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Social Media Marketing SIIA Presentation


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Slides from the presentaton on Social Media at the SIIA ETIS 2012

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Social Media Marketing SIIA Presentation

  1. 1. Social Media MarketingPresented by Ileana Q. Rowe
  2. 2. How to get started: Vendor options, costs, required resourcesWhat do you really need?• Overall strategy and messaging• Implementation and development• Ongoing content creation and management• Tracking campaign results and ROIResource: How To Spend Money on Social Media,
  3. 3. How much are you willing to pay for it?• Social Media isn’t FREE!• Remember your goals need to be aligned with your available resources• No budget for social?• Evaluate what you are current doing . Can you reallocate?
  4. 4. Costs InfographicResource:
  5. 5. Social Media Solutions• Full-service agency• Consultant• Full-time hire• Training programs• Free online resources• A blended approach
  6. 6. Finding help1. Use Your Network – ask for referrals1. Expanding Your Search online directories/investinsocial.com1. Ask, Ask, Ask
  7. 7. Pros and consPros: Proven Methodology Deep Experience Education- training Guidelines and PolicyCons: Knowledge of your brand/market Investment