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Profile of GT Labs Mumbai, an outsourced product development company.

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GT Labs Profile

  1. 1. Gayatri TechnoLab Introduction Activities Products Projects Clients Summary www.gayatritechnolab.comExit Next
  2. 2. Introduction… Design and Development Laboratory Technology at its core. Focus on Communication and Embedded Systems. Long-term relation with Domestic and International Clients. Track record of Reliable Quality Solutions. Users all over the world. Home Prev Next
  3. 3. Activities… Product Design for Process, Power & Bio-Medical Industry Design and Develop Electronics, Firmware and Software Total Process Automation Remote Monitoring of Equipments Communication Interface between Systems & Equipments Development and Implementation of Algorithms Home Prev Next
  4. 4. Products…ProcVu : Software for Process Monitoring and ControlGreenVu : Pollution Monitoring SystemTrendVu : Tension Monitoring for Hot Rolling MillPowerVu : Electrical Power Monitoring SoftwareSigma : SMS Based Remote Monitoring and ControlProCon : Protocol GatewayHome Prev Next
  5. 5. Products… ProcVu : Software for Process Monitoring and Control Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Software (SCADA) Features include:  Mimic Diagram & Online Trends…  Alarm & Event Logging and alerts via SMS…  Tag grouping, analysis & averaging for different periods…  Automatic, programmable and batch-wise archival facility…  Customized Reports & Reports through Emails…  Communication Protocol support for several Devices… Special purpose Algorithm implementation Facility to show readings on Large LED Displays. Several installations and repeat orders from Clients. Regular release of new versions with more features. Case Study Home Prev Next
  6. 6. Products… Case Study - ProcVu For Encore Example of Total Process Automation ProcVu as SCADA and PLC Logic Development (more than 500 Tags Logic) Critical Control in Hazardous Situation. Recipe Management and Quality Improvisation 24 x 7 x 365 days running since 2007. Highly Appreciated by Client (Testimonial). Home Prev Next
  7. 7. Products… GreenVu : Pollution Monitoring System Continuous Monitoring of Gases O2, CH4, SO2, CO, CO2 , NOx and Opacity Alarm and Event Logging on crossing Pollution Levels Periodic Pollution Analysis, Trends and Reports (Shift / Daily / Monthly / Yearly) Interface to several makes of Gas Analyzers. Standard SCADA features. Several installations and repeat orders from Clients. Home Prev Next
  8. 8. Products… TrendVu : Tension Monitoring for Hot Rolling Mill Application in Wire-cutting processes Tension detection and Correction in real-time. Greatly improvises Quality of Wires Features:  High-speed communication with PLC over Ethernet.  Trend display in Non-linear Time-Zones.  External switch operated Mimic selection.  Online Power Calculation.  Data filtering and smoothening. Successfully running at Tata Steels Tarapur plant since 2004. Home Prev Next
  9. 9. Products… PowerVu : Electrical Power Monitoring Software Continuous Monitoring of Electrical Parameters:  RMS Voltage & Current  Power Factor & Frequency  Active, Reactive & Apparent Power  Energy Consumption Power Consumption Trends Energy Auditing Statistical Analysis and Reports Standard SCADA Features Home Prev Next
  10. 10. Products… Sigma : SMS Based Remote Monitoring and Control Based on SMS facility of Mobile phones. Detects Events and sends SMS Event Types like:  Fire Alarms  Parameters like Temperature, Pressure crossing limits  Door Open/Close and so on… Remote Control and Settings via SMS Applications:  Security Systems  Food Storage  Cooling Towers  Computer Server Rooms Home Prev Next
  11. 11. Products… ProCon : Protocol Gateway Communication Interpreter between Device & System Supports various industry standard protocols. Easy to implement proprietary protocols. Provides 4 Communication Ports optimizing cost. Each Port configurable as RS-232 or RS-485 (2W / 4W) Compact, Din-rail or Back-Panel mountable Various installations and repeat orders. Home Prev Next
  12. 12. Other Products… Prime Converter : RS-232  RS-485 Converter R-Link : Solution for Remote Monitoring of Devices ADS : Animated Display System of LED Matrix AMS : Software for Advertising Agency Home Prev Next
  13. 13. Key Projects…FAST : Software for Remote Monitoring of Fax MachinesSEM : Standard Energy MeterMTS : Energy Meter Testing SystemBCA : Bio-Chemistry AnalyzerELA : Electrolyte AnalyzerNippoLog : Data Acquisition Software for Process EquipmentµC-Flash : Micro-controller Programmer MoreHome Prev Next
