ING Drupal story-camp


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ING Drupal story-camp

  1. 1. The Drupal Journey History of Drupal at ING and the Future Matthew Wetmore Jim Skowyra Windsor – June 2011 • LIFE INSURANCE • INVESTMENTS
  2. 2. Who We Are • Matthew Wetmore • Been with ING for 5yrs. • Web Engineering for 3.5 yrs. • Drupal / CMS work for 1.5 yrs. • Contact: • • @mwetmore • Jim Skowyra • Contact:Retirement - Life Insurance - Investments 2
  3. 3. Why is ING using Drupal? • Drupal allows us to create dynamic and engaging websites quickly and efficiently. Stable contributed code base RapidDevelopment Module and Plug-in driven SalesForce Integration User Management Social Media Mobile SEO RSSRetirement - Life Insurance - Investments 3
  4. 4. What did we use before • Oracle ECM (Stellent) • Why we left • Typical site development time was 5-6 months. • Content publishing was a daily/overnight process for content to publish • Content was output as HTML/JS and couldn’t handle dynamic behavior • Stellent was very expensive. • Was there anything good about it? • Stellent was very good at document/asset management. • We still use Stellent for some of our Java applications to pull stored content.Retirement - Life Insurance - Investments 4
  5. 5. ING Drupal Sites A mixture of sites built by vendors and in-house teams. All are now supported by our in-house staff. (1 year) (7 months) (4 months) Built by Built by Novologic (Atlanta, GA) Built by ING (Windsor, CT) The Super Group (Atlanta, GA) Designed with in mind Designed in-house, although Designed as the standard for but not fully applied. still doesn’t follow fully. future sites, but no standard, easy to use template provided Heavy flash, so no iOS access. Built/maintained differently then the other two sites. Lots of custom coding with Not easily maintained by typical no easy to maintain code. content editors or the business.Retirement - Life Insurance - Investments 5
  6. 6. before...Retirement - Life Insurance - Investments 6
  7. 7. after...Retirement - Life Insurance - Investments 7
  8. 8. Web InfrastructureRetirement - Life Insurance - Investments 8
  9. 9. Modules Used ( • Admin Role Database Logging Page Manager Administration Menu Date Popup Panels Ajax Plugin – Webform Date Tools Pathauto Ajax UI Email Rep[lacement]Tags ( Automated Logout External Links Rules Backup and Migrate Field Group Search 404 Belated PNG Filter Permissions Search Restrict Better Permissions Global Redirect Shared Email Block Class Glossary ( Services Block Icons Google Analytics SWF Tools ( Cache Exclude Hovertip Thickbox Coder ImageCache Upload Colorbox ( Import Vertical Tabs Context (retirement/rri) Insert Views Bulk Operations Custom FilterRetirement - Life Insurance - Investments ING Security Module (Custom) 9 Views
  10. 10. Content Management / Releases Content Management • Content is “staged” to an internal server and then deployed to Production using the Deploy Module. • Half of our team is dedicated to daily content updates and changes. • Some content contribution has been handed to the business, Press Releases. Release Schedule • We are currently on a 2 month release cycle for website enhancements. • 2 team members are dedicated to Development (2 weeks) • 1 team member is dedicated to wireframing (2 weeks) • 1 team member is dedicated to design/images. (2 weeks, parallel to wireframing) • 1 team member is dedicated to QA Testing (2 weeks)Retirement - Life Insurance - Investments 10
  11. 11. WireframingRetirement - Life Insurance - Investments 11
  12. 12. Our Drupal Roadmap Drupal platform of the future with be more secure and robust. • SSL across all Drupal Sites, for SSO integration • Mobile platform develpment • Standard ING Theme Content Management will be easy and quick. • Workflows • Business units can manage their own content. • Increased documentation and training for content contributors. Digital Strategy will be supported in new ways. • Micro site implementation strategy • Deeper Social Media integration • Enhanced Search Engine OptimizationRetirement - Life Insurance - Investments 12
  13. 13. Conclusion • Within the next year we will be able to standardize and rollout Drupal standards that can be used by ING and any vendor we partner with. • Every site we build will be built with the ING user in mind, making it possible to update sites both efficiently and quickly. • Drupal knowledge and skill sets will be expanded within the Web Solutions team to help with overall support. • Drupal will be critical in driving the overall Digital Strategy put forth by Web Solutions and Corporate Marketing.Retirement - Life Insurance - Investments 13