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open source case management framework

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  1. 1. GROTTAROSSAOpen Source Case Management Framework ROMA, Novembre 2011
  2. 2. Agenda About us Scope History Grottarossa – Open Source assessment – The product PurposePage  2
  3. 3. About us! 4 different people with a common passion Maurizio FarinaOwner Adaptive Software S.r.l. Marco SabatiniSoftware Engineer Alfresco & j2EE Specialist Marco Di DomenicoSharepoint, K2 & .NET Specialist Marco TrischittaSoftware Engineer & Case360, Activiti specialistPage  3
  4. 4. Agenda About us Scope History Grottarossa – Open Source assessment – The product PurposePage  4
  5. 5. Scope We will cover the following concepts: BPM (Business Process Management) – … a business process comprises a "series or network of value-added activities, performed by their relevant roles or collaborators, to purposefully achieve the common business goal." These processes are critical to any organization, as they can generate revenue and often represent a significant proportion of costs (Wikipedia) DM (Document Management) – … used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. It is usually also capable of keeping track of the different versions created by different users (history tracking) (Wikipedia) ACM (Advanced Case Management) – … When speaking of advanced case management (ACM), we are referring to the coordination of a service request like financial, health, legal, citizen, or human resources on behalf of a subject such as a customer, citizen, or employee. There are key services required in order to have an ACM-based solution. These services include: content management service, business process management service, business rules management service, analytics service, business monitoring service, collaboration service, document capturing service, integration service, document generation service, user interface, and a case design service. (Wikipedia)Page  5
  6. 6. Agenda About us Scope History Grottarossa – Open Source assessment – The product PurposePage  6
  7. 7. History2004 – 2007: Scenario Framework (BPM System)2009 – 2011: Case360 (Case Management System)2012: Grottarossa?Page  7
  8. 8. Scenario Framework - Why? Business Process ModellingPage  8
  9. 9. Scenario Framework – Why? – Solution Development Modella Pubblica Esegui VerificaPage  9
  10. 10. Scenario Framework: Needs  Business Process modelling  Continue improving (Process & Documents)  Customer Quality Document as ―front-end‖  Document repository  Role profiling  Legacy System integrationPage  10
  11. 11. Scenario Framework – a Manufatoring/Quality BPMS Main Components: Workflow Engine using a XPDL 1.0 dialects ―Visio-like‖ modeler using a ―close‖ BPMN notations WEB portal (worklist handler, user and role administration, infopath integration). Custom Document ManagementPage  11
  12. 12. Scenario Framework – ModelerAll Visio 2003/2007 featuresPage  12
  13. 13. Scenario Framework – Workflow Engine The workflow API provides methods to access the process instances, involved the implementation of the instance, tax and legal attributes, query the DB process instance Process Model Database Application Manager provides two-way communication for application-level integration of XML other IT systems Event Manager is the service for the management CRITERIA of events reported during the design of models that DataBase Manager core engine enable interprocess communication and WorkFlow API PANORAMA synchronization XML IDIOMA script language Idioma is the engine that interprets the script provides the logic to model and act on the attributes EVENT DBM of the process Manager S Process instance APPLICATION Database ManagerPage  13
  14. 14. Scenario Framework - Web Portal Admin panel is used for administrative functions and configuration services Reports to set up a reporting process on data from Admin panel advanced process control (key performance indicators, etc.) Process report WorkListHandler gives users a view of the activities dispatches from the server during the execution of Scenario ineroperability WorkList Handler process instances. Scenario application The application scenario of library services are core library application code made ​available in the library, to be achieved or realized by the customer to provide url functionality specific to the activities of automated dispatcher processes Customer The service url dispatcher that transparently Module conveys the advanced user request worklistHandler through to areas of the application solution Scenario modules Client side WEB ServerPage  14
  15. 15. IT Integration Layer SCENARIO SERVER FRAMWORK Panorama Database Manager Application manager XML WorkFlow .NET JAVA Win32 Relevant data IT SYSTEMS  Application Manager provides application-level integration platforms. NET, Java and Win32 through the following channels : – Socket – SOAP  Through the XML server scenario framework shares with existing IT systemsPage  15 relevant data for the process
