Social Media Marketing SIIA Presentation


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Slides from the presentaton on Social Media at the SIIA ETIS 2012

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  • We all have had different experience in social media and I’m now going to share mineReflect on what you want from sm-outline business objectivesBenchmark before you get startedWhich channels to use for key messages and audiencesImplement: develop your social media property: FB, BLOG , Twitter, YoutubeOn-going content creation
  • Take a hard look at your current marketing expenses- your print $, directory listings – EVALUATE the ROI
  • Staff Cost: one cost often overlook is the cost of your marketer’s salary, - will you have a dedicated person or no, % hours that the rest of your staff will allocate to maintaining your social media strategyAdvertising: the biggest myth about social is build it and they would come. Make sure to allocate some $ to include target ad in FB. Some email and adding buttons to your websiteExternal fees: if your hiring a consultant make to understand the breakdown on the fee. The charge different fees for different servicesOther: most basic tools are free but depending on the level tracking you want you may to use different tools at charge- also include technical cost
  • Here is a chart from Danny Brown, who is a social media guru from CanadaThese cost are for a full-on campaignThe first part include are your staff cost- hiring a social media strategist, having a community manager- the other cost are associated with technology
  • So what are the options:Blended Approach: This is the one I would recommend- they can assist you with looking at your current website and resource, establish benchmarks, assist with strategy and training. Training as you go- optimize your channels, set tracking tools – and most importantly train your staff. Engagement can last 3-6 months
  • Who will be managing my account?Will you be implementing recommendations or will I?What tracking tools do you use?Which metrics do you actively track and report on?Once the engagement has ended how will the transition process work?Which accounts will I have access to and which will I own upon contract completion?Can you provide writing samples from any content creators working on my account?How will I be updated regarding my campaigns progress? Weekly call? Email? Monthly report?How will you recruit new followers and fans?
  • Social Media Marketing SIIA Presentation

    1. 1. Social Media MarketingPresented by Ileana Q. Rowe
    2. 2. How to get started: Vendor options, costs, required resourcesWhat do you really need?• Overall strategy and messaging• Implementation and development• Ongoing content creation and management• Tracking campaign results and ROIResource: How To Spend Money on Social Media,
    3. 3. How much are you willing to pay for it?• Social Media isn’t FREE!• Remember your goals need to be aligned with your available resources• No budget for social?• Evaluate what you are current doing . Can you reallocate?
    4. 4. Costs InfographicResource:
    5. 5. Social Media Solutions• Full-service agency• Consultant• Full-time hire• Training programs• Free online resources• A blended approach
    6. 6. Finding help1. Use Your Network – ask for referrals1. Expanding Your Search online directories/investinsocial.com1. Ask, Ask, Ask
    7. 7. Pros and consPros: Proven Methodology Deep Experience Education- training Guidelines and PolicyCons: Knowledge of your brand/market Investment