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Event Social



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Event Social

  1. 1. Event Social Matt Weppler Mobile Interface Design - 30126 April 4th 2015
  2. 2. Discovery Process • I want to build an Event/ Conference application. • Brainstorming session to generate a lot of ideas. • Narrow down ideas, keeping those that provided: Useful Event Information & Enhanced Social Experience
  3. 3. Design Process • Initial Sketching • User Research • Balsamiq for Low Fidelity Mockups • Sketch for High Fidelity Mockups • InVision App for sharing the prototype
  4. 4. Initial Sketching Initial high-level sketching to convey information and workflow.
  5. 5. User Research Asking questions that provoke insightful responses allowed me to refine the user experience.
  6. 6. Balsamiq for Low Fidelity Mockups Balsamiq Mockups allowed me to wireframe quickly and get valuable feedback from users. Further allowing me to continue refining the information architecture and workflow.
  7. 7. The intent of my application, is to create a sense of community, by providing a richer onsite conference experience. User Needs Communication Content Product Information Business Goals Engagement Devices iPhone Mobile Strategy
  8. 8. Sketch for High Fidelity Mockups Sketch allowed me to create a more app like representation through my designs. I was able to gain even more insightful feedback.
  9. 9. InVision App for sharing the prototype •