  16. 16. Scenario Framework: Conclusions Ad hoc Document management is not comparable vs. actual document management (both commercial and open source) Activities, processes, events scheduling is not complete. Resources management is poorly implemented. Process format is far from standard XPDL Data persistence, represented in the documents, is to be implemented with the encoding of special libraries Portal is not ECM based solution the idea of a BPM System built from scratch failed!!!Page  16
  17. 17. Other needs: Case360 Process is no longer the target: Case Management Process Process Process Process Process • Actvitiy 1 • Actvitiy 1 • Actvitiy 1 • Actvitiy 1 Activity • Activity 2 • Activity 2 • Activity 2 • Activity 2 • Activity 3 • Activity 3 • Activity 3 • Activity 3 • .. • .. • .. • .. • ... • ... • ... • ... • Activity n • Activity n • Activity n • Activity n Documents • Document 1 • Document 1 • Document 1 • Document 1 • Document 2 • Document 2 • Document 2 • Document 2 • ... • ... • ... • ... • ... • ... • ... • ... • Document n • Document n • Document n • Document nPage  17
  18. 18. Case360: CaseFolderPage  18
  19. 19. Case Management ComponentsPage  19 PPG/2008/00xx
  20. 20. Case Management System: Not a “Simple Stuff”  Workflow Management: Management of the processes in "Tobe" model  Interaction between users and groups or the management of the collaboration between the various actors involved in the process and the systems involved  Document management capabilities that creation, routing of complex documents and their storage  Monitoring of the activities performed by different users / roles and events that occur in various processes (BAM)  User Management and Administration: Creating users and roles with their privileges.  Traceability: Storing all the changes that are needed on processes, activities and data  Scheduling: Scheduling activities (such as running processes), defining the time criteria  User Interface using modular plug-in.  Legacy systems integrationPage  20
  21. 21. Case Management: conclusion BPM is not enough Case Folder is cool!!! Case Management is close to customer’s ―point of view‖ Case Management works well for many ―application domains” The modeling phase is underestimatedPage  21
  22. 22. What to do?Page  22
  23. 23. Agenda About us Scope History Grottarossa – Open Source assessment – The product PurposePage  23
  24. 24. BPM Systems list1. Appian Enterprise 5 Business Process Management 26. Kaisha-Tec: ActiveModeler Avantage2. Suite 27. Lanner: Witness3. Avantis 28. Lombardi Software: TeamWorks™ 54. aXway: Process Manager 29. M1 Global: BPI Studio5. BizAgi 30. Mega International: Mega Suite6. BOC Information Systems: ADONIS 31. Metastorm: Metastorm BPM™ Suite7. Borland® Together® Products: Together Architect® 2006 and 32. No Magic: MagicDraw UML 10.0 Together 33. Orbus Software: iServer8. Casewise: Corporate Modeler 34. Pegasystems: BPMSuite9. Cordys: Studio 35. Seagull Software: LegaSuite BPM10.Fuego: Fuego 5™ (BEA) 36. Software AG: Enterprise Business Process Manager11.Elixer Intelligent Software: eliXir BPMN-MDA Framework (EBPM)12.EMC: EMC Documentation Process Suite 37. Popkin: System Architect™13.Embarcadero Technologies: EA/Studio 38. Proforma: ProVision™14.Fujitsu: Interstage Business Process Manager 7.1 39. Santeon: XIP BPM Platform15.Graham Technology: GT-X 40. Savvion: Process Asset Management16.Global 360: Business Optimization Server - Process Sketchpad 41. Select Business Solutions: Select Component Factory17.HandySoft Global Corp: BizFlow® BPM 42. Skelta: Skelta BPM.NET 200618.IDS-Scheer: Aris 43. Soyatec: eBPMN Designer19.Corel: iGrafx 44. Sparx Systems: Enterprise Architect 6.520.Hyland: OnBase 45. Staffware: Process Suite21.IBM: WBI Modeler 46. Sun Microsystems: Studio Enterprise Edition22.ILOG: JViews 47. Sybase: PowerDesigner® 1223.Intalio: n³ Designer 48. Tibco: Business Studio24.Intellior AG: AENEIS 49. Troux™: Metis 3.6 Enterprise Architecture Suite25.ITpearls: Process Modeler for Visio 50. Visual Paradigm: Visual Architect Page  24
  25. 25. Case Management SystemsThe Forrester Wave™: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2011In Forresters 57-criteria evaluation of dynamic case management (DCM) vendors,Pegasystems, IBM, EMC, Appian, Singularity, and Global 360 led with the mostdynamic, visionary platforms. Pegasystems excelled with strong capability in all process areasparticularly service requests — supported by a sophisticated rules engine that automates caseprogression. IBMs strong content management capabilities and strategic positioning lifted itinto the Leader category. EMC demonstrated powerful DCM capabilities focused on itstraditionally strong content management offering. Appian shone with its emphasis oncollaboration supported by the new Appian Tempo interface. Singularity demonstrated a long-term commitment to and vision of DCM, underpinned by strong support for complex timelinesand skills management. Global 360 completed the Leaders group with its user-centric,persona-based interface, complimented by automation and event management capabilities.Strong Performers included Pallas Athena, Sword Ciboodle, and Cordys — all offeringRobust platforms that provide innovation in different DCM areas. ActionBase ranks as aContender, filling the gap between email chaos and process-centric DCM.Page  25
  26. 26. BPMS: Make the CaseFolder, Workflows, Documents...? Open Source assessment • Liferay (ECM) Record Management • Alfresco (DM) Workflow Management • Activiti (WFM) • ..... • ..... IDEA Let‘s try to integrate several open source tools to make ACM system Content Document Management ManagementPage  26
