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Mwm Top 50 Social Media Tools


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Mwm Top 50 Social Media Tools

  1. 1. Top  50  social  media  sites           1. Your   Blog:   Research   shows   that   more   people   are   reading   blogs,   those   people   expect   your   company   to   have   a   social   media   presence,   and   blogs   influence   there   purchasing   decisions.     Many   blogs   provide   commentary   or   news   on   a   particular   subject;   others   function   as   more   personal   online   diaries.   A   typical   blog   combines   text,   images,   and   links   to  other  blogs,  Web  pages,  and  other  media  related  to  its  topic.  The  ability  of  readers  to   leave   comments   in   an   interactive   format   is   an   important   part   of   many   blogs.       There   are   estimated  to  be  more  than  112,000,000  blogs,  77%  of  Internet  users  read  blogs.    2  of  the   most  popular  templates  are  and       2. Flickr  is  an  image  and  video  hosting  website,  web  services  suite.    In  addition  to  being  a   popular   website   for   users   to   share   and   embed   personal   photographs,   the   service   is   widely  used  by  bloggers  to  host  images  that  they  embed  in  blogs  and  social  media         3. You   Tube   is   a   video   sharing   website   on   which   users   can   upload   and   share   videos.     Individuals  have  uploaded  most  of  the  content;  although  media  corporations  including   CBS,  the  BBC,  UMG  and  other  organizations  offer  some  of  their  material  via  the  site     4. Linked   in   is   an   interconnected   network   of   experienced   professionals   from   around   the   world,   representing   170   industries   and   200   countries.   You   can   find,   be   introduced   to,   and  collaborate  with  qualified  professionals  that  you  need  to  work  with  to  accomplish   your  goals     5. Slide   Share   is   a   business   media   site   for   sharing   presentations,   documents   and   pdfs.   SlideShare  features  a  vibrant  professional  community  that  regularly  comments,  favorites   and  downloads  content.  Content  also  spreads  virally  through  blogs  and  social  networks.     Anyone  can  view  presentations  &  documents  on  topics  that  interest  them     6. Twitter   is   a   free   social   networking   and   microblogging   service   that   enables   its   users   to   send   and   read   messages   known   as   tweets.   Tweets   are   text-­‐based   posts   of   up   to   140   characters   displayed   on   the   author's   profile   page   and   delivered   to   the   author's   subscribers  who  are  known  as  followers.  Senders  can  restrict  delivery  to  those  in  their   circle   of   friends   or,   by   default,   allow   open   access.   Users   can   send   and   receive   tweets   via   the  Twitter  website     7. Facebook   is   a   social   networking   website   that   is   operated   and   privately   owned   by   Facebook,   Inc.     Users   can   add   friends   and   send   them   messages,   and   update   their   personal   profiles   to   notify   friends   about   themselves.   Additionally,   users   can   join   networks   organized   by   city,   workplace,   school,   and   region.   The   website's   name   stems    
  2. 2. from  the  colloquial  name  of  books  given  at  the  start  of  the  academic  year  by  university   administrations  with  the  intention  of  helping  students  to  get  to  know  each  other  better.     8. Bing   is   a   search   engine   with   a   new   look   and   feel   that   helps   you   find   what   you’re   looking   for  more  quickly  and  easily.  It  gives  better  UK  results  and  will  constantly  evolve  to  give  a   better  search  experience  through  a  range  of  innovative  features     9. DMOZ:   The   Open   Directory   Project   (ODP),   also   known   as   DMOZ   (from,   its   original   domain   name),   is   a   multilingual   open   content   directory   of   World   Wide   Web   links.   Netscape  owns  it,   but   it   is   constructed   and   maintained   by   a   community  of  volunteer  editors.     10. Google  is  widely  regarded  as  the  number  1  search  engine  available  also  providing  e-­‐mail,   online  mapping,  office  productivity,  social  networking  and  video-­‐sharing  services.       11. Yahoo  is  an  American  public  corporation  that  provides  Internet  services  worldwide.    