I Manage Managed Data And Voice Services Detailed Introduction


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iTech\'s Managed Services explained, and its Business Case

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I Manage Managed Data And Voice Services Detailed Introduction

  1. 1. Managed IT Services Lower Costs - Increased Efficiency - Increased Reliability iTech is a leading edge technology company delivering growth and increased profitability to Small and Medium size Businesses. By utilizing state of the art Computing, Network and Telephony Infrastructures with unparalleled availability, normally only enjoyed by Enterprise level Organizations, and through the effective use of a Managed Information Technology Services, iTech drives down costs and improves efficiencies. © 2010 iTech for Business LLC www.iTech.biz T. 912-239-9909 Email: sales@itech.biz
  2. 2. Why Managed IT Services? Technology is the lifeblood of Organizations today. It is evolving exponentially and offers ever increasing business efficiencies to those who are willing and able to take advantage of it. For those who don’t, it will become increasingly difficult to realize the efficiencies enjoyed by competitors and the technology requirements of their customers. Large and Enterprise level businesses rely on skilled IT departments to maintain and enhance the use of technology in order to grow and make their business more efficient, thereby increasing profitability. These IT departments are tasked with such things as reducing downtime, increasing network speeds, strategic planning, disaster recovery, business continuity planning as well as the daily tasks of keeping the network up, secure and the users functioning. Small to Medium businesses have the same Technology challenges as the Large, but with the disadvantage of the impracticality of employing an IT department, thereby precluding them from taking full advantage of technology for growth and profitability. In most instances in this size of business, IT is seen as a burden and an intangible cost of doing business. The local “Computer Networking” companies take full advantage of this and charge high labor rates when an IT problem arises, thereby falsely increasing costs associated with the IT infrastructure. iTech offers organizations the ability of having an Enterprise level IT support staff without the substantial cost associated with a full time IT department. From a 5 person local business to one employing 1,000’s over multiple continents, iTech cuts costs and increases efficiencies by taking responsibility for and sharing in the risks of the IT infrastructure. Managed Services is the most efficient method to deliver IT support, both for the customer and the provider. It is truly a “win-win” offering when compared to traditional IT support, or “Break-Fix”. In the Break-Fix model when a customer is in pain the provider is making money – what incentive is there for the provider to ensure network stability and fix issues in a timely manner? Break-Fix is sold in various flavors such as Time and Materials and Block Hours, but what do these really mean? The “Time & Materials” guy says “you only pay for what you use, so how can you lose?”, well, that’s fundamentally flawed, what he really should be saying is “As long as you’re feeling pain I’m making money”. The “Block Hours” guy has a slant on the “Time and Materials” model by giving the customer a discounted labor rate if they pre-pay for a certain block of time. Wow that’s great, now the customer has to put cash out of pocket for labor he may or may not use, and to add insult to injury, that Pre Paid Labor will be utilized, again, when the customer is feeling pain. So, now the provider not only makes money when the customer is suffering, he has now had the luxury of having the money in his bank account for an unspecified period of time. There are other major downsides to this “Break-Fix” Model such as the © 2010 iTech for Business LLC www.iTech.biz T. 912-239-9909 Email: sales@itech.biz
  3. 3. inability to budget for IT expenses and the possibility of major outages costing thousands of dollars in labor and very expensive downtime. Let’s look at a more reasonable model, Managed Services. The customer pays a fixed, monthly fee to guarantee Network availability – that’s it, it’s that simple! For that fee the customer gets a working network that does what they need it to do, period. If, for some reason, the customer feels pain, then the provider feels pain. The provider does not get paid any more to fix a problem, they are losing money fixing a problem – so what’s their motivation? To prevent problems, to monitor, trend and predict issues, to design and maintain a healthy network. What does this really mean for a customer? Lower costs, accurate budgeting, a more efficient network, less downtime and no surprises. A true Partnership, “WIN-WIN”! To be a successful MSP you have to have a Robust Infrastructure, Highly Skilled and Trained People, Proven Systems and Procedures, and World Class Technology. What does iTech actually do? iTech takes over the responsibility for your Information Technology Infrastructure, including planning, building and running it. iTech deploys sophisticated software and monitors your entire network and attached devices for health and performance, from Firewalls and Servers to Switches and Desktops providing information to our Network Operations Center (NOC) to make informed decisions about the functionality of the network and attached devices. We keep your network running, and if something does fail, we fix it. We have the ability to remotely resolve issues without interfering with your daily activities and appear seamless to your users. iTech keeps you and your data secure from viruses and potential hackers and updates patches on Microsoft Software as well as backing up agreed upon critical data to a Secure off site Data Center. All aspects of your network and attached devices listed in your Service Level Agreement (SLA) are monitored and kept in premium working order. Network uptime and efficiency are iTech’s primary goal. In addition to ensuring that the network is available at all times, iTech provides such things as Preventative Maintenance, Antivirus updates, Patch Management, Off-site data backup and Strategic Planning to name but a few. iTech becomes a true partner with a vested interest in maintaining your IT infrastructure. Our commitment to you is to protect and manage your network and applications so they are easily accessible, to the right people at the right time. When your network is down, our margin goes down. When your network is up and operating at peak efficiency, we maximize our margin. It becomes a win- win situation for both companies. iTech has “skin in the game” with our iManage program. © 2010 iTech for Business LLC www.iTech.biz T. 912-239-9909 Email: sales@itech.biz
  4. 4. Customer Expectations You should expect your IT Infrastructure to be available to you in accordance with your SLA. You will receive monthly Executive Summary Reports detailing the status of your network, historical performance of it and information for capacity planning. You should expect to be notified of any potential down time and be kept informed as to progress to resolution. You will have scheduled, Virtual CIO meetings with iTech. iTech provides a customer service portal (CSP) for account management. It is the customer’s entrance to our backend management interface. Service requests can be entered, quotes can be viewed and accepted, service tickets can be analyzed for work requested and work completed including technician notes, Inventory is kept with warranty expiration dates, invoices can be viewed (past and present), among other informative features. This is yet another way that iTech sets itself apart from our competitors. It provides accountability for the service request from cradle to grave. © 2010 iTech for Business LLC www.iTech.biz T. 912-239-9909 Email: sales@itech.biz
  5. 5. Internal Staff Traditional iTech Comparison Point 1 FTE Outsourcing iManage $105.00- Hourly pay $30.00/hr $250.00/hr None Hourly cost of benefits $10.50/hr None None Bonuses ? None None Recruitment costs Yes None None $2,000-$3,000 Training costs per class None None Environmental/equipment support (Heat, light, desktop, network, etc.) Yes Yes None Vacation time off Yes Yes None Holiday time off Yes Yes None Sick days time off Yes Yes None Training/conference time off Yes Yes None Negative impact of employee turnover (Recruiting costs, reduced quality of service, re-training costs) Yes Yes None Backup Team for continuous support None None Yes 24 X 7 On-call support ? ? Yes Access to Certified Professionals None None Yes Staff continuity None None Yes Response time guarantee ? ? Yes Yes, enforced Establishes and enforces performance and through SLA availability requirements None None Agreements Off Site Secure Data Backup included None None Yes Avg. cost to support 2 Servers, 1 Router, 1 Firewall, 1 Switch, 20 Desktops plus 100Gb $2,200 - off-site data backup Business LLC www.iTech.biz T. 912-239-9909 Email: sales@itech.biz © 2010 iTech for $7,550/mth $5,000/mth $870 /mth
  6. 6. © 2010 iTech for Business LLC www.iTech.biz T. 912-239-9909 Email: sales@itech.biz