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Search Trends for the SEO Challenged (Like Me)


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My informal and slightly humorous view on the evolution of search in light of Google's algorithm changes and the increasing importance of social search.

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Search Trends for the SEO Challenged (Like Me)

  1. 1. Search Trends for theSEO Challenged (like me) The RedShift Project Mary Wynne-Wynter Change Facilitator - Paradox Huntress
  2. 2. Search Evolution (pleasing Google)1.One-way links2.Organic3.Social
  3. 3. #1 One-way Links Philosophy Google is giving your customers away ifthey’re on the front page and not you!
  4. 4. One-way Links Purpose Votes from Sites thatGoogle Values! Anchor Text inbound links Linked Page
  5. 5. One-way links Goal PageYou Get the RankMost Votes You Win!
  6. 6. One-way links Method #1BeggingAss-kissingSelf-promotionCross-promotion
  7. 7. One-way Links Method #2 Platform: Proprietary, Private Pages lin ks aim A Link is a Vote for Your Site
  8. 8. One-way Links ShiftGoogle ThenImportance of eachpage that casts a vote(90%)Google NowImportance of eachpage that casts a vote(zip% - or worse)
  9. 9. #2 Organic Philosophy Getting found and staying found onGoogle without paying for the placement.
  10. 10. Organic PurposeDeep relevantpagesFrequent relatedpostsSome fun Scale + Relevance
  11. 11. Organic Goal ViewsYou Meet the MostRequirements You Win!
  12. 12. Organic Method #1Keyword StuffedDuplicatedRipped-offBlack HatGarbage
  13. 13. Organic Method #2 Ink-stained Wretch Is good, informativewriting enough? Or must I also freakin optimize?No shortcutsReal writing
  14. 14. Organic you’re low quality pages s Shift uck! you’re using Panda bullshit links!•Google Then• Valued quality requirements Google Now Values quality Penguin experience No more Webspam
  15. 15. #3 Social PhilosophyAll search is social.
  16. 16. Social Purpose Search plus Your World (SPYW) Searchunderstands content, people,relationships
  17. 17. Social Goal AttentionYou Provide the BestExperience You Win!
  18. 18. Social Method #1Too damn easy,hard to resist.
  19. 19. Social Method #2Integrated:Quality ExperienceValued InboundLinksConsistent BrandMessage
  20. 20. SocialGoogle then: ShiftValued components -optimized content, backlinks,crawlabilityGoogle now:Values integral -stories, brand promise,authenticity, engagement, crossplatforms & channels
  21. 21. Paradox “Marketers “You ARE a ruin marketer. Deal everything” with it.” @garyvee Kathy Sierra Think like a Think about whatpublisher, not a a user is going to marketer.” type.– David Meerman Scott - Matt Cutts, Google “All Marketers Are Liars” Seth Godin
  22. 22. How to resolve theparadox? - coming soon!
  23. 23. Twitter: @mwyn facebook: /marywynter /RedShiftConsulting /flowerwhisperer Inspiration H/T: @thesearchagency