Wimax 2011 Media Kit


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WiMAX.com 201 Media Kit - Advertise with WiMAX.com to reach thousands of wireless engineers globally

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Wimax 2011 Media Kit

  1. 1. WIMax.com Integrated Marketing Solutions 2011 Media Kit Website Banner Opportunities Webinar Opportunities Email Marketing
  2. 2. leading online destination for 4G & WiMAX technologies 70k+ Unique Visitors per month Reach the Largest Audience of 4G & 200k+ Impressions per month WiMAX Industry Leaders & Decision Makers Geographic Region North America 39% Asia/India 29% Europe 16% WIMax.com Africa/Middle East 11% Latin America 5% Job Function WiMax.com is the preeminent online destination for information and Engineering & Tech 23% resources on 4G & WiMAX technologies. Content is specifically focued C-Level Management 21% on operators planning and deploying both mobile and fixed wireless broad- Executive Level IT 16% band networks. Technical Management 16% Sales & Marketing Management 13% Other 11% 77% Industry 74% of our audience has the Provider/Operator/Carrier 31% authority to specify, recommend, of our System Integrator/Network Eng 19% approve, purchase or influence Equipment /OEM 16% audience plan the purchase of WiMAX products High Level Consultant 16% or services at their company. to purchase Government/Municipality 6% WiMAX products Finance/Capital 2% 78% and services Other 10% of our audience considers in the next 12 Organization Size WiMax.com to be their primary source months. Large Business (Over 100) 47% of information on WiMAX news, products Mid-Sized Business (50-99) 17% and services. Small Business (less than 50) 36% Over 8,000 Members 200+ new members per month WIMax360 18k+ Unique Visitors per month 26k+ Impressions per month With over 8,000 members, WiMAX360 is home for WiMAX leaders, de- velopers & decision-makers to share ideas on current wireless broadband Global Membership issues, trends, technologies and opportunities. North America 30% Asia/India 35% Europe 18% Africa/Middle East 13% Latin America 4% WiMax.com & WiMAX360 is a place where all wireless professionals and enterprise businesses looking to fa- miliarize themselves with the future of intelligent information networking trends can collaborate and learn. The informative articles cover not only WiMAX technologies, but also present and future air interface technologies leading up to 4G platforms. -Reggie Pugh, Wired-2-Wireless Technology Convergence Consultant - WiMAX360 member & WiMax.com subscriber www.wimax.com advertising@wimax.com 512-522-3055 | page 2
  3. 3. website banner opportunities 468 X 60 Top Left Box Banner - 150 x 150 One of our most popular positions, this banner is run of site and Wi Max.com above the fold. The top left area of the website captures readers’ attention - the top left box banner is positioned below the website search bar and above the website navigation bar capturing atten- tion due to prime visibility. $2,000/month Skyscraper Banner - 160 x 600 The skyscraper is the most demanded position due to the size and placement on the homepage. The space allows for call to action messages and eye-catching images. The banner is positioned next to our popular articles and blogs. $2,500/month Note: Banner list prices based on month-to-month rates. Discounts available for multi-month campaigns. Targeting Options The following targeting options are available for WiMax.com banner positions in order to maximize campaign effectiveness: Targeting by location: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices for Banner Advertisements Reach readers based on their location, by country or state. Create banners based on location and target them according to Use large logos (15% of banner space) to create brand awareness. each campaign. Use human faces – they suggest confidence and familiarity. The pres- ence of a human face increases customer interest. Targeting by Time: Choose the optimal time of day to position your message to Don’t clutter the design. Too many elements distract from the message our readers. Use short sentences, clear calls to action that motivate, entice and persuade. Targeting by Content: Large banners perform better than small banners - use the extra real Optimize your message by creating a campaign based on con- estate to call readers to take action. tent and key words on the WiMax.com website. Banners seen with high frequency have a greater impact on building brand awareness than banners with a lower rate of occurrence. Banners with dynamic images (Flash animation, video) have a greater impact than stating banners. This doesn’t include banners with flick- ering messages like “new”, “click here” etc. www.wimax.com advertising@wimax.com 512-522-3055 | page 3
  4. 4. webinar opportunities Online Webinar Sponsorships Multiple Benefits Webinars are an effective turn-key vehicle to deliver solution and prod- Qualified Sales Leads - On average, over uct information and establish thought-leadership within the wireless 800 professionals register for the live event. broadband community. Webinars provide your company with a unique The registration process captures critical Wi Max.com opportunity to align your marketing message with our highly regarded, information that is turned over to your sales team. More robust information is provided targeted audience. WiMax.com works closely with the company to de- from use of polls, Q &As and surveys. sign and deliver robust and informative events that engage our audience of professionals all over the world. WiMax.com will be responsible for Largest & Qualified Audience - through hosting and promoting the live event through mulitple marketing chan- WiMax.com’s powerful marketing efforts, nels. After the live event, the recorded webinar will be posted on the your live event will be promoted to a global, WiMax.com homepage and available for download for up to 6 months. professional audience. Turn-Key Program - WiMax.com takes An average of 800+ sales leads generated per webinar care of marketing, registration, hosting and any technical procedures before, during and Your company has the ability to customize the live event and interact after the event. This saves your team time, with attendees through polls, Q & A sessions and post-event surveys. money and any licensing fees. All we need WiMax.com will administer these interactive elements of the live event from you is a presentation and a presenter. and will report