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360i CM Platform Updates: June 2013


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A sneak peak into our monthly CM social platform updates, featuring news about the updated Facebook Insights, #Hashtags and new Twitter products.

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360i CM Platform Updates: June 2013

  1. 1. Facebook
  2. 2. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL2Page Insights◦ PTAT◦ Virality =engagement rate◦ Post level insights(+ & - interactions)◦ People Engageddemo infoLink to article:
  3. 3. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL3Verified profiles and pagesAutomatically verifyingthe largest Pages onFacebook that are at thegreatest risk ofduplicationLink to article:
  4. 4. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL4Ad product updates1. Automatically include social context for allads without the extra step of creatingadditional sponsored stories2. Eliminate redundancies within our adproducts3. Make ad units look more consistentLink to article: product overview:
  5. 5. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL5#HashtagsNow clickable andsearchable onFacebookLink to article:
  6. 6. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL6Text overlay tool for everyoneNo longer need tohave a whitelistedaccount to access thetoolLink to article:
  7. 7. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL7Updated Facebook brandingLink to Brand Assets: has a new logo. Use it. Tell your creative team.
  8. 8. YouTube
  9. 9. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL9YouTube One Channel• Cover art• Links to social media platforms• Featured & related channels• Shelves of content
  10. 10. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL10New slow motion feature
  11. 11. Twitter
  12. 12. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL12Twitter Amplify & TV Ad TargetingAmplify allows advertisers tosupport real-time and in streamcontent, like their partnershipcontent with NBA and their RapidReplays, focusing on timely contentand conversation.In addition, it allows advertisers totarget promoted content when anad appears on TV in specificmarkets.Read more here
  13. 13. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL13#FollowMe PartnershipTwitter launched a partnership with Vizify that allows users to create avideo compilation of your best tweets that can be shared across yoursocial profiles.
  14. 14. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL14Additional Launches…• Twitter #music launches• Vine App for Android• Login Verification for Security• Easy Mobile Access to Trending Topics
  15. 15. INSTAGRAM!Andvideocomes to