MC Weldtech Who I Am and What I Do


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I the career of a CWI/CWE Welding Technician dedicated to making a difference.

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MC Weldtech Who I Am and What I Do

  1. 1. Welding Technician/AWS CWI, CWE Experience and Training Certified Welder experience since 1984 AWS Certified Welding Inspector #99110881 Since 1999 AWS Certified Welding Educator #0608008E since 2006 ASNT ACCP Level II Visual/optical testing #140129 2003 -2008 AAS Degree in Welding Technologies GE Aviation Visual Weld Inspection March 2014 Commitment to the community Volunteers time and skills to local schools- Member of the Elkhart area Career Center Welding Advisory committee Volunteer Judge the Skills/USA competitions Member of the IVY Tech Welding Advisory Board
  2. 2. Weld Tech / AWS CWI Job Duties/Essential Functions To provide weld training when necessary Responsible for Weld Certification programs Complete weld inspections Maintain Weld Audit Records Analyze weld defect and problem solve Identify, trace, and reduce costs on welding consumables and activities Maintain training and certification records Support Safety Assist Maintenance and Tool Room with welding duties Assist in all areas of manufacturing as necessary Ability to understand manufacturing prints Ability to under stand welding symbols Mandatory job Requirements Excellent oral and written communication skills Ability to teach and train individuals Good interpersonal skills Flexibility in job skills
  3. 3. Training Welding Program offers employee enhancement training options On the job training- The Welder gains experience and product knowledge by working under the supervision of certified welders. Entry level weld training for non-welder employees – Employees have the opportunity to learn the basic skill to become certified welders. Weld Tech Floor Support- Addresses training development needs on a as needed basis.
  4. 4. Welder Certifications Welders and Welding operators are Certified by an AWS Certified Welding Inspector by performing welder qualification tests based on the requirements of: •AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code Steel. •AWS D1.2 Structural Welding Code Aluminum. •AWS D1.3 Structural Welding Code Sheet Steel •AWS D17.1 Specification for Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications •Ground Combat Vehicle Welding Code-Steel 12479550 and supplemented with additional training and testing in Basic Visual Weld Inspection. This certification is to ensure and identify that all Welders and Welding Operators have demonstrated the ability to produce sound welds when performing to Welding Procedure Specifications as required by Code, Specification and Contract Documents.
  5. 5. AWS D1.1 Welder Certification Procedure Example
  6. 6. Support Functions QA Complete weld inspections- Support the Quality Assurance Department by completing weld inspection including Macro-etch testing as needed to determine the extent of suspect welding problems Support Quality Assurance Department with weld symbol interpretation problems as encountered during floor audits Support the Quality Assurance Department by completing Weld Sequence Process Work Instructions, completing Weld Inspection Process Work Instructions
  7. 7. Support Functions Engineering •Print design review Participation for weld symbol clarifications and to help identify welding specific challenges •Perform Macro-etches as part of part/supplier validation through Engineering test requests •Perform detailed weld inspection analysis for trouble-shooting product through Engineering test requests
  8. 8. Support Functions Maintenance/Tool Room Maintenance Department support through handling specialized welding functions Maintenance Department support through floor support with welding related issues Tool Room support through weld symbol interpretation and welding related issues
  9. 9. Support Functions Safety Support safety by identifying potential hazards as related to welding Support safety by acting as a liaison between the weld floor and Management Support safety by keeping the safety director updated with the current safety welding related information from the American Welding Society