all responses back to you. You will also receive automated Content Control - WiMax.com allows you registration reports of attendees of live event as well as the recorded we- to control the content presented so that your binar. Combining all these interactive elements allow your company to company is positioned as a thought-leader. build a robust profile of each attendee. The webinar template and marketing pieces starting at $7,000/event are co-branded with your logo. Promotion of Webinars The success of your live webinar is impor- tant to us. WiMax.com takes on the mar- keting responsibilities in order to capture the most qualified audience & generate maximum exposure. Outbound Email Marketing - WiMax.com will create and send out dedicated emails to over 35,000 professionals prior to the live event. Tips, Tricks & Best Practices for Creating an Effective Webinar: Bring additional credibility to your event & invite a customer or partner to participate. Spotlight Interviews - WiMax.com will Registration, polling and surveys help gather critical data about the audience. Tailor host an interview with a senior level of the these tools to best qualify the audience. company and publish the interview on the Don’t ask too much. Studies show that more information required decreases the num- homepage in the popular blog and articles ber of registrants. Further, no more than 2-3 polls per presentation hour. section Your webinar presentation should run 30-45 minutes, leaving ample time for an inter- Partner Programs - WiMax.com works active Q&A session, which should be at least 15 minutes. with multiple partners on marketing and Slide presentation: Keep it simple. Limit the amount of information displayed on each promotions. Through these partners, slide. Use colors & graphics that reflect your corporate identity. WiMax.com will promote the live event to Position a Feedback Survey at the start of the Q&A session for greater response. their databases and audiences Create a slide with contact information and call-to-actions and resource links that ap- pears during the closing remarks. www.wimax.com advertising@wimax.com 512-522-3055 | page 4
  5. 5. Email Marketing opportunities Email Marketing Reach over 25k professionals Region Through the WiMax.com database, your company has access to some North America 30% of the most influential decision makers in the world’s wireless broadband Central/Latin America 7% Europe 16% community. Sending a dedicated email message to all or part of our sub- Middle East/Africa 23% Wi Max.com scribers is the most direct & effective way to get your message to our readers. Asia-Pacific/India 24% WiMax.com offers a variety of dedicated email marketing campaign Job Function Executive/Management 30% solutions. Send targeted emails based on geographic location or build a Professional/Consulting 20% long-term email marketing campaign based on the activity of our read- Departmental Manager 5% ers. We can work side by side with your marketing team to build and Finance/Purchasing 1% deliver an effective email marketing campaign. Operations 5% IT/Technical 27% $1,500/email Other 12% Industry Aerospace & Defense 2% Tips, Tricks & Best Practices for Email Marketing & Design: Business Services/Consulting 2% Computer Hardware 3% Create a truly relevant, engaging subject line. Talk about offers rather than prod- ucts. If applicable, integrate an offer in the subject line. Computer Services 6% Computer Software 3% Images should act as a supplement rather than the main focus of the design. Don’t Education 9% forget to include “alt” tags <img> tag. Electronics 5% Stay away from embedding flash or videos into your email, as they cause major Financial Services 1% deliverability issues. Instead use screenshots with links or animated gifs. Government 3% Industrial Manufacturers 1% Design emails under 650px in width to avoid horizontal scrolling. Security Products & Services 1% Create a interactive & conversational email in order to connect with the reader. Technology 7% Telecommunications Equipment 15% Leverage multiple content distribution channels such as RSS feeds & Twitter. Telecommunications Services 43% Plug clear & visibly engaging call-to-actions so the reader knows where to click. $1,500/newsletter www.wimax.com advertising@wimax.com 512-522-3055 | page 5
  6. 6. in good company What organizations work with WiMax.com? Accton Wireless Broadband FORSK ProVision Acme Packet FTS Soft Proxim Wireless ADC Fujitsu Microelectronics RadioWaves Wi Max.com Agilent Technologies Gambit Communications Redline Communications Alvarion Geka Telecom Rohde & Schwarz Anatech Electronics Green Packet Berhad Samsung Electronics Aperto Networks Hutton Communications SEQUANS Aptilo Networks Informa Group Shared Spectrum Aradial Technologies Juni America SR Telecom Aria Systems Juniper Networks SySDSoft Aricent Maravedis Telecom Careers Asentria MECA Electronics TESSCO Technologies Atmel Mobile Metrics Towerstream Berkeley Varitronics Moonblink Trango Broadband Bridgewater Systems Motorola Vecima Networks Cisco Systems MTI Wireless Edge Verso Technologies CommuniGate NextWave Wavesat DoubleRadius, Inc. Nokia WiChorus DragonWave Nortel WiMAX 20/20 EDX Packet One Networks WiNetworks EM Solutions PCTEL WirelessLogix ET Industries Phazar Antennas Witech SpA European Antennas Polyphaser ZDA Communications What are people saying about WiMax.com? “WiMax.com has been a great resource for TESSCO for new product/solutions introductions. The first measurable ROI I have seen in a while. Their team is knowledgeable and continues to look for new ways to market to this ever expanding industry.” - Suzanne Borneman, Director of Marketing, Tessco Technologies “Participating in promotions with WiMAX.com gives us a direct conduit to the WiMAX industry. It has been a very effective marketing tool for our WiMAX-specific communications.” - Jennifer Duncan, Director of Marketing, EDX “We were pleased with the response to our promotion for our WiMAX wallchart. We’ll certainly look to WiMAX.com to promote more of our products in the future.” - Selma Liemborg, ARCchart “It has been a pleasure working with the WiMAX.com sales team. They are extremely responsive, creative, flexible and fun to work with. We are very pleased with the great number of referrals we’ve received from our WiMAX.com advertising campaign. WiMAX.com has delivered as promised.” - Barbara Heine, Director of Marketing Communications, Motorola www.wimax.com advertising@wimax.com 512-522-3055 | page 6