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Internet filter


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Published in: Education
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Internet filter

  1. 1. Internet Filtering A new look and feel Internet filtering is being updated. Staff will now be able to access the entire Override level of access with one login. Previously each website or category was an individual override. Blocked for all MISD Internet MISD Internet Override access for staff with login Open access for students & staff MISD internet access has three levels. The Open level is accessible to all users students and staff. The Override level is accessed by staff only using their standard username and password. Finally the Blocked level is not accessible by any user. If a staff member finds a website in the Override level and identifies a need for student access, an “Allow” request can be submitted. If an objectionable website is found at open access or override levels, a “Block” request should be submitted. Visit Staff tab to complete an “Internet Filter Allow” or “Internet Filter Block” request. Teachers should never use their username and password to provide Override level access to students. See back for information on how to use the MISD internet filtering override website. Visit - Internet Filtering for additional information.
  2. 2. Internet Filtering 1. When a website is attempted outside the Open level, this Override page will be displayed. Staff members, using good judgement, can override to gain access to all content in the Staff Override level. 2. Enter your regular MISD username and password. 3. Choose a duration for the Override ! Note: During this period of time all content in the ! Override level is accessible. If you leave your ! computer unattended it should be logged out to ! avoid unauthorized student access. 4. If the “Internet request block” page returns a second time after entering your username and password, the requested website is part of the “Blocked for all” level and cannot be accessed. If you believe this is an error an “Allow” request can be submitted. Visit - Internet Filtering for additional information.