  14. 14. Key Projects… FAST : Software for Remote Monitoring of Fax Machines Developed For Sharp Corporation, Japan. Features:  Remote checking of Consumables and Diagnostics.  Remote programming and firmware upgrade of machines.  Communication over Telephone line & email exchange.  Handles more than 60+ types of FAX models. Released in USA and Europe. Supports 5 European Languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. First version released in USA in 1998 & latest in Mar-2010 Home Prev Next
  15. 15. Key Projects… SEM : Standard Energy Meter Electrical Equipment developed for an OEM. High Accuracy 0.2 Class Standard Energy Meter. Reference Standard Meter for testing and calibrating other Energy Meters. Features:  Supports 1-Phase and 3-Phase (3 or 4 Wire) Modes.  Accurate Measurement of RMS Voltage, Current, PF, Frequency, Active/Reactive/Apparent Power and Energy.  Pulse Test, Dial Test  Current Measuring Capacity from 20 mA to 200 Amp Certified by Laboratories Several installations in the field. Home Prev Next
  16. 16. Key Projects… MTS : Energy Meter Testing System Entire System developed as a Product for Electrical Equipment Manufacturer Test Bench for Automatic Testing of Energy Meters Features:  Automatic Testing of 40 Meters at a time  Adjustment and Certification Modes of Testing  Test Record History of Meters  Customized Reports Used by several Electricity Boards in the country. Repeat Orders to OEM. Home Prev Next
  17. 17. Key Projects… BCA : Bio-Chemistry Analyzer Equipment designed for OEM of Medical Equipments. Performs various types of pathological tests on Blood and Urine. Features:  Spectrophotometer supporting 10 wavelength filters.  Facility of 100 Program Methods.  Low volume of sample and reagent (500 µ L).  Provides Quality Control regime.  Throughput of 60 tests per hour.  Database to store 1000 results of patient samples. Known for High Accuracy and Repeatability. Demonstrated in International Exhibitions. Installations in numerous Pathology Labs. Home Prev Next
  18. 18. Key Projects… ELA : Electrolyte Analyzer Another Equipment designed for OEM of Medical Equipments. Measures concentration of elements in Blood and Urine: Sodium (Na+) Potassium (K+) Chloride (Cl-) Features:  Automatic periodic calibration  Longer usability of Electrodes  Low sample volume (300 µ L)  Provides Quality Control regime.  Throughput of 120 tests per hour. High Accuracy and Repeatability. Several Installations in Pathology Labs & Operation Theaters. Home Prev Next
  19. 19. Key Projects… NippoLog : Data Acquisition Software for Process Equipment Software Product developed for an OEM of Process Equipments. Features:  Online Data Acquisition  Offline Data Acquisition from Memory Banks  Trends Analysis  Automatic, Programmable & Batch-wise User Archival facility.  Customized Reports Special-purpose Algorithm implementation (Foreign Object Detection) 150+ installations in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Glass, Textile and many other industries. Home Prev Next
  20. 20. Key Projects… µC-Flash : Micro-controller Programmer Product developed for other Design Labs. Very popular amongst Engineering Students. Features:  Supports wide range of Micro-controllers  Auto-identification of device.  Parallel and SPI Programming.  Advance Buffer-Editor.  Multiple object-file formats.  Single 40-pin ZIF for 40 / 20 / 8 pin Devices. 3000+ Users spread across the country. Client started separate company for this product. Home Prev Next
  21. 21. Other Projects… Arlem : Software for Hand Held Terminals UMS : UPS Monitoring Software Sharp Admin : MIS Software JET Planner : Software for Airways Crew Planner CREME : Software for Credit Societies CAT : Software that interacts with Punch Card ReadersHome Prev Next
  22. 22. Clients…Some of our Clients… SHARP Corporation, Japan. Emerson Process ABB KoCoS Intrax Systems Tata Steel Encore Natural Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Electronica Machine Tools Ltd. AGD Bio-medicals Pvt. Ltd. National Thermal Power Control (NTPC) and BHEL Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Ltd. (NPCIL) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) Teknikraft Nippon Technologies Prabhat Automation Sharp Power And Communication Equipment (SPACE) Home Prev Next
  23. 23. Summary…What can we do? Product Design and Development for OEMs. Remote Monitoring of Instruments. Communication Interface between Instruments and Systems. Solution for Data Acquisition and Analysis. Algorithm development and implementation. Control logic for Automation. Device Driver for Peripherals. Software for Telephonic applications. Software with multi-lingual GUI. Electronic Circuits, Firmware and Software design & development. Home Prev Next
  24. 24. Gayatri TechnoLab Thank You Phone : +91 (22) 28 96 00 37 E-mail : g t l a b @ v s n l.n e t w w w.gayatritechnolab.comHome…