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Top seo tactics

  1. Top SEO Tactics Every Small Business Should Implement
  2. Implement Structured Data Optimize for semantic SEO using semantic markup including structured data and snippets.
  3. Implement Structured Data  Breadcrumbs  You should already have a well-structured website navigation and page layout  Google uses breadcrumbs to present the page information in search results  Testimonials or Reviews  90% of consumers say positive reviews influence purchasing decision1  Encouraging and responding to reviews improves engagement and reputation  markup  Schema markup is structured data that identifies your content and enhances rich snippets used by all major US search engines  While it may not improve search rankings, it can improve click-through rates 1Based on the results of a 2013 Dimensional Research Survey
  4. More Website Data Tips  Use the Structured Data Markup Helper in Google Webmaster Tools to manually add snippets  Ensure your website is mobile-friendly using Google or Bing test tools  Use the Website Optimization Web Page Analyzer to test your website performance and page speed or follow these quick tips for Wordpress:  Keep plugins updated; If you are not using them, remove them  Optimize images for the web: use appropriately-sized .png files or sprites – try WP Smush  Minify css and javascript and enable gzip compression in Options and use a Cache plugin, like W3 Total Cache  For additional guidance, review our SEO Tactics Infographic:
  5. Optimize and Plan Content Including a Content Strategy as part of your marketing strategy will help build relationships, gain new customers, encourage repeat customers and build brand integrity and authority.
  6. Optimize and Plan Content  Keyword Research  Keyword research informs marketing and content topics  Comprehensive keyword research targets interest and intent, and includes both audience analysis and competitive analysis  Content Development  Following your content strategy and keyword research, develop useful content following a style guide  Use a content planning template to set a schedule for consistent, meaningful content  Social Media  Form connections with customers  Use a social media plan template and automated posting tools such as Hootsuite and WordPress plugins
  7. More Content Tips  QuickSprout has a free tool to analyze your website and compare it to your competitors: Here is a guide to using the tool: competition-in-less-than-60-seconds/  Rinse & Repeat: Keyword Research, Content Development & Social Media Marketing Plan should be monitored and responded to accordingly.  Analyze your web and social metrics to see what is going well, what might need more work.
  8. Earn Links To earn links, follow the previous section tips, Optimize and Plan Content – modifying your goals. Don’t target ‘shares’ – focus on gaining target customers and customer loyalty by encouraging content loyalty.
  9. Earn Links  Build your reputation online and off  Offer your expertise online via forums and social engagement  Market your online presence using traditional media: print, radio  Encourage Reviews or Invite Testimonials  Ask your most loyal customers for reviews or testimonials  Monitor your online reviews and respond as quickly and appropriately as possible  Do Local SEO 
  10. More Brand Building Tips  Rinse & Repeat: Be sure to update your name, address, phone as soon as the change happens, and monitor your local SEO annually  Monitor your brand and reviews and continually encourage your customers to engage both online and off.  Run contests and offer valuable freebies (this can vary widely based on your business type but you can get ideas by looking at other similar businesses, whether they are direct competitors or not).  For more information on link-building, and how we help our clients, visit credibility/
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