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Presentatie Application Of Qr Codes


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Presentatie Application Of Qr Codes

  1. 1. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  2. 2. presents QR Inspired IntroductionQR codes provide a great, new way to connect to your Because the gates between online and offline can now beaudience. Whether this audience consists of customers, opened, not only functionality and enrichment can be added toemployees, students, visitors, or whoever it is you want to offline communication materials, but you can measure all kindscommunicate with. There always is a useful application of this of parameters that represent the use of QR codes, and thus oftechnology to cater your target population, and realize your your offline projects.goals. Learn from your audience, improve your communicationThis presentation will show you examples of what possibilities efforts, and bring engagement to the next level by combiningyou have using QR codes. It’s goal is to inspire you using this the power of offline and online communication, so that it will optimally help you achieve yourtargets. Maurice Knecht, MScWith 2D codes you can enrich offline communication materials, Executive Partnerstart two-way communication sessions, or ask for opinions.You can even plan appointments, enter competitions andgaming to engage new audience. Use QR codes and open thegates between offline and online worlds. Not just use QRcodes as a ‘me-too-gimmick’, but strategically employ thistechnology in your communication projects and campaigns.The single biggest pitfall from gaining a true payback fromcampaigns and communication programs is the lack ofanalysis. Understand if, where, for whom, and how yourcampaigns and programs are performing. These analyses arebased on a strategy, and execution plan. So when you plan touse QR codes, or if you already do, make the employment ofQR codes part of your plan. Know what purpose you want toserve, what objective you want to achieve using QR codes. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  3. 3. presents QR Inspired Types of QR codesBefore continuing to possible applications of QR codes, it is This means that, as is the case in static QR codes, that once aimportant to understand that there are three different types of QR code is printed, it cannot be edited.QR codes: So, let’s say a mistake is made in typing the URL into the QR Static; generator, and the QR code is printed in magazines, System; newspapers and posters, customers scanning the QR codes Dynamic. will not reach the destination on the web you want them to reach.Static Or when you produced QR codes for use within a specific timeStatic QR codes have the information you want to frame, your codes’ destination cannot be altered whencommunicate encoded statically. In other words, they contain scanning is done outside that particular timeframe.the actual data. It can be plain text, a phone number, a vCard,or a URL. However, once you have prepared and printed the Systemcode it is definitive, and impossible to change. As if you have System QR codes add antyped a letter. important extra function to staticOne of the properties of QR codes is that they can contain a lot codes. The information attachedof information. For example, 4’296 alphanumeric characters to the code once the QR codecan be encoded into one QR code. That’s about 2 sheets of has been printed can be edited.paper in A4 format. This is done by creating a short URL which is coupled to your When you encoded a URL in a QR normal (or ‘long’) destination code, scanning a QR code enables URL. It is the short URL that is your audience to interact, link to encrypted into the QR code. social media, make payments, and Every time the QR code is scanned, the user will be redirected use other facilities that use the to the long URL. internet as a medium. When your information needs to be updated, say to correct a However, the URL is ‘hard coded’ mistake, or because the initial information is valid no longer, into the QR code. you can just attach a new URL to the short URL. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  4. 4. presents QR Inspired Types of QR codesThis way, the QR code doesn’t have to be reprinted, and you the information in English, and when scanned in Mexico theremain free of embarrassment or extra printing costs. By the language is Spanish. Of course, this service can also beway, this also gives you the opportunity to prepare your offline provided to your audience on a smaller scale, concering forcommunication materials in advance of your online campaigns. example different cities.As you can imagine, it allows you to attach the URL’s you needto the already existing and printed QR codes. Sesame QR managementSystem QR codes are trackable. This means you can measure With Sesame QRfor example management you can create any kind of QR When the QR code was scanned; code you want, in an easy How many times it was scanned; to use, convenient way. How many unique visits where generated; Every tool you need is Where the code was scanned; included in the application. From what media the code was scanned; When you need a lot ofDynamic QR codes to suit your needs, we even includedDynamic codes add yet another, very interesting feature. In the possibility to exportthese codes, placeholders can be added. These placeholders and import bulks of QR codes. You can insert or alter thealter the destination website according to conditions such as properties of these codes in an Excel sheet, and then importgeographical place, timeframe, type of smartphone the QR the new codes in the application again. Of course, individualcode was scanned with, or the operating system of that codes can be created or edited as well.particular smartpone. Once codes are created, you can track performance of yourSuppose you have customers in different countries, with codes, and manage every aspect of QR codes and projects asdifferent languages, and you want to service your customers you that the information you want to communicate, is providedin the relevant language. Just add a placeholder, so that the When some interesting performance data has been cumulated,same QR code, when scanned in the UK provides you can analyze performance, and benchmark against printing data of magazines, other QR codes you used, and much more. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  5. 