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Storyboard world water project


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9th grade Math Task

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Storyboard world water project

  1. 1. Activities (Vahora) Formative Summative Teacher To Do List Timeline Assessment AssessmentIntroduce students to -Line graphing -Quiz on graphing Copies of graphing lines 2 daysthe World Water assignments lines and writing assignment, quiz on pointCouncil. Explain to - Putting lines equations of lines slope, and writingthem it is an in point slope in point slope form equations of linesorganization that helps form instead of slopedifferent countries that intercept form.are failing in providingtheir citizens adequateclean water. Teachershould let studentsknow that later on, youwill be working for theWorld Water Council todesign something.Draw and writeequations of linearlines. Once students arecomfortable withgraphing linear lines,show them how tobound a region with aset of lines.Introduce the concept Bounded Bounded regions Create bounded regions 1-dayof bounded regions. regions quiz from Laying classwork(Teacher willExplain to students that classwork the Foundations create this assignment, 5-if you bound a region 10 problems on differentthat is a triangle and bounded regions)rotate it around the y-axis, then the figureshould be a cone.Similarly, if you bounda rectangle and rotate itaround the y-axis, youwill create a cylinder.Students shouldpractice severalbounded shapes andpractice finding thevolume of the each.
  2. 2. Handout the Project Project: Test on Bounded Verify that the math and 2-daysoutline to the students. Students will regions after designs follow what isExplain to them that design either a project is due outlined in the projectthey need to use their water tank or overview handout. Checkskills with bounded water bottle for points for teacher includeregions to design a new the country of Bounded region forwater bottle for the France. the tank or waterFrench government or a bottlewater tank for Correct equationscommunities in France. of lines given forStudents will have bounded regiondesigns approved by Correct dimensionsteacher, and then write labeled on thea final report. design Correct volume calculated Final report is typed with proper questions answered(see handout for questions for students)