Best   known   for   its   web   portal,   search   engine   (Yahoo!   Search),   Yahoo!   Directory,   Yahoo!   Mail,   Yahoo!   News,   advertising,   online   mapping   (Yahoo!   Maps),   video   sharing   (Yahoo!   Video),   and  social  media  websites  and  services.     12. MSN   is   Microsoft's   portal,   offering   MSNBC   News,   sports,   MSN   Money,   games,   videos,   entertainment  &  celebrity  gossip,  weather,  shopping  and  more     13. Ask   is   a   search   engine   founded   in   1996   by   Garrett   Gruener   and   David   Warthen   in   Berkeley,   California.     The   original   search   engine   software   was   implemented   by   Gary   Chevsky   from   his   own   design.   Chevsky,   Justin   Grant,   and   others   built   the   early   website   around   that   core   engine.   Three   venture   capital   firms,   Highland   Capital   Partners,   Institutional   Venture   Partners,   and   The   RODA   Group   were   early   investors.  is  currently  owned  by  InterActiveCorp     14. Reddit:  Popular  social  news  website  with  a  large  user  base.  Covers  a  wide  range  of  news.   Includes   several   topical   sections   called   subreddits,   which   focus   on   specific   topics   like   programming,  science,  politics  and  business.     15. Digg:  The  largest  and  most  popular  social  news  website  on  the  Internet.  Covers  all  topics   including   politics,   entertainment,   technology   and   general   news.   Includes   a   separate   video  and  image  section.     16. Propeller:   A   social   news   site   that   covers   all   topics   from   technology   to   politics   and   entertainment.  Operates  in  a  similar  fashion  to  Digg.     17. Fark:   A   community   news   site   that   allows   users   to   comment   on   news   articles.   User   submitted   links   would   be   posted   on   the   main   page   once   the   administrators   approve   them.     18. Slashdot:   Primarily   a   tech   news   site,   Slashdot   also   covers   topics   like   books,   games,   politics   and   entertainment.   Users   can   submit   stories   and   they   may   be   published   after   editors  approve  it.  A  popular  site  that  can  send  a  large  amount  of  traffic.    
  3. 3.   19. Metafilter:  A  community  weblog  that  allows  users  to  share  links  and  discuss  interesting   websites/topics.  Moderation  is  done  through  editors  as  well  as  peer  pressure  in  order  to   prevent  gaming.     20. I  am  bored:  Covers  general  topics  with  a  strong  focus  on  weird  and  offbeat  news.  You   can  submit  a  link  that  may  be  posted  after  the  editors  approve  it.     21. Mixx:   A   general   social   news   sites   that   has   a   category   for   all   types   of   news.   Topics   covered  include  business,  entertainment,  sports,  health  and  tech.  Includes  the  ability  to   create  groups  to  share  news  with  other  users.     22. Shoutwire:  General  news  site  that  is  well  populated  with  a  loyal  group  of  users.  Topics   covered  include  technology,  politics,  entertainment,  lifestyle  and  sports.     23. Newsvine:   A   website   consisting   of   community-­‐driven   news   stories   and   opinions.   Users   have   their   own   blogs   and   can   write   articles,   save   links   to   external   content   and   vote/comment  on  other  user  stories.     24. IndianPad:  Is  a  general  social  news  site  that  with  a  large  indian  userbase.  Topics  covered   include  entertainment,  sports,  videos  and  tamil  news.     25. Linkfilter:  Covers  all  sorts  of  news.  All  links  are  posted  and  moderated  by  users.  Links  can   be  ranked  on  several  levels:  clicks,  votes,  age,  or  a  combination  of  all  three  called  points.     26. NewsCloud:  A  general  social  site  with  a  focus  on  news  in  all  topics.  Similar  to  Newsvine,   each  user  has  their  own  blogs  and  can  publish  content  to  be  voted  up  by  other  users.     27. Hugg   is   a   social   news   site   with   a   strong   focus   on   environmental   issues.   Also   includes   other  categories  like  politics,  science,  fashion  and  technology.     28. Plime:   A   general   news   site   that   features   a   wide   variety   of   topics   ranging   from   religion   and  sports  to  technology  or  business.  Odd  news  performs  best  in  this  community.     29. C2NN:  An  active  social  news  site  with  a  variety  of  topics  including  environment  issues,   business,   politics,   animals   and   offbeat.   Similar   to   Hugg   in   focus   but   much   more   populated  and  active.     30. Nowpublic:  A  participatory  news  network  that  focuses  on  citizen  journalism.  Each  user   has   their   own   individual   profile   blog/page   and   can   upload   videos,   images   and   news   stories.     31. Stirrdup:  General  social  news  site  with  four  broad  categories:  politics,  technology,  news   and  entertainment.     32. Searchles:  A  hybrid  social  news  sites  that  covers  all  topics.  Includes  a  video  section  and    
