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Horror poster analysis


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Horror poster analysis

  1. 1. This horror movie poster shows the audience that it is a horror due to the dark colours usedwithin the image are dark and red, these colours represent horror in the way that red isseen as a colour for anger and blood so it is a good colour to be used within a horror posterand black is seen as the unknown, not knowing what is within the darkness. The image ofthe character alone is fairly scary so the audience can see that this is a horror and becausethere have been a few films so the audience will instantly know what the film is.The text in this poster shows a tagline saying “welcome to your new nightmare” this refersto the film because the film is about a serial killer that attacks you in your dreams the font ofthe title is typed in a blunt and formal style so the audience can easily read the words and itmakes it look eerie.
  2. 2. Horror poster analysis 2This poster for the film scream 4 shows the audience the world famous scream mask whichhas been merged into the killers weapon of choice which is a knife. This can be donebecause the scream series is a franchise and being that it is the 4 th one people don’t need tosee much within the poster because they generally know what the film will be about, evenpeople who haven’t seen the film know the franchise. This poster has a simple blunt taglineat the top of the page stating “New decade, New rules” Being that this film was released in2011 and Scream 3 was released in 2000 so it’s a new decade and with the tagline sayingnew rules it can keep the audience interested in the franchise, it could mean new ways thevictims are killed etc. The colours used are just red white and black, i9 believe the red is
  3. 3. used within the title and the date because it is the colour of blood and it brings a horror feelto the poster. The black is used I believe to bring out the white colours within the posterbecause the white parts of the poster shows the main image top the audience. Also thekiller in scream is known for wearing the white mask and black robe like clothing so that isanother reason these colours could have been used, so the audience can relate to theposter and what they know. Horror poster analysis 3
  4. 4. This poster for the ring shows a simple image with a simple but blunt tagline.The colours of this poster gives it a paranormal feel to it especially the colourof the actual ring around the title of the film, it is like a whitish purple colourand the effect that is put on to it where it seems to fade to black just gives itmore of a horror feel to it. This poster is so simple but it still has that horrorfeel to it due to the use of colour and the childish font used to title the poster.This poster is the first horror movie poster that I have analysed that I don’tthink a camera was used I believe by the way this poster looks it has all beencreated digitally, that could be a way for me and my group to create our horrormovie poster.