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Product possibilities


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Product possibilities

  1. 1. PRODUCT POSSIBILITIESWritten Spoken/Performed Blog Speech Grant proposal Skit Dialogue Monologue Play Dialogue Journal entries Poem Questions still to be answered Rap Newspaper/newsletter Presentation to a civic group, zoning Letters to an author, inventor, world board, school board, etc. leader, scientist, someone in the News report past, someone in the future Commercial How-to Song Persuasion New product pitch Satire Podcast Op Ed letter Essay Directory Including images Graphic novel Research paper Book cover Critique Picture book for younger students Biography (alphabet book, how-to, tale, etc Article for a professional journal Blueprint Tribute Political cartoon Toast Themed map Resumé Chart Consumer’s guide Mural Directions Display Data analysis Mind map/web of concepts Review Pamphlet or brochure Case study Logo or symbol with supporting One-page analysis explanation Budget Graphic organizer Business plan Tee shirt designDemonstration Power Point Science experiment (designed by Photo journalism students) Advertisement Performance of a skill Simulation Teach someone else
  2. 2. 3 Dimensional Interactive Museum display Game Invention Debate Scale model Interview Annotated collection Online collaboration Online discussionCollecting and Displaying Data Survey Spreadsheet Interactive session with an expert Graphs – bar, circle, line, Mock trial climographs, Time line – single or multi-tiered Actions Diagram Create a special interest group Map Provide service Plan a webinarVideo Publicize an issue Video diary Create an event to provide Documentary information on a topic Animation Raise funds Travelogue Petition Music video Organize an information fair How-to videoMontage