  4. 4. offers  personalized  filtering  features  and  the  option  of  joining  groups  made  up  of  other   users  with  similar  interests.     33. Earthfrisk:   Covers   topics   like   humor,   politics,   entertainment   and   business.   Combines   a   social  network  and  group  features  with  digg-­‐style  news  voting.     34. Truemors:   A   social  rumor   news   site   that   focuses   on   the   publication   of   “true   rumors   that   are   relevant,   informative,   and   interesting.”   Users   can   post   links   anonymously   via   text,   voicemail,  web  or  email.  Editor’s  moderate  content.     35. StumbleUpon:   A   social   network   and   browser   toolbar   that   allows   users   to   channel   surf   the   Internet.   Technically   not   100%   social   news   site,   although   users   can   submit   web   pages  to  be  rated  by  other  users.  Here  is  a  guide  to  StumbleUpon.     36. Dzone  is  a  free  link-­‐sharing  community  for  developers.  Other  topics  commonly  featured   include  web  design  and  programming.     37. Tweako:  A  user-­‐powered  site  and  social  network  with  a  focus  on  guides  and  tutorials  in   all  categories  like  computing,  technology,  and  the  Internet.     38. Autospies:  A  social  site  that  focuses  on  automotive  news,  car  reviews,  auto  show  photos   and  videos.     39. Design   Float:   A   social   news   site   for   design-­‐related   content.   Topics   covered   include   business,  freelancing,  advertising,  digital  art  and  branding.     40. Ball   Hype:   A   site   that   aggregates   content   from   thousands   of   sports   blogs.   Users   can   submit  stories  and  votes  will  determine  if  they  make  it  to  home  page.     41. DNHour   is   a   user-­‐powered   news   portal   built   specially   for   the   domain   name   industry.   Most   members   are   generally   from   the   domain   name   industry,   which   includes   domain   name  owners,  companies  or  professionals.     42. PlugIM   is   a   user   driven   Internet   marketing   community.   Topics   covered   include   search   engine  optimization,  products,  business  and  marketing.     43. Small   Business   Brief:   A   niche   social   site   that   focuses   on   small   business   news.   Topics   covered   include   marketing   and   sales,   website   development,   management   and   entrepreneurship.     44. Hypediss:  Social  news  site  with  a  focus  on  design,  fashion,  urban  culture  and  art.     45. Chictini:  Product-­‐oriented  social  site  which  a  focus  on  new  trends  and  styles.  It’s  possible   to  submit  news  stories  although  most  of  the  submissions  feature  products  from  online   retailers.      
  5. 5.   46.   Allows   users   to   publish   and   share   products   with   the   broader   public   which   they   find   cool,   innovative,   exceptionally   beautiful,   or   just   weird.   Included   with  every  item  is  a  link  to  an  online  shop  where  it  can  be  purchased.     47. Wordsy:  A  niche  social  news  site  for  people  who  love  reading  and  books.  Topics  covered   include   small   presses,   fiction   writing,   authors,   book   awards   and   poetry.   (Note:   Wordsy   has  suspended  its  site  since  Dec  2008)     48. Muti  is  a  social  bookmarking  site  inspired  by  reddit  and  Digg  but  dedicated  to  content  of   interest  to  Africans  or  those  interested  in  Africa.     49. Tip’d:  A  social  media  site  for  finance,  investing,  and  business  topics.  Tip’d  users  vote  on   stories  they  like  by  clicking  the  ‘Tip  it’  button  that  appears  next  to  each  story,  and  then   can  comment  by  pressing  the  ‘Discuss’  link  below  the  story.                     For  more  information  call  0208  847  5391  or  email