  27. 27. Case Management (.NET Microsoft) Microsoft Workflow Foundation ( dal 2005) Integrato SharepointPage  27
  28. 28. Case Management (java stack free) jBPM Alfresco with jbpm now with activiti IntegratoPage  28
  29. 29. Open Source: conclusions PROs: • BPMS • Document Management • Record Management CONs: Grottarossa!!! • Case Management • Process Designer • Data Designer • Cloud & Mobile EnvironmentPage  29
  30. 30. Agenda About us Scope History Grottarossa – Open Source assessment – The product PurposePage  30
  31. 31. Grottarossa: Development Analisys Analisys Configuration Configuration Software Development Software DevelopmentPage  31
  32. 32. Grottarossa: Point of view Services ProductsPage  32
  33. 33. Grottarossa: Entities Case Folders Processes Documents Records FieldsPage  33
  34. 34. Grottarossa Modeler Front End ModelerProcesses, Fields, CaseFolder…. Web 2.0 Modeler Users, Roles, Organizations, Grottarossa Mobile User Interface…. Grottarossa Web Page  34
  35. 35. Grottarossa: n-tiers architecture Back-End Middle-Ware Front-End: Component Web Interfaces Component CaseManagement Web WorkflowManagement Mobile DocumentManagement UserManagement Native Component LayoutManagement Mobile Grottarossa Component ―OTS‖ Products Driver Integration Admin System Console Console Enterprise Service BUS – Queue Manager system QUEUE Project & Procedures - Request QUEUE Project & Procedures - Response Low – Level Administrator Users High-Level Administrator External SystemPage  35
  36. 36. Flash – Modeler AssessmentPage  36
  37. 37. Flash – Form Designer AssessmentPage  37
  38. 38. Silverlight Modeler AssessmentPage  38
  39. 39. Modeler conclusions Flash Silverlight  Eclipse plug-in  Visual Studio  Action Script coding  .NET languages  Mac OSX, Win, Mac, Ux  Win and Mac OSX  All Mobile devices  Only Windows devices (maybe)Page  39
  40. 40. Vaadin – User Front EndPage  40
  41. 41. Grottarossa: RoadMap Recycling what we have Improving the Back End Developing the Designer Integrating open source libraries/productsPage  41
  42. 42. Grottarossa: actors A good opportunity for •University: Grottarossa is the methodology •Contributors: Grottarossa training, certification •Partners: Grottarossa does what customer asksPage  42
  43. 43. Why name Grottarossa? Grottarossa is the place where the idea was born. From wikipedia ( Grottarossa was crossed by the Via Veientana come off the Via Cassia and connected Rome with Veio. The route of this road is now almost completely engulfed by urbanization of the areas of the Tomb of Nerone and the same Grottarossa. One of the few vestiges of the road (which like the other outside the walls was accompanied by burial) is the tomb of Veio, the funeral of the first imperial age structure of considerable size which is in a state of semi- abandonment, in the park called ―Parco Papaccio‖. At the modern hospital of St. Andrew see two of Etruscan tombs in the nearby street ―Quarto Annunziata‖. The area takes its name from the caves dug into the red tuff, found near the homonymous street Grottarossa and where, presumably, lived in the prehistoric hominids (probably Neanderthals or Homo sapiens). Another path near the intersection of ―via di Grottarossa‖ with ―via Flaminia‖ seems to take its name from a kind of tufa (―via di Quarto Peperino‖), as well as Saxa Rubra (red stones). Page  43 Page  43
  44. 44. Resources Scenario Framework • • Global360 (now OpenText) • Grottarossa • • Page  44 Page  44
  45. 45. Contact Details Maurizio Farina ( Marco Sabatini ( Marco Trischitta ( Marco Di Domenico ( Sponsors Adaptive Software (  45
  46. 46. Thank you for your attention! Any Questions?Page  46
  47. 47. Back up slidesPage  47
  48. 48. 5. Pre-manifattura – Attività e tempi Foiano Anno 1 Anno 2gen-apr mag giu lug ago set ott nov dic gen feb mar apr mag giu lug ago set ott nov dic Chiusura contratti • Valutazione/perizia del tabacco • Pagamento (100% alla consegna)Semina e Raccolta e cura • Selezione e definizione lotti Coltivazione tabaccotrapianto del tabacco qualitativi: – qualità alta (fascia) – qualità media (filler) – qualità bassa (scarti) Assistenza tecnica ai produttori (~180) • Prosciugamento Ricevimento e pagamento • Predisposizione colli del tabacco sciolto Lavorazione Stoccaggio • Alle manifatture: Tabacco per filler e tabacco per fascia (stock di sicurezza) • In Sri-Lanka (tramite Lucca): Spedizione colli tabacco per fascia Page  48 48
  49. 49. Comparison SCENE 1Advantages and disadvantages with two textboxes ANIMATED Positive Negative  positive argument 1  negative argument 1  positive argument 2  negative argument 2  positive argument 3  negative argument 3  positive argument 4  negative argument 4  positive argument 5  negative argument 5 IDEA Use text boxes for a clear and structured confrontation of do’s and don’t’sPage  49
  50. 50. Business TransformationAll phrases can bereplaced with your Changeown text. Management All phrases can be Organization replaced with your Development own text.All phrases can bereplaced with your Business Processown text. Development All phrases can be replaced with Customer Relationship your own text. ManagementFor PowerPoint 97-2010Page  50