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Branding Yourself as Indispensable


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How to use personal branding to get a job, keep a job, and advance in your career.

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Branding Yourself as Indispensable

  1. 1. Branding Yourself as Indispensable MARILYN WOELK President
  2. 2. Why Brand Yourself?In today’s economy, personal branding can help you: get a job, keep a job, and/or advance in your career.
  3. 3. What is Your Brand? What “product” are you promoting? (You!) You have a brand (good or bad). Is your brand known? Is your brand consistent? Is it positive? Is it damaged?
  4. 4. Brand Yourself or Others Will We (humans) like to brand things. We label things (and people). Your actions lead to your brand. Your inaction also leads to your brand. You need to brand yourself, promote that brand, and measure up to the brand you are promoting.
  5. 5. Brand PowerWhen building your brand, remember this formula: Emotional Intelligence + Business Integrity + Business and Industry Knowledge + A Measurable Skills Set = A Competitive Edge in the Workplace!
  6. 6. First ImpressionsYour brand is being measured/identified: when interviewing with a perspective employer or client for the first time (via branding words, attire, handshake, etc.) through your resume, and via your online presence.
  7. 7. Branding Exercises Exercise 1: These are branding issues from the past 15 years that are related to interviews. What part of the formula did these candidates miss, and what “label” would you give them? Exercise 2: What 10 words describe you?
  8. 8. Second ImpressionsYour brand is not only measured when you are applyingfor a job or trying to get a project, it is also measured: on the job, continuously, and through all business communications you create.
  9. 9. Build a Business CaseProvide a one-page analysis for management:Write down what you request, how it will benefit thecompany, how much it will cost, and where you will get it(or how you propose doing it if it is a processimprovement).Do not bring a problem to management, withoutproposing a solution in this manner.
  10. 10. Brands that Don’t Wear OffStories from “the Front” on avoiding brand damage that you often cant recover from…
  11. 11. Your Brand – Your Choice How you brand yourself is one of the few things that you have control over in your job! You need to brand yourself as emotionally balanced, self-confident, able to get along with others, honest, loyal, knowledgeable, business-savvy, progressive, solutions-oriented, and able to excel in a variety of measurable skills.