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2. portfolio links and descriptions in order3


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2. portfolio links and descriptions in order3

  1. 1. PortfolioLinks and Descriptions: Please put these in the order laid out below MotionGraphics: National GeographicEDU MotionGraphics Link: Parasoft: Continuous Testing MotionGraphics Link: VMware VSAN MotionGraphics Link: Moxie Social Knowledge MotionGraphics Link: Moxie Engage Plus MotionGraphics Link: VMware vCAC MotionGraphics Link: Parasoft PIE Video MotionGraphics Link: The KitchenSink MotionGraphics Link:
  2. 2. Web Socialcast HTML 5 Link: Star Wars Science FlashWebsite Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc) BrightEdge Drupal CMS Link: Defibtech Drupal CMS Link: AspenDental SharePointIntranet P Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc) Indiana JonesToys Minisite Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc) Snoop The FlyingAce SweepstakesMinisite Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc) Popeye SweepstakesMinisite Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc)
  3. 3. Video Thomas, Endless Destinations Social MediaVideo Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc) Canaan Partners EntrepreneurSpotlight Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc) Moxie - Day in the Life PromoVideo Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc) Buzz Lightyear Adventure Social MediaVideo No Link: Nothingtolinkto.The coming soontitle will hopefullymake that clear.
  4. 4. Odds and Ends A Toy Train in Space Our founder’sPetProject Link: zg7r3M DisneyChannel Flipbook WebFlipbook Link:(external link) Fandango PromoItems Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc) Social MusicExperiment BalloonRigging(no,really) Link: Katie CouricInterviewsOur Founder Viral VideoPress Link: Only In America withLarry the Cable Guy Featuringourfounder Link: How We Put Music Into Space Launch Advisor Link: Zynga Is A LovedBrand HTML Email Promo Drop DownPage (see bottomof thisdoc)
  5. 5. Drop Down Pages: Images Text StarWars1.jpg (jpegs1-4) Star Wars Science FlashWebsite STAR WARS™ Sciencecombinesthe unique appeal of the STAR WARSuniverse withdevelopmentsinearth-basedtechnology. Thisis still one of ourfavorite brandswe’ve hadthe pleasure of workingwith. Linkfor button: AspenDental.jpg (only1 image) AspenDental SharePointIntranet Designanddevelopmentof SharePointmasterpage template for Aspen’sintranet. No LaunchButton. IndianaJones1.jpg (jpegs1-4) Indiana JonesToys Minisite Witha deadline of 24hours,the clientrequestedaFlashbased minisite fortheirIndianaJonestoyline.We acceptedthe
  6. 6. challenge creatingafunandinteractive experience,complete withcrawlingbeetles. No LaunchButton. SnoopyWebsite.jpg (only1 image) Snoopy The FlyingAce SweepstakesMinisite Who doesn’tlove Snoopy?We hadthe pleasure of creatingan HTML based minisite toadvertisethe SnoopyThe FlyingAce Sweepstakes. No LaunchButton. Popeye1.jpg (Jpegs1-2) Popeye SweepstakesMinisite HTML basedminisite creationforthe Popeye Sweepstakes. No LaunchButton. ThomasSummer1.jpg (jpegs1-7) Thomas, EndlessDestinations Social MediaVideo Afterthe viral successof our founder’sYouTube videoA Toy Train inSpace,HIT Entertainmenthiredustocreate a social mediamarketingvideofeaturingourfounder’sfamilyand Thomasthe Tank Engine.Comingthissummer! No Launchbutton. Canaan1.jpg (jpegs1-4) Canaan Partners EntrepreneurSpotlight Rail Digital andVersatyle Designteameduptocreate a entrepreneurspotlightvideoforCanaanPartners. Linkfor button: MoxieShoot1.jpg(jpegs1-4) Moxie - Day in the Life PromoVideo PromovideoforMoxiesoft’sbusinesssolutions. Linkfor button:
  7. 7. Buzz Lightyear Adventure Social MediaVideo Currentlyindevelopment,thissocial mediamarketingvideowill feature ourfounder’schildrenandaspecial Pixarcharacter.The adventure will be featuredonDisney’sYouTube channel. No launchbutton. Fandango.jpg (only1 image) Fandango Althoughnota typical service we provide,we’ve hadthe pleasure of creatinglotsof printbasedadvertisingforFandango, includinggiftcards,sell sheetsandpromotionalmaterials. No launchbutton. Portfolio_Zynga.jpg (only1 image) Zynga Is A LovedBrand HTML Email Promo HTML email designcreation. No Launchbutton.