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Getting to Know CBU Pt. 1


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Getting to Know CBU Pt. 1

  1. 1. Getting to Know CBU Part One: Academic Advising Financial Aid Registrar Student Accounts
  2. 2. OPS Academic AdvisingOPS Academic Advising is here to help youunderstand your outstanding degreerequirements, course options, and assist youin creating an academic plan.
  3. 3. OPS Academic AdvisingContact advisors if you have questions about:• Degree requirements• Course selection• Substituting one course for another (variance)• Academic Calendar deadlines• Changing your major
  4. 4. OPS Academic AdvisingAll incoming OPS students must have an initial appointmentwith an academic advisor. Students can expect to be contacted toschedule their advising appointment during their first semester ofclasses at CBU. After this appointment, students will be able toregister for classes (and add/drop classes) using the online courseregistration tool in InsideCBU.Until this appointment, students must contact OPS Advising forassistance in registration adjustments. The deadlines toadd/drop/withdraw classes are listed on the Academic Calendar.Click here to view Academic Calendar.
  5. 5. OPS Academic AdvisingOPS Academic Advising on InsideCBUAcademic Advising contact 343-3921Offices located in Tyler Plaza, Suite 20010370 Hemet St., Riverside
  6. 6. Financial AidFinancial Aid counselors are available to assistyou with securing the necessary resources tofinance your education. Contact Financial Aid ifyou have questions about:• Loan entrance and exit counseling• FAFSA• Financial Aid award letters• Cal Grant applications• Disbursement
  7. 7. Financial AidDepending on whether you are an undergraduateor a graduate student, your financial aid counseloris listed below: UNDERGRADUATE GRADUATE Zelotes Smith Juli Pellegrene (951) 343-3914 (951) 343-4236 jpellegrene@calbaptist.eduSee also the Financial Aid tab on InsideCBU.
  8. 8. Office of the RegistrarOffice of the Registrar on InsideCBU(Academics Tab / Office of the Registrar)Registrar contact 343-4566Offices located in Yeager Center B161
  9. 9. Student AccountsThe Student Accounts office is responsible forall aspects of student billing and collections.Contact Student Accounts if you have aquestion about:• Tuition and fees• Financial clearance deadlines• Approved payment options• Book vouchers• Refund checks
  10. 10. Student AccountsSome important Student Accounts policies:Students must receive financial clearance eachsemester from the Student Accounts office. Toreceive financial clearance: • any current balance must be covered using an approved payment option, and • a signed Tuition and Fee Agreement must be submitted to Student Accounts.
  11. 11. Student AccountsSome important Student Accounts policies, cont:Students may not carry an account balance from onesemester to another.Students with excess financial aid may expect arefund within 14 days from the date the credit appearson their account.
  12. 12. Student AccountsStudent Accounts contact 343-4371Offices located in Yeager B123See also the Student Accounts tab onInsideCBU