mock-up
  10. 10. City Area
  11. 11. POI/Street/District Area
  12. 12. User Area
  13. 13. Maurizio Farina ( Sponsor Adaptive Software s.r.l. (