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Math test taking checklist


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Math test taking checklist

  1. 1. Math Test Taking Checklist    ☐ Read the directions, titles and any subheadings. ☐ Read the question twice (CAREFULLY). ☐ Rephrase the question in your own words. ☐ Determine what the question is asking you to figure out. ☐ Circle key clue words. ☐ Select a strategy (CUBES, STEPS, BUGS, ETC…) ☐ Simplify the problem showing ALL work. ☐ Check your work. ☐ Evaluate the reasonableness of your answer. ☐ Eliminate choices for multiple-choice problems. ☐ Select the best answer choice. ☐ Circle your final answer for constructed response questions. Be sure to answer all parts of the question directly using complete sentences. Mrs. Winfield-Corbett’s Class