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H817open reflections


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Some reflections on ru

Published in: Education, Technology
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H817open reflections

  1. 1. H817Open reflectionsMartin Weller
  2. 2. An open course in Open Education• 7 weeks• Informal and formal learners• Running in OpenLearn• Badges• 2 ALS moderating forums• Blog aggregator• Collaboration-lite activity basedmodel• Started March 16th• Also an OER
  3. 3. Student spacesCourse spacesThe #H817Open ecosystem
  4. 4. Mooc TypescMOOCs xMOOCsDistributedNetworkPeer focusedPlatformLinearAcademic focusedH817Open?
  5. 5. Some stats• 239 syndicated blogs• 911 posts• 556 enrolled• 4,698 new visitors• Weekly visitors 1900-450 (200 forlast week)• 13,000 visits• 145,000 page views• 4 registrations on other OU courses• 49 prospectuses requested
  6. 6. Tech Issues• OpenLearn platform– Speed– Enrol– Screen real estate– Navigation• Cloudworks & badges• Manual blog adding• Blog platforms
  7. 7. Learner issues• Connecting with others• Info overload• Being open• Pacing• What is the rightmetaphor?
  8. 8. What worked• Mixing informal and formallearners• Blog aggregator• Weekly email• Allowing flexibility• Activity based approach• Badges• Live sessions
  9. 9. What I’d do differently next year• Platform• Initial community/twitteractivity• Advice on reciprocity/engaging• More live sessions• Limit blog options• Update content but largely thesame• More multimedia solutions?
  10. 10. What I’ve learnt• MOOCs are hard work• MOOCs are fun• I believe in open
  11. 11. To discuss?• MOOCs are the future of higher education• MOOCs are not sustainable• Course reflections• Learner experience• Would you take another MOOC?• Where would the H817Open approach beapplicable?