5. presents QR Inspired Applying QR codesOf course, QR codes frequently are merely used as a ‘tell me Communicatemore’ technology. However, the versatility of this technologyopens opportunities for a host of applications. In this Use QR codes to initiate two-way communication. Set up apresentation, the inspiration on using QR codes are based on Skype connection, dial phone numbers, send e-mails. Obtain6 C’s. deeper, and more intimate knowledge of the needs of your audience by offering the possibility to give and receive feedback. Closing the Call to Action Customer Loop Once a connection or communication link is established, give a call to action. Give something to choose, ask an opinion, Channel Connect redirect to a shop, or opt in for a news letter, a lottery, or play a game. Call to Action Communicate Channel Now you can offer your audience optimal convenience. Let your audience choose which channel suits best. AskCustomer information from an employee, or look at the information after scanning a QR code. Download discount coupons, redirect toAlways keep in mind what your customers’ needs are. In this a webshop, and many more possibilities.presentation ‘customer’ is defined in the broadest waypossible. Whether they are consumers, clients, students, Closing the Looppatients, or colleagues. Know what they want, what they think, This is where conversion takes place. Exactly what that is maychoose, and value. Make sure you learn from them. differ from time to time. It could be a financial transaction, orConnect just planning an appointment for more information.QR codes provide almost indefinite possibilities to connect withyour audience. Link to websites, enrich your offline materials. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  6. 6. presents QR Inspired Customer: PollOne way to learn from your audience is using Polls. Ask onequestion, give a few (let’s say two, three, maybe four) optionsto answer.In the first example, the opinion on a blog post is asked. A voteis cast by scanning one of two QR codes.The second example shows a QR code, which redirects to alanding page where the vote can by cast using checkboxes.Polls can be used to learn about different aspects of youraudience: What gender is predominant; What age groups constitutes this population; What income groups constitutes this population; What are predominant preferences, etc.Over time you can use the information to profile groups andindividuals. This enables you to focus at your customers’needs. You then can adjust your communication, productsand/or services to these needs.Sesame QR management can help your create polls, bothusing QR codes as a voting mechanism, and by creating alanding page. We can also create a intermediary page with apoll, which allows a user to first fill in the poll (or cancel),before entering the actual landing page. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  7. 7. presents QR Inspired Customer: SurveyIf you want more detailed information of your audience, youcan use surveys. In a survey you can ask more than onequestion. After scanning the QR code one is redirected to asurvey page, where answering options are presented. Atextbox can be presented as well, for more freedom inanswering the questions.Typical use of surveys is to learn what preferences youraudience has, what they think of your product or service. Youcan for example ask what to change or what not to, concerningcertain aspects of your product or service.In the first example on this slide, after scanning the QR code,the user is redirected to the survey page where questions onthe performance of a speaker are presented. The survey canbe filled out on a smartphone and be sent when ready.The second example shows a poster of REI, a store chainselling outdoor gear. They are asking their audience for theiropinion on the service they provide. The poster shows threedifferent media that can be used for that purpose. Thiscompany services the need of convenience to their audienceby doing so.QR codes redirecting to surveys can be placed in magazines,on posters, on product packaging.With Sesame QR management you can easily create surveys.By using our short URL you can even attach a new survey toan existing QR code, by simply altering the URL, as isexplained in the next slide. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  8. 8. presents QR Inspired Connect: InformAnother useful way to employ QR codes is to inform youraudience, by enriching your offline materials. You canelaborate on the information you provided on folders, leaflets,posters and so on, by encoding the URL of a website into theQR code. It enables you to show for example: YouTube videos; Graphics; 3D models; Ingredients; Recipes; Etc.Not only can you enrich your printed materials, you canprolong shelf life of these materials as well. Sesame QRmanagement helps you to encode a short URL in a QR code,which is coupled to your destination URL. This allows you toalter the destination URL whenever you need to, withouthaving to print new materials. Moreover, with Sesame QRmanagement you can do this in bulks of QR codes. This savesyou a lot of time, since you don’t have to search for differenttools for each step, and you don’t have to edit one QR at atime. Sesame has all necessary tools in one package, allowingyou to alter all QR codes you want to in one go. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  9. 9. presents QR Inspired CommunicateA very interesting use of QR codes is starting two-waycommunication. Use the code to: Establish a Skype connection; Dial a phone number; Send an email; Start a chat session.This way QR codes can be used for functions like: Tracking therapy progress; HRM; Connecting to helpdesks; First aid assistance.Sesame can provide you with anything you need using QRcodes to establish two-way communication with your audience. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  10. 10. presents QR Inspired Call to ActionSometimes, just informing people might be enough of a triggerto make them scan a QR code. Many times though, you mightneed a call for action. So that you certainly know youraudience is interested in what you have to say, or offer.This might be: Entering a contest; Subscribing to a newsletter; Receive additional information; Receive a discount.According to research by eMarketer, these are top reasonswhy people scan QR codes: 1. To get a coupon, discount or deal = 53% 2. To get additional information = 52% 3. To enter a sweepstakes = 33% 4. To sign up to receive more information = 26% 5. To access a video = 24% 6. To make a purchase = 23% 7. To interact with social media properties = 23%You can even create a QR code that allows someone to makean appointment, within timeslots that are available to you.When the appointment is made, it is than synchronized withthe outlook agenda of the individual that scanned the code.Of course this poses great opportunities to learn more aboutyour audience. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  11. 11. presents QR Inspired Channel More and more, commercial channels are changing. The number of companies using offline means only, is nearly non existing. However, according to a prediction by Gartner (2011), by2015 there will be more m-business than e-business.This means QR codes provide a very important means todirect your audience to your commercial channel.QR codes can be used to: Go to a web shop; Download apps; Enroll in instant lotteries; Give discounts.In the example of a discount, the amount can be downloadedby scanning the QR code. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to
  12. 12. presents QR Inspired Closing the loopAnd finally, what it all comes down to is to close the loop. Makea transaction. Realize conversion. For more information please call +31 (0)6 2009 2556, or mail to