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Margaret wister final presentation are598


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Published in: Technology
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Margaret wister final presentation are598

  1. 1. ARE 598 UndergraduateMargaret Wister
  2. 2. Second Life presented a laundry list of challenges toovercome and experience. This world offered a newway to receive a classroom setting and approach the artistic world. I was presented the opportunities to create digital sculptures, manipulate an avatar tooffer an appearance close to my own, visit galleries and other learning centers, along with other interesting prospects. The operating system and defects of second life were personal obstacles to overcome, but the result was a satisfying new program to network with willing artists and educators. In addition, Second Life is lavish in creative environments waiting for those whom desire to find them.
  3. 3. “Students felt the Second Life environment perpetuated a sense of creativity. Remarks from students show an appreciation for the visual creative outlet afforded by thevirtual world environment. The immersive tool challengedstudents and they explained how Second Life forced them to visualize their work.” (Sanchez, J. 2007) During the Taiwanese Art Exhibit our class of ARE 598 was challenged to make a personal Arizona art work, or findone we had created. We were also confronted as a class to think creatively and constructively when we built in .
  4. 4. “When discussing the experience of working in Second Life, a student said “It forces you to think outside the box, because it (Second Life) forces you to think outside the box in order to build something with the tools it gives, you have to use your own ideas and adapt that with the tools you have”. Students also mentioned an appreciation for the challenge of representing their work visually and the enjoyment of exploring other student’s projects.”(Sanchez, J. 2007)
  5. 5. The interactive Taiwanese Art Exhibit involved guest speakers, a real art exhibit in a virtual experience, and collaborative classroom discussion of favorite art works from second life gallery setting.
  6. 6. Second Life offers thefeature for students to build. For example, I sculpted a rainbowring type of sculpture, my initials, and two snowmen during an optional building class.
  7. 7.  “One of the strengths of social virtual worlds like Second Life is in the ability they provide to users to connect to geospatially disparate people with common interests and goals. A significant number of nonprofit organizations are located within Second Life, many of which can be found clustered together in areas such as Commonwealth Island and the Nonprofit Commons. As in real life, nonprofit organizations in Second Life are very willing to work with students on class projects that benefit their targeted communities or the nonprofit itself. By encouraging these partnerships. Second Life can become a virtual world platform for real-life community engagement. (Sanchez, 2009)”
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Touring the nonprofit islands during quests grew my own artisticideas, experiences, and helped me find new artists.
  10. 10. [19:57] Pooky Amsterdam: sure thing work?[19:57] Pooky Amsterdam: anywtime is good just we do have to set it is the sameup an appointment pleasePooky Amsterdam has offered you To Margaret Wister from Pooky How do you collaborate with other artists?in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer. We work together through a variety of sharing services - Skype /[23:32] Pooky Amsterdam: The questions I have for you are: Dropbox /email / / in Second LifeHow does your avatar reject your artistic personality? How did you make thisMy avatar doesnt reject my artistic personality [23:32] Pooky Amsterdam: artwork? record on fraps - edit in Sony vegas - post production - after effectsWhat is the artwork title? and particle illusionThere are many films - I am not sure which one you mean Describe your color scheme and light/Ambiance/mood of your work?What kind of art do you make on Second Life? (Real or Abstract) and Depends on the film - suited to the scene and action therein(sculpture, drawing, digital, architecture, fashion, kind music-other___________)? What symbols are in your work and what do they mean?Machinima films Depends on the filmWhy do you make it on Second Life? What are the benefits? What story?Great fredom to create - IP rights of ownership - Limitless virtual Same depends -assets & environments - ability to customize in all areas The Pookymedia logo is a sun which is coming over a planetary horizon - this represents the new dawn of machinima and real timeWhat kind of artist are you in real life? What do you do in Real Life? animation film makingI paint and write in real lifeI am a producer of machinima in my real life - this is my businessreal worldHow does your art in second life correlate with your real life art
  11. 11. Sanchez, J. (2007). Second Life: An Interactive Qualitative Analysis. In C. Crawford et al. (Eds.),Proceedings of Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference 2007 (pp.1240-1243). Chesapeake, VA: AACESanchez, J. (2009). "Pedagogical Applications of Second Life."Implementing Second Life: Ideas, Challenges, and Innovations. Library Technology Reports, 21-28. Web. 9 Aug. 2012. 8CD413F544653FD217/courses/1/2012SummerB-X- ARE598-ARE494-42692- 43046/content/_6584831_1/SanchezPed ApplicSL.pdf.