7 creative classroom organization ideas


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7 creative classroom organization ideas

  1. 1. 7 Creative Classroom Organization Ideas By Melissa Winfield-Corbett
  2. 2. Idea #1: Student Desk Caddies One method of organization I have found to be really helpful are desk caddies. At the beginning of the year I supply each of my students with a small bin filled with basic supplies that fits securely at the corner of each desk. This eliminates the need for students to search for a pencil, eraser, or keep getting up to get supplies. I usually stock each basket with at least the following supplies: -Three pencils -A GOOD pencil sharpener -Block erasers -Scissors -Glue stick/small glue bottle -Protractor -Highlighter -Sticky notes -Crayons
  3. 3. Idea #2: Sorting Bins Sorting bins are a great resource to help organize a teacher’s desk. With the abundance of papers that can accumulate setting up an organization system can be a useful technique to employ to help maintain classroom organization.
  4. 4. Idea #3: Sorting Clips Sorting clips are a great resource especially for teachers that may have a teaching assistant. Using this efficient organization system makes it easy to communicate how papers should be organized. Teachers can easily organize their papers into specific categories of organization while teaching assistants can expedite tasks in a timely and efficient manner.
  5. 5. Idea #4: Make-Up Assignment Bin Have students that are absent? These make-up assignment bins are a great way for students to be able to make up missing work. These bins enable students to take responsibility for making up missed assignments. It is a lot less stressful for teachers since they don’t have to track students down or save assignments and personally hand them to each student that was absent. When implemented, students will get into a routine of knowing where to find the assignments they have missed when they were absent.
  6. 6. Idea #5: Closet Organization Over the years of teaching, teachers acquire an abundance of supplies and resources. A great way to organize all of these things is by creating a closet or cabinet organization system! Perfect vessels for all of your belongings are old shoe boxes which can be covered and labeled.
  7. 7. Idea #6: Sign In/Out Chart A great way to keep track of students entering and leaving the classroom is to have a sign in/out chart. However, instead of using the traditional paper and pencil method using magnetic buttons or colored stones can be a more efficient alternative. The base of the chart is a decorative aluminum pan. Each student is then assigned a specific number and color. As students enter or leave the room simply move their marker to the indicated position.
  8. 8. Idea #7: Disposable Tissue Box This is a great idea for flu season. For students that have the sniffles and have to constantly get out of their seats to get tissues, simply attach a full tissue box to an empty tissue box and place at the students desk. The empty tissue box can then serve as the trash receptacle for the used tissues!