Montenegro Online Gaming Relationship Overview


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This deck served as a conversation guide for a set of discovery meetings to explore online gaming opportunities in Montenegro.

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Montenegro Online Gaming Relationship Overview

  1. 1. Partnership OverviewPartnership Overview Podgorica, Montenegro March 2014
  2. 2. We’re not here to pitch a partnership opportunity.We’re not here to pitch a partnership opportunity. We’re here to create one together.We’re here to create one together.
  3. 3. A solution as unique as the opportunity.A solution as unique as the opportunity. Asia: More players. Less competition. Europe: Fewer players. More competition.
  4. 4. Vs. 5X Annual gambling revenues are 5X greater in Macau than Las Vegas. 200M Number of frequent Chinese lottery customers. Chinese Gaming Penetration [% of internet users] [% of mobile internet users] 40 Million visitors annually, 85% from mainland China. Global Gambling: 2013Global Online Gambling by Gross Win Sports Casino Poker Bingo BIG Upside! 8 Online gambling only represents 8% of global gaming revenue. By the numbers: an infographic
  5. 5. Land-based Gaming •Large investment •Market limited by geography •Limited capacity •High overhead Online Gaming •Small investment •Global marketplace •Unlimited capacity •Low overhead The opportunity is clear to those with vision,The opportunity is clear to those with vision, know-how and resources.know-how and resources.
  6. 6. A sound strategy begins with Casino. Casino is responsible for 25% of online gross winnings worldwide. • Web-based Casino • Live Casino • Mobile Casino
  7. 7. Reaching out to players worldwide.Reaching out to players worldwide. Chinese Portuguese Polish Montenegrin GermanEnglish Swedish Spanish [More languages phased in after launch.]
  8. 8. A fully integrated back-end and affiliate system, of course. All offer easy payment administration & reporting, mobile tracking & reporting, built-in communication tools, PPC tracking & reporting functionality, offline tracking & reporting functionality, instant access to marketing intelligence and campaign performance, flexible commission structures and analytical reporting, among other features.
  9. 9. Jurisdiction matters.Jurisdiction matters. Malta Type I license is compatible with payment and risk management systems. It is an established jurisdiction, lending credibility and trustworthiness to the venture.
  10. 10. Global payments, risk management & security.Global payments, risk management & security. Option 1:Option 1: Payment gateway & risk managementPayment gateway & risk management solutions supplied by EveryMatrix as partsolutions supplied by EveryMatrix as part of its platformof its platform Option 2:Option 2: Venture secures own license for paymentsVenture secures own license for payments & risk management via WorldPay/Envoy or& risk management via WorldPay/Envoy or SafeChargeSafeCharge
  11. 11. Customer experience & loyalty.Customer experience & loyalty. Multi-lingual support and live chat increases conversion, reduces churn and facilitates seamless experiences throughout the customer journey. Data mining email system allows personal, relevant and timely messaging that incorporate customers’ preferences and recent behaviors. It also offers direct access to customers in countries where public marketing is limited.
  12. 12. Partnership dynamics reach farPartnership dynamics reach far beyond 0’s and 1’s.beyond 0’s and 1’s. Televised Live Casino Expanded Lottery Coverage & Offerings Expanded Reach for Tourism Marketing Introduce European Gambling Experience to Asian Markets Increased Revenue for Infrastructure & Jobs Increased Exposure For Land-based Casinos It is designed to cross-pollinate.It is designed to cross-pollinate.
  13. 13. Fast-growing Market & Highly Attractive Sector Efficient & Highly Scalable Business Model Strong Team, Relationships, Expertise & Resources Low Investment, Overhead for Swift Path to Profit “Green-field” Advantage for Exceptional Experiences The opening chapter of a success story.
  14. 14. Thank you. 谢谢 Хвала. Mr. Henry Leong, President Vietbridge LLC 001-312-388-8882: phone email Henryleong8: skype ID Mr. Vlada Draskovic 001-312-961-1358 phone email